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    Dr Arnold(Aj) Popky MFT, PhD, LMFT - EMDR Specialist

    in Self Help

    Certified Consultant in EMDR, EMDRIA, EMDR HAP, Certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and an Accelerated Master Practitioner/Modeler of NLP. I present and train therapists internationally in working with addictions and dysfunctional behaviors. I also train and consult to therapist at Military bases on PTSD, Trauma and addictions. I developed the DeTUR protocol (Desensitization Triggers & Urge Reprocessing) for substance abuse and dysfunctional behaviors, and train and present on it internationally.

    I am a train and consultant to military therapists internationally on how to work with the troops on issues of PTSD, addictions, and anger using EMDR psychotherapy and DeTUR..

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    The Model Railroad Turn--I mean Roundtable on Lets Talk Trains

    in Hobbies

    Kansas City Nathan will be hosting the show from the La Plata, Mo. Depot, which host the east & westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief, and the gateway to the APRHF Headquarters, and SilverRails Country.
    This week, we will welcome Kevin Buck, of LaPlata Riptrack, Jim LeBaron, and possibly others for a turntable---I mean a roundtable discussion about model railroading. This includes the serious modeler who wants to recreate a specific time and place; to a modeler who likes to watch trains go around in a circle. 
    We would like you to call in a be part of the roundtable discussion, ask questions, and give us your opinions about the topic.

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    Wizards of the Coast Art Director Honored at LepreCon 39

    in Pop Culture

    We will be talking to Jon Schindehette who has been the Senior Creative Director for Dungeons & Dragons, with Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro since 2007. He will also be the ART INDUSTRY GUEST OF HONOR at LEPRECON 39 this year on May 9-12th.
    Jon has provided art direction, graphic design, and management of various art-related teams producing material used in products brought to market. He has received numerous awards for his work in publishing, gaming, and marketing. He has worked as an illustrator, potter, photographer, graphic designer, 3d modeler and animator, art director and creative director. He is dedicated to mentoring young artists, and growing the creative community. And yet finds time to enjoy Motorcycling and Blacksmithing.
    Jon was honored with the 2010 Chesley Award for Best Art Director. As well he was asked to serve on this years esteemed jury panel for the 2012 artist selection process as part of IlluXcon. And more recently His participation was requested in the jury for the upcoming Spectrum 19 art selection process.

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    in Fun

    talk about this youtube user

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    Malachi Bazan On Primetime

    in Culture

    Listen Live @ http://www.swoopsworld.com
    On Thursday November 3, 2011 at 12pm/PST our guest will be Malachi Bazan of Revenge of The Platypus. Tune in at Swoopsworld.com.

    Revenge of the Platypus

    West Coast trip hop band Revenge of the Platypus has been compared to everyone from Brooklyn duo Javelin to electronic duo Ratatat, but he draws his inspiration from sources ranging from RJD2 to Leonard Cohen. These are the sounds of electronic music, chill wave, and indie. It is perfectly designed for the placement in Film, TV and Commercials, what with its offering as two separate CDs, “Dreams” (the one with vocals) and “Dreams Instrumentals” (the one without).

    The creation of Pamona, Illinois-born Malachi Bazan, “Dreams” and “Dreams Instrumentals” follow the release of Revenge of the Platypus’s initial recording “First Flight” from 2010. All of his art finds its genesis in Malachi’s long history in the film and video game community. As a digital sculptor (sometimes called a character modeler), Malachi worked on the movies “The Barnyard,” “Night at the Museum” and “Pulse.” He then turned his attention to video games: “Shadow Run” and Sony’s spy-centered “The Agency.”

    Every episode of Swoop’s World is archived here on the website. You can find it the next day embedded with the weekly episode description. Or log onto iTunes and download it straight to your favorite MP3 player.

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    Glest In Space Dev Blog

    in Video Games

    Todays show is about the free software video game Glest In Space (GIS). Its a modification of the MegaGlest Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. The lead game designer, modeler, sound engineer, and artist of GIS goes by the user name Coldfusionstorm is the guest of todays show.

    URL to blog

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    Collaborative Learning in Collaborative Projects

    in Education

    In every ordinary person we find the extraordinary. In every extraordinary person we find the ordinary. "Teach" Jim and share your unique contribution that we may all learn a little more by learning from the lives we lead.

    What we learn in school probably did not teach us fully what we need to know to work effectively in collaborative projects. Sure schools teach content information. Sometimes they teach learning processes and they may even cover the creation of products as an outcome of learning.

    In collaborative projects the interactions of the group become a process of it's own in the context of product production. Listen to this episode as Teach Jim relates teaching and learning to collaborative projects and how we can learn from our diversity the skills needed to succeed in the new work environment of collaboration.

    Please request YOUR appearance on The Teach Jim Show, the place to teach, to learn, to grow by visiting teachjim.com

    Process Modeler by Savvion was mentioned in the show.

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    Introduction à la Loi d'Attraction

    in Spirituality

    Savez-vous que vous pouvez apprendre à modeler votre vie, comme une sculpture?

    Que vous pouvez peindre le tableau de votre existence, exactement comme vous le souhaitez?

    Que vous avez réellement les capacités pour le faire, sans difficulté, et que c'est naturel et normal?

    Venez écouter cette introduction à la Loi d'Attraction pour comprendre pourquoi cette loi universelle est toujours en marche, et comment vous pouvez reprendre votre pouvoir pour transformer votre vie actuelle en une vie de rêves, dans le moindre détail!