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    Mobile Security Is A Love-Hate Relationship

    in Technology

    Caleb Barlow, dives further into the recent findings made by IBM Security --  60% of dating apps are easily hackable. Discover the "love connection" between IBM Security solutions and a more secure mobile world.  Additional perspectives provided by Diana Kelley and Michael Montecillo.  Read the full report at http://securityintelligence.com/datingapps/ 

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    Love, Mobile Style: The Matchmaker in Your Pocket

    in Technology

    It's clear that mobile technology is changing the way we interact with one another, so it’s no surprise these changes extend to our love lives as well. In this week’s episode of Mobile Insights Radio with Steve Power Brown, Steve and guest Josh Fischer, mobile dating guru at Are You Interested (AYI.com), whether technology is helping busy singles connect, or whether the increasing use of mobile technology in our daily lives is making us ever more isolated. AYI.com is one of the largest social dating apps, with more than 58 million singles looking to make a love connection. Check out AYI.com’s blog, The Data of Dating, for more advice for singles looking for love.


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    Unflod Baby Panda - iOS 7 Mobile Malware Can Steal Apple IDs

    in Software

    In this Lacoon Mobile Security Podcast series, Dan Koretsky, Sr Security Researcher and Strategist discusses the new strain of iOS mobile malware called "Unflod Baby Panda." Listen to learn more about this new mobile security malware, how a device can be infected and how to mitigate and remove the malware from your device. 

    To stay on top of the latest in mobile security news, subscribe to the Mobile Security Talk channel and check out the Lacoon Mobile Security blog at http://www.lacoon.com/blog/ . 



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    Holiday Travel Made Easy with Mobile Apps

    in Technology

    In this episode of Mobile Insights Radio with Peter Biddle, listeners will learn how to travel easy this holiday season with mobile apps that  streamline and improve the travel experience.
    Peter will be joined by ReeD Martin, Director of Design & User Experience at Mobiata, a startup acquired by Expedia in 2010,  to discuss mobile apps, and tips and tricks for travelers this holiday season.
    MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle is an online radio program that brings together a variety of perspectives to discuss the fusion of technology, life, culture and science and is hosted by Peter Biddle, an Intel engineer and executive.

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    WireLurker - Implications to Enterprise Mobile Security

    in Technology

    Earlier today a new form of malware was disclosed that is targeting iOS devices.  Our team found this particularly interesting as this highly sophisticated malware reportely can impact devices that are not jailbroken, it leverages rogue variants of popular applications and the malware uses code obfuscation to protect itself while taking advantage of mobile applications that are not obfuscated.

    We have quickly assembled a team of experts to talk about what we know about this new form of malware and the potential enterprise mobile security implications.

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    Mobile Marketing Expert Sharing

    in Marketing

    Exclusive Interview
    Mobile Marketing Expert Sharing
    Maria Gudelis
    Mobile Marketing Expert and Consultant, on how Mobile Strategy could bring your business to the next level.
    As Seen on TV, Entrepreneur, Author, Marketing Expert Maria Gudelis has worked and consulted to Big Corporations in the Fortune 500 to small entrepreneurial companies poised on "break-out" profits.  Her most recent achievements include creation of a software consulting company in March of 2011 that Chairman of Google, Erik Schmidt has invested in that is worth now, less than one year later 30 million dollars.  She is the co-Founder of the first ever Social Media certification program and is someone you trust!  Through her “Keep It Real Coaching” programs…she has taught over 21,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.
    Don’t miss this opportunity!
    Stay Tuned !

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    Mobile Apps under Attack – New Frontiers for Securing Mobile Applications

    in Technology

    In this podcast, Caleb talks with Jukka Alanen about how mobile apps are under attack, how apps are being exploited by hackers, and what organizations can do safeguard their brands, data, IP, and revenue while developing and releasing new mobile apps. Already 78% of Top 100 iOS and Android apps have been found as hacked, rogue versions, and industry organizations across OWASP, security consultancies, and analysts have started recommending new protection measures. Jukka Alanen is Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Arxan Technologies, Inc, a security company that specializes in Application Protection. Recently, IBM and Arxan announced a new preventive security solution that extends the IBM portfolio to app hardening and run-time protection. 

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    Free Mobile Websites For Businesses Around The World

    in Business

    Business websites converting to mobile friendly versions will boost sales and keep your customers happy and informed about upcoming products or services.

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    Developers and Mobile Device Management

    in Technology

    What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?
    On this episode of MashUp Radio Peter Biddle and Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise will talk mobile device management (MDM), a big trend in the enterprise technology world. What can developers do to build mobile applications that play well in corporate networks? Organizations are being challenged to manage the Bring Your Own Device trend as more employees use powerful and affordable personal mobile devices. However, personal applications and devices can pose a greater risk to the enterprise than mobile devices supplied by the company. How can a company handle this risk versus the reward of having a lower cost to the company and keeping the employees happy? Should companies be developing their own stores of approved applications?
    These questions and more are what Peter Biddle and Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise will answer on the next episode of MashUp Radio.
    Zenprise is  aleader in mobile device management. Zenprise CMO Ahmed Datoo's experience in technology spans strategic planning, brand marketing, software engineering and product management. Prior to Zenprise he was with EDS as Global Director of Product Development. BeforeEDS, Ahmed was part of Loudcloud's product management team where he focused on monitoring, storage and performance networking products. Previously, he was a brand manager at Yahoo! where he co-developed  promotions for Yahoo! Shopping.
    The Zenprise Blog
    Zenprise on Facebook
    Zenprise on Twitter

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    The Power of Full Screen Ads on a Mobile Ad Network

    in Technology

    Join Jim Brown, Account Executive at Mobicow as we discuss the latest in mobile ad network issues and solutions.
    Mobicow is different from other mobile ad networks in many ways. But the one that people notice right away is that they serve full screen ads. This solves many issues in the mobile world.
    Why advertisers will be interested in their ads being full screen: 
    28% of website visits are now via a mobile device. Prevents click fraud. Greatly increases click through. Higher user engagement. Makes every impression much more powerful.   Why publishers love full screen ads: CPM vs CPA The new nature of Mobicow's full screen solutions mean we're attracting more advertisers - US, UK, Australia, China, etc. That means higher revenues for publishers Ads are fully optimized for the display platform   Further incentives with powerful mobile analytics from Mobicow:  View and track all mobile ad revenue sources up-to-the-minute by location, device, operating system, provider, carrier, and vendor.  

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    Inside the Mobile Web Revolution

    in Technology

    Apps, Browsers and Platforms! Oh, My! Everyone is talking about apps and the mobile web. With an app for everything, it comes down to more than just Angry Birds; it’s about access to information, fun and more. There is a lot more to apps and the mobile web than the average consumer thinks about: Which app store to use? How to keep the mobile web safe and secure? Will apps become more important than the web or are they a passing fad?

    Our guest this week on MashUp Radio will be Mahi de Silva, Opera Software’s executive vice president of Consumer Mobile. Opera develops the Opera Web browser, a high-quality, multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products – including Mac, PC and Linux computers, mobile phones and PDAs, game consoles, and other devices like the Nintendo Wii, DS, and more. Opera’s vision is to deliver the best Internet experience on any device.

    Mahi is responsible for commercial activities for Opera’s consumer mobile products and services. Before joining Opera, Mahi was co-founder and CEO of AdMarvel, Inc., the global leader in mobile advertising platforms, acquired by Opera in 2010. Prior to AdMarvel, Mahi co-founded Frengo Corporation, a mobile social media platform. Mahi also spent 10 years at VeriSign, where he was part of the startup management team. From 2002 to 2006, he served as senior vice president and general manager of Wireless and Digital Content Services at VeriSign, where he built the world’s leading mobile messaging and mobile entertainment business with revenues exceeding $600M per year. Prior to VeriSign, he served in various technology leadership roles at Taligent, Apple and NCR Corporation.

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