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    MLA Radio Darth Ep 3: Gears Ground

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio Darth is back again! We've got Quick Hits, call-ins, and some of that GGFL Goodness! We'll also deal on one of Darth's biggest pet peeves. Call in to get in on the action!

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    MLA Radio - Broom Show #5 - I'm On Everything!

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio returns this weekend with a jam packed show for the MLA Masses! As always we will take your phone calls on the MLA Radio Hotline so be sure to tune in and dial up to get in the game! I'll be hosting an hour long show tonight covering ALL MLA LGS since Darth will be unavaliable tonight!

    Super Bowl Interviews - We'll talk with as Many SB Champs as possible! Spurs (DBC) DD (GGFL & SNB) and any other Champs that wann FLEX... (They KNOOOOOOWWWWWW better!)

    MLA Quick Hits - Recap DBC SB/Off Season, SNB SB, GGFL Playoff Race & FYC returns to MLA!

    Taking Shots - I personally have 3 more shots to take since airing my laundry out last week... We're taking your calls and listening to your shots as well! (Get your syrup ready cus we're heading to Wafflehouse!)

    NFL Playoff Predictions - Let us know what will happen in the NFL Playoffs!

    MLA Sports Book - Broom's is making it RAIN! Check the lines... pick a side... and SHOW ME THE MONEY!


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    MLA Radio Broom Show #3

    in Video Games

    We're back for another episode of MLA Radio Broom Show! Come join us tonight as most of us STILL CAN'T GET ONLINE! So tune in and call us up to get in the game as we recap the following on tonight's show...

    MLA Quick Hits - League Recaps

    Owner Introduction - I'll name every owner out there in MLA land... and share something I know about said owner... or even worse!

    DDOS Sound Off - Tell us exactly how the #LizardSquad ruined your Holiday Break! We also touch on the overwhelming evedince that seems to point directly towards Evets714 being behind this whole attack on PS4!


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    MLA Radio Broom Show #1

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio Returns! We will have a bnew lineup of shows to make them free and will be going over all things DBC & SNB LGs during MLA Broom Show. MLA Darth Show will follow MLA Broom Show and will cover all things GGFL! Tune in and call up to GET IN THE GAME!

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    MLA Radio | 01/19/13

    in Sports

    Tune into another episode of MLA Radio tonight with our 2nd broadcast of the new year! We will recap DBC Lg as we hit the Wild Card RD as well as SNB and SML! Well also get a live look into the Maddendaddy.com MBC vs. MLA Tournament to see where we stand 3 days in! And as always we will take your calls on the MLA Radio Hotline! Limited time on live air (30 mins) as we moved back to the free version! We'll have 30 mins live on air and whatever it'll let us record after that so tune in and call up to get in the game!

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    MLA Radio Darth Show #1

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio returns with a new lineup! We will dive into all things GGFL Playoffs in tonights pisode! Tune in and call uip to get in the game!

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    MLA 15 Radio Ep #1 (10/25)

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio returns for Madden15 this Saturday night after a long hiatus. We'll recap DBC & GGFL Playoffs plus talk off season on all 3 leagues. You'll benefit from my expertise Fantasy Football Knowledge as well as get a special call in from an anonymous fan. Tune in call up and get in the game as MLA Radio Kicks Off This Weekend!

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    MLA Radio Darth Ep 2: Draft Fallout

    in Video Games

    We recap the draft and the start of GGFL Season 3! Taking shots makes its long-awaited return, and more! Call in to get in the game! We look forward to hearing your input!!

  • 02:28

    MLA Radio | MLA Prime Kickoff Show (9/22)

    in Sports

    Another edition fellas! We just kicked off Brooms 3rd LG MLA Prime and wanna hear from the owners and how they feel about the teams they were dealt! As always we will recap all Madden Lgs as well as dive into NFL and fantasy football talk! Call in to chime in or post your thoughts on twitter @BroomLGs to have them read live on the air!

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    MLA Radio | Hosted by Broom 07/14/2012

    in Sports

    MLA Radio coming to you live! FYC and SML in the playoffs, MSL Commish Tourney Recap, Brees signs in Nawlins! Join us tonight as we talk a variety of different things! Call are always welcome!

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    MLA Radio - Broom Show #6 Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Once again back is the incredible! That's right join us again this Saturday night as Darth returns to the 1's and 2's and joins forces on a 2 hr show with Broom for this weeks installment of MLA Radio! We will have plenty of topics to discuss and phones lines open so yall be sure to tune in and dial up to be heard by the masses!

    On Deck For Tonights Show:

    * Da Champions Round Table - A discussion with 3-5 MLA Champs on a variety of different subjects!

    * MLA Quick Hits - Who's Hot & Who's Not across the MLA Landscapes... DBC, GGFL, SNB & FYC!

    * MLA Sportsbook - Still waiting to take yall's money!

    * MLA Taking Shots - I have a few to take myself... how bout you? Call in and take your shots!

    * NFL Playoff Predictions - Conf Games and SB Champ who you got? Let us know!

    * #CFMMovement! - We'll discuss the new website geared towards bettering our experience! http://cfmmovement.com/