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    The Bible On Trial

    in Religion

    What was the purpose that Jesus said He came to accomplish while He was here on earth? Is it different that what the Christian church believes about salvation? Find our on The Bible On Trial, brought to you by Spirit of Truth Ministry. 

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    The Bible On Trial

    in Religion

    The Bible On Trial is the ONLY show on radio (any format) that tests the beliefs and practices of Christianity against the gold standard of the word of Jesus Christ that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples while He was here on earth 'in the flesh'. There are those that believe that the most sure form of truth comes from personal visions and dreams given to them by the 'holy spirit'. This show tests that premise against the TRUTH that Jesus brought to earth from His Father in Heaven. 

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    The REAL Premiere! MJ on Mic @ Almost Midday

    in Comedy

    The Premiere of the MJ on Mic@ Almost Midnight

    With random ramblings by Merry Jay. 

    Topics: The makings of this show, The life of Oranges, Florida's Katherine the Shark, Flo Rida's appearance on WWE recently, Vocals only cover of Stay With Me by Sam Smith, Opinions on Egos, and one random ramble minute.  

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    The Bible On Trial

    in Religion

    The Bible On Trial tests the teachings of the religion of Christianity against the words of Jesus Christ to see if there are any differences and conflicts. The results will shock you. Join us for a challenging study, that will test your belief systems to the max.

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    LIVE With MJ! Speaks with Retired NFL Star Tony Richardson

    in Football

    Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at 3:00pm to hear our interview with retired NFL fullback Tony Richardson. 

    Follow Tony Richardson on social media:

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/antonio.richardson.75491

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/49TRich

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonyrichny/

    To learn more about the Rich In Spirit Foundation or The Dictionary Project, visit: http://ww.thedictionaryproject.org/

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    MJ Domet: Voiceless Whispers: Nature’s Messages

    in Self Help

    It's warmup music and chat for the first 30 minutes, then our interview gets underway with Ilene and her guest at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern!

    Do You Communicate With The Animals You Know? We once adopted Alice, a beautiful Maine Coon cat who had grown up in one place, but got booted out at the age of 12, because one of the children in the home became deathly allergic. After sequestering Alice for three weeks, we gradually allowed her access to the out of doors. She promptly ran away. I called her previous owner to come help me hunt for her. As we were searching our neighborhood, I asked her: “Did you explain to Alice why she was leaving your house and coming to live with us?” She looked at me blankly for a moment, then replied: “I DO talk to my animals, but not usually in paragraphs!” MJ Domet shares more about “listening” when we discuss “Voiceless Whispers” this Thursday. And BTW, Alice came back to us, living happily for another 8 years. Before she settled down, however, her previous human spoke to her in paragraphs and told her why the change was being made!

    “The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals”, MJ Domet challenges us all to examine our connection with animals and nature. Animals, she says, are companions, messengers, teachers and connectors. Sharing stories of animal encounters, MJ Domet empowers you to hear your own Voiceless Whispers. Click here to visit MJ Domet’s facebook page!

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    The Bible On Trial

    in Religion

    The Bible On Trial is the only show on any radio format that tests the tenets of Christianity against the gold standard for truth-the very words and teachings of Jesus Christ that He personally gave to His own eyewitness disciples. Everything involving Truth must be tested in this way. We will continue with prophecy today. Join us for a challenging study.

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    King Kong (2005)

    in Entertainment

    With Peter Jackson's King Kong turning 10 years old, we thought it was a good time to talk about this odd movie!  Filled with plenty of monster fights and an all star cast with the likes of Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Colin Hanks, Jamie Bell, and Andy Serkis, why did this Kong ultimatly fall short?  We will discuss what we think about the 2005 King Kong!

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    Trial of Jimmy Hardy for Apostasy

    in National

    Trial of Jimmy Lee Hardy for apostasy. For desertion of his post, taking an independent course. For not obeying the commandments, for leading a double life attempting to compartmentalize his calling into a small section of his life and then forgetting about what he said on the program allowing the devil to have almost total power over him causing him to apostatize, become sick physically and forget his words on the program. Lying.  Scurrilous  treatment of the Lord's anointed.

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    Trial run

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    With the launch of the much ballyhooed and highly-controversial series on the FX network, THE PEOPLE VS. O.J. SIMPSON: AMERICAN CRIME STORY, for which the Goldman family was NOT consulted, Wednesday, February 3, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show talks to Kim Goldman in a conversation you won’t soon forget when Ms. Goldman joins Halli at her table to talk about her book CAN'T FORGIVE.

    Don’t tell Kim Goldman she needs to find closure. Don’t ask her to forgive and forget. When Kim Goldman was just 22, her older brother, Ron Goldman was brutally murdered by unconvicted football legend and film star O.J. Simpson. Ron and Kim were very close, and her devastation was compounded by the shocking not guilty verdict in what was to be called The Trial of the Century. Now twenty years later, Kim Goldman shares what she calls her “twenty year battle” with O.J. Simpson in her book CAN’T FORGIVE.

    Counseled by friends, strangers and even Oprah to “find that closure,” Kim chose a different route. She chose to fight and that fight would be subject of tabloid fodder now nearing a quarter of a century. Repeatedly, Kim and her family pursued Simpson by every legal means possible. Foiled over and again, they ultimately achieved a small measure of justice.  

    Closure? Who says? Let’s talk! Kim Goldman’s fight with O.J. Simpson on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, February 3, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.