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    The Mitchell Report

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    Join Mitch and LT this and every Wednesday on THE MITCHELL REPORT!!!

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    The Mitchell Report

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    Sports Talk Radio... On Steroids!!!

    I screwed up the show time, guys!!! 9 PM CST will be our official start time, so sorry about tonight... I messed up!

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    The Mitchell Report NBA Draft Recap Special

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    Check us out as Farley and Mitch stop buy to talk about the NBA Draft and the loss of great ones... On the Mitchell Report!

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    The Mitchell Report

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    Don't miss our exclusive interview with NFL running back, Darius Walker!!! Don't miss LT and Mitch's breakdown of this weeks Superbowl and John Wall not having fun?!?!

    -All on The Mitchell Report!

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    The Mitchell Report

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    The Mitchell Report is like... A big bowl of chili on a cold day. When you can't feel your fingers, tune in to TMR for the warmth you've been looking for! This particular episode, we also try to decipher whether LT would be Tiger's 10th mistress!

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    The Mitchell Report

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    Irish fans, stay tuned for a potential special guest!!! As always, my trusty sidekick LT will be there to make me look good. THE MITCH REPORT!!!!

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    The Senate Torture Report

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on CIA interrogations and the use of torture.

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    Spend an Evening with Mitchell Rabin

    in Culture

    Wednesday, November 5, 6pm EST: Spend an evening with Mitchell Rabin, talking about how we can each make a difference in the world and shift it from excess consumer-based to recyclable-renewable, sustainably-based. The conflicts of the world often seem so unmanageable and uncontrollable, yet in fact, we can wholly re-interpret our experience of this stress and turn our lives and the life of our Earth around.

    Call in and be part of the conversation: 602 753-1860.

    Mitchell is a holistic psychotherapist, communication consultant, acupuncturist, Stress Management Consultant, Workshop leader, Host & Producer of A Better World Radio & TV & eco-entrepreneur.

    Mitchell has chapters in several books, such as The Code, The Fire from Heaven and The New Heart at Work. He additionally writes for Natural News and the Huffington Post.

    Purchase The New Heart at Work

    Purchase Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860


    . .



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    Report on CIA torture from Independent News Reports

    in Politics

    1) Program Introduction

    2) We have the sound clips of 3  on the CIA torture report from Independent news sources. This is the details of our progam sound clips.

    The Torturers: Donald Rumsfeld, President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney

    -The heavily redacted report on torture does not include Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, says Michael Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights -   December 11,(14)

    CIA Director Brennan Retreats on Intelligence and Torture Claims.

    -McClatchy reporter Jonathan Landay says the CIA torture report is putting political pressure on the U.S. administration, but is unlikely to lead to any criminal prosecution -   December 12,(14)

    CIA Torture Report Incomplete as Key Documents Remain Withheld.

    -Investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler says the Obama administration is using the CIA to protect itself and Bush-era officials from being legally implicated in war crimes -   December 10,(14)   

    3) The playing of reports 1,2 ,3

    4) Finnal Comments

    5 Closing Music , them song of O Canada



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    Mark Mitchell on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news.
    The hosts will always leave the audience more informed yet wanting more. It can and does get lively at times, as they don't always agree on matters of intent and motive!
    This is a listener supported show. Only if you have the means and and would like to help you can donate here. If you cannot contribute financially like many people in the struggling US economy please spread the word about the show and keep us in your prayers. Real information. Real truth. Less hype.

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    The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio Episode 21

    in MMA

    Join Ted Czech & Jeff McConnell (a.k.a. ZenRhino) for episode 21 of The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio!!!



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