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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!!  Happy Monday morning to ya, welcome to the first day of June!!!  We've made it to the half way through the year, mark, and it feels great!!!  Six months going down, six more to go, and what have you done with your first six months. Well, me, I've conistently did my radio broadcast, here, since January 13, and just recentely started my video broadcast over at, http://www.ivlog.tv/user/redhawk, which is doing far more better than the radio version. The energy that is given AND received is so awesome, and my viewers have shown me that they do value my time, energy and everything else that they receive from the Hawkie, as they've actually planted monetary seeds into what I've been doing for the past week.  Nothing like being shown appreciation, by way of the almighty dollar, which brings me to coming back over here. This will probably be the last week here at blog, in the capacity that I've been serving, for the past, almost six months.  I'll probably reduce the show back down to a half hour, as I feel it's more beneficial to spend my time and energy, where I can see actual progress, in regards to my overall purpose.  With that being said, I'll start the show in a few, and look forward to seeing what this show has in store for all of us.

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    BoomOshay Presents: The Moaning Contest!

    in Fun

    Ok yall....we are back with another MOANING CONTEST FOR THE LADIES!!!! The lady who moans the best will win a $25 dollar gift card ! It will be fun as hell, it will be great..and FUN TOO! Dont miss out on the fun!!!!!! Hosted by Oshay THE GREAT and Nene FROM TEAM BOOM!!!!!

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    Oshay Presents: THE MOANING CONTEST

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    Welcome to the Moaning Contest! On this day, Oshay will pick 10 women who will give their SEXIEST Moans on the AIR....and you the callers, and members of Planet Oshay will VOTE for the person who moans the BEST!!! The winner gets a $50 Giftcard from me courtesy of American EXPRESS! This will be a great show! Please tune in to listen!!!

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    The Bitching and Moaning Show

    in Lifestyle

    Just like the title says, I will be bitching and moaning but hopefully in a comical way. 
    From life to love to baseball to writing to television to the weather. Whatever comes to mind is what will be discussed.

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    Should women sit up and listen when men bitch and moan?

    in Romance

    Tonight Lady Tee and Ebony will be talking about the growing number of men who are constantly bitching and moaning about women. These men feel ignored  and that women do not listen to them. This has got pretty serious and we can see this by the number of websites where men openly vent their anger against women. We now have a new group of men that are on mass boycotting traditional relationships in what is being called a Sexodus. They are resorting to celibacy, games, and being pick up artists because they believe the change brought by feminism, has made relationships with women untenable.

    So where do we go from here.. Are men afraid of 21st Century women? Are some young men to weak for women? Is there to much bitching, moaning and crying from men?

    Let's talk about it...

    3479457556 or hit us in the chatroom


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    Unlocking the God in You...Arise and Walk in SONship!

    in Spirituality

    It is time you allow God to arise in you through the power of the resurrected Son, Yeshua Messiah! He saved, healed, delivered, and commissioned you for a purpose. Today, more than ever, the people of the earth are waiting for your manifestation to set them free from their moaning under the yoke of sin and bondage. But you must Arise and Unlock the Power within you to do so! So, Arise and Walk in Your SONship!

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    Surrendering My Whole Heart To God

    in Christianity

    If there is one thing we don't like the most, its the idea of giving ourselves up in complete surrender to anyone or yes even God the Father. We dont like to be told to surrender, or to give up our rights because we simply do not want someone telling us what to do. And its absolutely amazing to me how a loving God could put up with His people while making their journey through the wilderness, complaining, moaning and groaning over what they missed back in Egypt, so when they left Egypt they may have left physically but their hearts and minds were still fantasizing over all the good food and shelter they were missing. Their love, devotion and grattitude  to the one who delivered them from bondage was no where to be found in their hearts. We as followers struggle with this today don't we. Desiring and longing for that which does not satisfy. Sexual lust, greed, material possessions. And the painful reality of it is that God will allow disastrous consequences to come our way if we continue on that path. We all at some point in our lives have gone our own way leading to distruction, and the Lord still in his grace and mercy allows us to come home. But we must be willing to surrender not just a portion, but rather our whole hearts to Him.

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    Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Thanksgiving Special - Black Friday, Ferguson Riots,

    in Politics

    It's our special Thanksgiving edition, and boy are we amped for the holidays. Instead of the run of the mill bitching and moaning about the media, we are going to take a step back and celebrate everything good about the holidays and human nature. ?In other words, we talk about Black Friday and how it relates to Ferguson. Also, catch our Christmas shopping guide. 

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    The Moaning Contest Pt. 2 #WeDGAFRadio

    in Entertainment

    We Hope You All Ready Because It's Back "The Moaning Contest Pt. 2" We Wanna Hear The Ladies With The Sexiest Moan This Wednesday Night On #WeDGAFRadio. We'll Be Giving Away A Grand Prize (TBA) To The Winner. We're Still Gonna Bring You New Topics. New Laughs. And The Same ing Attitude. #WeDGAFRadio Is Real People Having Real Discussions. Join The Conversation At Anytime By Pressing 1. Follow The Hosts/Hostesses On Twitter @KP_Trill @JustCallMeDay @Ambitious_Slim @AtiRANDOMness @Jus_ALilCountry @FerociousFiFi

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    Live call in Show-Typical vinsanity episode 17

    in Radio

    Lets Go people, call in to my show, Lets Rap. Talk about whatever you want.  Call 845-241-9975. I want to here about your problems, whats going good for you. I want to hear your pissingand moaning, whining, crying or whatever the hell you. Remember its a "revolution of Vinsanity" come join me for christs sakes. call and bitch me out I am up for all kinds of Vinsanity! see  you then guppies!

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    Really Early Morning with Kp 9-12-14

    in Education

    I can't sleep. So here's a show. This may just be a bitching and moaning show (NOT). Stuff is happening. Sleep is not. But we'll see...


    Download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2014/09/12/really-early-morning-with-kp-9-12-14.mp3