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    Technology & Fraud the Connection

    in Health

    We start the New Year off with the #1 MOST IMPORTANT topic in Medicaid today. How to prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse. Join Richard Yadon as he discusses this topic with experts, Debra Faulkner and David Botsko. (Bio’s Below)
    • What is the driving force behind fraud, waste, and abuse? • What tools and techniques create a winning strategy for combating fraud, waste, and abuse? • What are the analytic technologies behind fraud prevention? • How can you transform from a reactive to proactive model? • What are some creative funding approaches for public and private payers?

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    LIVE Broadcast from the MESC Conference in Boston

    in Health

    The annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (formerly known as the MMIS Conference) brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to share ideas and information related to Medicaid systems and initiatives.
    Medicaid Matters will be broadcasting live from the conference, interviewing conference presenters, and talking about the hot topics being discussed.
    If you are in Boston for the conference stop by and say hello! 
    Register for the conference HERE

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    Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference Panel Previews

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    The Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (formerly the MMIS Conference) is one of the most important events in government healthcare. Attendees will be in Boston from August 19–23 to share best practices and new ideas for making Medicaid programs more effective – especially during the conference’s discussion panels and workshops.
    In this podcast, Xerox experts preview the panels at which they’ll be presenting and where you can find them. Kevin Quinn, Dawn Weimar and Mary Day from the Payment Methods Development team and Dean Hubbell from the Mississippi account team will talk about reforming procedures for healthcare provider payments, the approaches states are taking to modernize outdated eligibility systems, and how updates to claims and codesets can better show where expenditures are going.
    You can learn more by visiting our 2012 MESC landing page at http://xrx.sm/Ceh.

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    Gwen Williams, VP Molina Medicaid | Technology Trends

    in Health

    Join Richard Yadon, Medicaid Matters show host as he interviews Gwen Williams, Associated Vice President of Molina Medicaid Solutions about the “HOTTEST” topic in Medicaid today, technology trends. Ms. Williams’ professional career includes more than 25 years of state government service, including over 20 years with the Alabama Medicaid Agency. In October of 2011, Ms. Williams joined Molina Medicaid Solutions as a Business Development Executive. She currently serves as Chair of the Private Sector Technical Group, a broad-based group of information technology companies and professionals working in partnership with CMS and states providing solutions in the health information systems environment.
    Join us at Medicaid Talk

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    Medicaid Data | A Look Toward the Future

    in Health

    Join host Richard Yadon as he recaps news from last week's Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference.

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    Healthcare's Evolution Following Obama's Re-Election

    in Business

    President Obama’s re-election will go down in history as a critical marker on the journey of healthcare transformation in the U.S. States will now accelerate their progress toward deadlines for major components outlined in the Affordable Care Act, including setting up Health Insurance Exchanges and expanding Medicaid programs. 
    In this episode, we’ll discuss how healthcare will continue to evolve with two experts from the Government Healthcare Solutions group at Xerox: Brett Jakovac, senior vice president and managing director of Western MMIS Operations, and Mary Scanlon, senior vice president of Business Development.
    They will review how President Obama’s re-election affects state government agencies, the looming Health Insurance Exchange plan deadline and the potential expansion of state Medicaid programs.
    For more information about Xerox’s government healthcare solutions, please visit www.xerox.com/govhealthcare. And discover how we create better outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem at www.xerox.com/freedomtocare.