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    Mobile Marketing Expert Sharing

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    Exclusive Interview
    Mobile Marketing Expert Sharing
    Maria Gudelis
    Mobile Marketing Expert and Consultant, on how Mobile Strategy could bring your business to the next level.
    As Seen on TV, Entrepreneur, Author, Marketing Expert Maria Gudelis has worked and consulted to Big Corporations in the Fortune 500 to small entrepreneurial companies poised on "break-out" profits.  Her most recent achievements include creation of a software consulting company in March of 2011 that Chairman of Google, Erik Schmidt has invested in that is worth now, less than one year later 30 million dollars.  She is the co-Founder of the first ever Social Media certification program and is someone you trust!  Through her “Keep It Real Coaching” programs…she has taught over 21,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.
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    Mobile Health: Industry Needs & the Resulting Mobile/Wireless Opportunities

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    MTAM and Medical Main Street are presenting a Mobile Health (mhealth) Symposium for Mobile/Wireless Technology Professionals on April 23rd.  This event, and mHealth overall, will be the focus for this week's episode. (Information on attending the event can be found at http://dld.bz/d9PXH)

    Join Michigan Mobile Musings host, Melissa Birnie and her guest, Keith Brophy, tech entrepreneur and recently appointed State Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Centers, on Tuesday, April 14th at 9:00 a.m. for a special sneak preview before the Symposium. Discussions will include healthcare industry needs and the opportunity those needs create for mobile/wireless tech firms in Michigan. Keith offers a unique insight into mobile health - past, present and future. Prior to his current role at the Michigan Small Business Development Center Keith served as CEO of Ideomed, Inc.; a Spectrum Health technology venture that developed the Abriiz mobile app for smartphones and tablets that is used to manage medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD, congestive heart failure, childhood obesity, as well as palliative care. Positions previous to Ideomed, Inc. include President of Business Development at NuSoft Solutions and CEO/co-founder of Sagestone Consulting. Keith began his career at IBM Federal Systems and Systems Integration divisions working on a wide variety of forward looking technologies. If mHealth is an area of interest for you, this is a show you don't want to miss!

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    Business Transactions Transformed by the Internet & Mobile/Wireless Technologies

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    The Internet has transformed how consumers and businesses conduct business and make purchases!

    Welcome the 1970’s and the advent of eCommerce. Since then there has been no looking back. Individuals and businesses alike engage in eCommerce transactions daily to buy and/or sell products and services via the Internet, and more recently, using the Internet from their mobile devices. From purchases on eBay and Amazon, to payments processed by PayPal or Square, eCommerce/mCommerce is a global business channel.

    Learn how to leverage eCommerce/mCommerce in your business, and take advantage of the access to your business that mobile technologies provide for your customers. Join Melissa Birnie and Lisa Kosak on Friday, March 20, 2015 as they talk with Grand Rapids based CQL, a national leader in eCommerce technology. Discussions will include: eCommerce/mCommerce; developing an eCommerce platform, accessing eCommerce/mCommerce via mobile devices, evaluating eCommerce/mCommerce vendors, digital/mobile marketing strategies, branding, and more! 

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    Marketing Strategy: How to Snatch Your Mobile Marketing Advantage

    in Entrepreneur

    How's your mobile marketing strategy presently working for you and your business brand? Did you know that in 2016, the portion of mobile-influenced in-store retail sales, like those at Starbucks, is expected to jump from 20 percent to more than 50 percent, according to a study by Deloitte? Therefore, right now, almost half of all your brand’s customers will soon be “up for grabs” to anyone with an effective mobile marketing strategy. Why not fortify and profit from the power of mobile marketing? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Understanding the local business & mobile marketing- part 1

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    If your are a local business owner or manager and you need more insight on how to make mobile marketing work for your business, this show is for you. We will be taking questions by chat and people raising their hands. This q & a forum will give those needing simplified information and resources to get they mobile marketing campaign started.  Looking to create your own mobile website get the first 30 days free Click Here

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    Can one mobile app change the movie-going experience?

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    Have you had this experience?  You’re sitting in a movie theater, totally engrossed in what will happen next when, along comes that moment when you’ve obviously consumed too much liquid and you just can’t wait any longer … you make your break and dash through the theatre agonizing over what crucial scene you’ll miss. Now, agonize no longer! Enter RunPee - an app helping movie goers worldwide: 1 million downloads, over 500,000 active users, and a favorite app for celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Rashida Jones. Join Michigan Mobile Musings’ host Melissa Birnie as she speaks with Dan Florio, CEO of RunPee to learn more about Dan (after studying astronomy, physics, and mathematics in college he dropped out to become a professional massage therapist), the inspiration behind the RunPee app and the journey to create it. Also learn about an upcoming event in Lansing where Dan will be sharing his experiences with a live audience at Startup Grind – Lansing.  

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    Understanding the local business & mobile marketing- part 2

    in Marketing

    Learn everything you will need to know about internet and mobile marketing. This exclusive interview will take you inside the GOOGLE marketing realm and the many free tools available to the small local business. 

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    marketing moxie* - Taking Chiropractic Mobile

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    marketing moxie* - marketing with passion and purpose!   Hosted by Françoise Rose Jeanes, founder of Mobile Marketing Max, today's show features Dr. Dan Wilson. Dr. Dan is a chiropractor and the owner of Concierge Wellness Solutions which brings chiropractic to patients where they are. His passion is helping others improve their health and well-being, and changing the way they think about health and the concept of wellness. 

    Contact Dr. Dan:
    Web: www.conciergechiropractors.com 
    Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/danwilsondc
    Twitter: @drdanwilson   Françoise Rose Jeanes is the founder of Charlotte based mobile marketing agency, Mobile Marketing Max. Visit mobilemarketingmax.com, or call 704.584.9428, to find out how your business can get more exposure, more leads, more customers and more sales - today.

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    THE MOBILE EXPLOSION; The Impact for You, Your Business & Michigan's Economy

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    Mobile technology is exploding! It’s changing the way we live and the way we run our businesses. But mobile technology is much more than the latest ‘app’ downloaded to your cell phone or tablet; mobile is actually many technologies that are impacting every industry doing business in Michigan. The mobile / wireless industry is one of very few global industries that generate over 1 Trillion dollars in revenue annually, and in Michigan, it’s one of our fastest-growing sectors – but yet the best kept secret in the state. Mobile/wireless technologies have the ability to transform our state’s economy – if we act now!

    Interested in learning what this surge in mobile technology means to you, your business and Michigan’s economy? Please join our host, Melissa Birnie, for a discussion with Linda Daichendt, Executive Director of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan.

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    Mobile Marketing Advertising

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    Michael Boyer, CFE, is CEO of AdSmart Inc., a company that provides local mobile advertising for franchise companies and their franchisees. He will join Deb Evans and Jack Monson, Wednesday July 10th to share 7 steps to ensure your mobile advertising campaign is successful!

    AdSmart on the Web

    Michael Boyer on LinkedIn, and Twitter 

    Deb Evans on LinkedIn and Twitter

    Jack Monson on LinkedIn and Twitter


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    Marketing with Mobile Apps

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    Join Mike & Christy as they discuss the one of the hottest new marketing tools - Mobile Apps. Just about everyone has a smart phone and/or tablet with them 24/7. This has become a great marketing channel. If your organization is not using mobile apps as part of its marketing strategy you're missing out.
    Marketing talk radio for Higher Education and Fundraising.
    Marketing can be a challenge and seem like a mystery at times. Marketing is a science not a mystery.
    Learn how to achieve greater results from your marketing as Mike & Christy, interview experts and authors to discuss effective marketing strategies specifically for Higher Education & Fundraising and take the mystery out of your marketing.