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    Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve

    in Marketing

    Staying ahead of the next "Big" Thing is what we discuss today and how you can be a part of it and gain a multitude of education along the way.  One marketing cliche comes to mind "Ride The Wave"  Do you know what that means? As a youngster while growing up on the east coast and during some vacation time in Daytona, I would go out in the ocean and "Ride the Wave".  In history that is what most marketers, investors have looked for, how to ride the next wave to realize rewards, they could only dream about..


    Staying ahead of the Social Media Curve.. rjokwillis.online


    Some great new tools for you to use and many great things being launched into our world in 2016, stay tuned..


    Check out my blog at consumervue.com and grab yourself some tips on building a better you....



  • Late Night Debbie Plotnick and Host Yvonne Smith

    in Current Events

    Debbie F. Plotnick, MSS, MLSP is the Vice President for Mental Health and Systems Advocacy at Mental Health America (MHA). Previously, she was the Director of Advocacy and Policy for the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP), where she developed policy, organized grassroots advocacy activities, and designed recovery-oriented, community services. In her role at Mental Health America, Debbie provides leadership for mental health and systems advocacy initiatives within its affiliate network, with outside coalitions, industry/business, and policy makers. She also coordinates the efforts of the Regional Policy Council (RPC), a six person council of MHA affiliate policy experts. She provides technical assistance to policy makers, government officials and is frequently called up to speak to the press and the general public about what is needed to create a community-based continuum of mental health care, and to challenge entrenched mindsets and misinformation.

    Debbie earned a degree from Bryn Mawr College in Political Science. And she holds dual master’s degrees in Social Service (MSS) and Law and Social Policy (MLSP) from the Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. But her real understanding of mental health recovery and her passion comes from the people she works with and for, and her true expertise comes from her own lived experience, as a family member, and a mental health systems advocate.

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    "Uploading Positive Change" with Clayton Ruley

    in Radio

    Clayton graduated from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (GSSWSR) in 2010 with dual masters in Social Services (MSS) and Law and Social Policy (MLSP). While at GSSWSR, Clayton was a 2009 Ruth Mayden Scholar and was a 2010 Fellow with the Black AIDS Institute’s African American HIV University program. Clayton Ade-Andrew Ruley currently works at Prevention Point Philadelphia (PPP) as the Street-Side Health Project (SHP) Coordinator, an administrative position he has held for four years. In his role, he coordinates and assists clients in receiving free medical care from volunteer medical students and attending physicians from four of the cities major institutions the University of Penn, Drexel University, Thomas Jefferson University and Temple University. Clayton is also co-founder of GeoClan and editor in chief of GeoClan.com, an organization and online magazine about promoting positive social change through education, arts, technology and the empowerment of others. A social worker coming from a family of social workers, Clayton is a social justice advocate and user of media who loves to inform and be informed. A life-long Philadelphia resident, he enjoys rooting on all his Philadelphia sports teams and athletes. Clayton is 36 years old and lives in Philadelphia. Sistahs With Purpose is about being passionate about what we believe in, so don't miss this episode. See ya soon, Why & Yani Call in #773-897-6297

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    How to create value content for your blog with guest speaker, Vitaliy Dubinin

    in Self Help

    Vitaliy Dubinin, a rock star in his own right, helping home business entrepreneurs develop a rock star personal brand, generate more leads & make more money through the power of blogging. He is the Founder of Blogging Success Academy & Creator of Daily Inspirational Show.

    Introduced to MLSP around 2009 for the first time by David Wood he caught the vision. He tried to make it work for a couple of months & he failed again only because of one reason, he quit & gave up, He haven’t developed yet the right mindset to succeed. It was around this time his s1st baby was born, & from the pressure of all his family to go to University & get a degree like everybody in his  family had, for the lack of results & most importantly for the lack of belief in himself, he quit. He wishes he had stayed a member of MLSP all the way from 2010. For the next 4 years he hadn’t done anything online and he disconnected from the home business industry entirely.

    Have you ever felt deep down inside of you that you want MORE out of life? You want to BE more, DO more, HAVE more, CONTRIBUTE more to the world, SHOW UP more as your highest self, EXPERIENCE more of what life can offer, BECOME all that you can become, IMPACT thousands of people’s of lives and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS?

    That was him back in the beginning of 2014. SICK AND TIRED of working at LOW PAYING, BORING, SOUL-CRUSHING jobs (like being a bank teller, a waiter, ESL teacher, washing cars or selling VISA cards at the supermarket just to name a few) & settling for a mediocre life. He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror anymore knowing that he was wasting time & potential. He knew that after graduation, another job…he wanted to be an entrepreneur, to impact thousands of people’s of lives around the world, to speak on stages, to truly inspire other people to succeed. Listen in to hear the rest of his story....

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    Neucopia no more. Merges with My Leads System Pro

    in Social Networking

    Special guest: Nicole Plumb Hiller


    Why Join the Power Team?

    As a member of Neucopia, you gain access to your very own website, including our entire line of Prosperity Products (and independent private resale rights to each one).   As a Premier member, you gain access to the Abundance Training video course series from LEADING industry marketers.  Both Basic and Premier members gain access to the Neucopia Accelerator Plus Compensation Plan (at respective levels).

    Exclusive Power Team Bonuses:

    Private Power Team Facebook Group (community training and resources)
    LIVE weekly PowerTeam Google Hangouts (team building)
    24/7 365 direct (personal) access to team & industry leaders
    Lead-capture pages for your business

    Are you ready to be our next success story?  Join the Neucopia Power Team today!!

    Did we mention … if you join TODAY, you gain access to a plethora of bonuses included with your FREE membership to the Neucopia Prosperity Network !?!

    You’ve got nothing to lose but time.  Make the choice to CHANGE.  And do it NOW!

    Start living a lifestyle of abundance!

    Neucopia 'partners' with the MLSP Family to Bring to YOU the BEST Solution on the Planet to get you More Traffic, More Leads, More Reps, More Sales, and More Money in YOUR Biz!


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    "Drunkorexia" Eating Less to Drink More

    in Health

    "The term "drunkorexia" describes the practice of engaging in disordered eating or excessive exercise during the day to "save up" calories to spend on binge drinking at night." the fix . It doesn't matter how you spin it, "drunkorexia" is an eating disorder and substance abuse disorder all rolled into one.  
    This episode features strait talk on "drunkorexia" with Rebecca Berman, the Clinical Supervisor at The Renfrew Center of Maryland.  If not taken seriously "drunkorexia" can lead to frightening health risks - it is a vicious cycle that needs serious attention.
    Rebecca Berman, LCSW-C, MLSP the Clinical Supervisor at The Renfrew Center of Maryland.  She specializes in treating eating disorders, self injurious behavior, and mood disorders.  Ms. Berman is a member of the Eating Disorders Coalition, the Academy of Eating Disorders, the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Binge Eating Disorder Association and the National Association of Social Workers.

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    Tracey Walker - This Week on ACES Radio Live

    in Self Help

    This week on ACES Radio Live we're going to be talking with Tracey Walker about MLSP and Old School vs New School Network Marketing.
    ACES Radio Live is on LIVE Every Friday Evening
    Noon-1:00 PM Hawaii
    3:00-4:00 PM Pacific
    4:00-5:00 PM Mountain
    5:00-6:00 PM Central
    6:00-7:00 PM Eastern
    Please feel free to call in and be a part of the show if you have a question for our guest by calling the number below.
    (347) 843-4270

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    David Wood-The Front End of a Movement [Empower Network]

    in Blogs


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    in Health

    Young Adult Survivor
    Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Deputy Chief Executive
    Young Survival Coalition
    Chief Executive Officer
    Living Beyond Breast Cancer

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    Norbert Orlewicz of My Lead System Pro on The Teach Jim Show

    in Education

    Norbert Orlewicz (cofounder My Lead System Pro) shares how he learned what he knows.  Powerful story of determination, diligence and drive.  What can you learn from this leader?  Can you leverage it into your business?
    See the resulting success that grew out of this story.  Visit myleadsystemspro.com (MLSP - Formerly MLM Lead System Pro)
    "Teach" Jim and share your unique contribution that we may all learn a little more by learning from the lives we lead. Please request YOUR appearance on The Teach Jim Show, the place to teach, to learn, to grow by visiting teachjim.com

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    From The Touchline Seattle (Repeat)

    in Sports

    New episodes back starting next week as the kings of FOOOtball will be back live next friday .. Check out a previous episode and keep following the boys on twitter and facebook and listen to archive episodes on Back SPorts Page.com and Itunes. All your soccer needs in one show!!! Check it out!!

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