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    Fear ~ How to deal with mistrust and fear.

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    Fear ~

    How to deal with mistrust and fear.

    This is Dr. Kenner's "Today's Podcast" at http://bit.ly/auKJV8 and is also listed as podcast number 1. After today it will remain available but move down in the list. All past podcasts are also listed.


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    How Distrust and Mistrust Stops Intimacy

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    Intimacy conjures ideas of a private cozy atmosphere and is defined as an affinity for; a rapport,affection and confidence in an interaction.  Empathy, understanding, and compassion are at the heart of intimacy. Researchers are beginning of understand the relationship of depression among people due to the absence of intimacy in their lives. The need to feel part of a bonded community is universal; a desire for “ being at home” emotionally. This is reflected in a common Southern congenial expression, “Make yourself at home”.

    Current expectations in relationships are conditioned by previous experiences. Often we are expecting something in a relationship and not realizing this until  we are not getting it. Relationships can be sabotaged by hidden expectations and lingering disappointments. Emotional memory exists outside of time. We must be  aware of our own expectations (and how they are affected by our history) for there to be hope of developing intimate relationships Distrust is  a feeling that someone or something is not honest and cannot be trusted and is regarded with suspicion thereby eliminating confidence in the success of new circumstances.  

    Mistrust is a general sense of unease toward someone or something not necessarily based on experience but on instinctive. Mistrust can evoke “Mind Reading”  which is often related to a past disappointing relationship experience. We tend to expect what we previously had the opportunity to learn; we make assumptions based on our history. Then an action in the present, that is similar to a previous experience, triggers an intense negative explosive emotional reaction.

    It is imperative to learn how to change the hidden expectations that work to distort a relationship, because we transfer hidden expectations from our history to present day. 

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    I was just thinking...Real or Manufactured...Why do we mistrust one another?

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    Why do people mistrust one another?

    Do black people mistrust each other more than other people?

    Herman Melville wrote in his book the Whale or Moby Dick:

    “Ignorance is the parent of fear.” 

    But... is mistrust the child of fear?

    Mistrust used as a noun means: lack of trust or confidence; distrust.

    Mistrust used as a verb to regard with mistrust, suspicion, or doubt; distrust.

    But, where does the initial mistrust come from?

    “Knowing only a portion of a person, nation, state or world, misinterpretation of a person, or a situation or circumstance.”


                 Can mistrust be manufactured?

    Friday @ 5pm pacific or 8pm easter time

    Live call in show  661-567-2407 and press 1 for comments and questions.

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    AMERICAN MENTORS: A Gulf of Mistrust, Christmas Present

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    Last week we called on friends to include 2.1 billion Christians to touch and agree that Black Lives Matter. From our 2014 Christmas narrative we learned that lynching was a widely acknowledged practice in the United States until the middle of the 20th century.  The U.S. Senate resolved to apologize for its own failure to enact anti-lynching legislation.  As Ebenezer Scrooge might observe, that should be behind us as our ghost of Christmas past. 

    For demonstrators taking to the streets protesting, proclaiming and declaring equal justice, it’s a new season!  The injustice is called by another name, but the results are still the same.  The numbers add up to an increase in dead folk and an ever-widening Gulf of Mistrust.

    The President’s assessment of events on the streets and in the courtroom accurately portrait the problem America faces this week of Christmas present.  You can ask any of 2.1 billion Christians on earth about the jacked up arrest, trials and lynching of Jesus the Christ 2000 years ago, to get your sense of what needs to be done.

    In Christmas present, WE THE PEOPLE will need to realize WE ARE THE WORLD.  Our friends are watching, hoping for a brighter day.  So, let’s start living like Christmas future is a goal worth sharing by coming together to bridge what the president has termed, a Gulf of Mistrust.

    What will you do to make a change?  What will you do to save our own lives? You can tweet us @YouthUSA, like us on Facebook.com/YouthAchieversUSA or call in during our live show 657-383-1405 Saturday, 12 noon ET, 11 am CT, 9 am PT. 

  • "State Of The Black Family-Pt. 2-Why Do Black Women Mistrust Love?"

    in Lifestyle


    Continuing our discussion on the state of the Black family...Women's roles in relationships and a household are major. They are the bearers of life, the nurturers, the soft balance in a hard situation, and in essence...the first link to love for all of the people in their lives. When a woman is not at her best, balance is thrown off, because of the many hats she wears, love is always at the base. In today's society, women are harder, "independent", misfocused, and on another path. Parental love and intimate love are addressed as companionship and hook-ups, as women's resourcefulness and perserverance abilities have been beaten down by the many beasts of the modern world. Why do you think Black women have a problem trusting love? Join in tonight by calling 347-32-9967 at 10:30 pm EST.


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    Everything w/Kathy B, Arash Daneshzadeh, Suzette R. Vearnon, Pastor Kenny Smith

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Maleboxx Sundays with 3 amazing Hosts and dynamic guests.

    At 6:15, Join us for, It's Your Time: Personal Development with Dr. Jackson, as he welcomes Arash Daneshzadeh into the studio to discuss, The Impact Of New Social Movements On One's Personal Development

    Arash serves as the Dean of Student Affairs at Laney College in Oakland, California. He is a co-author on two upcoming books co-authored with Dr. Chris Emdin (of Columbia Teacher’s College) on Black Lives Matter and galvanizing social movements through social media, and the other on dismantling the school to prison pipeline through hip hop pedagogy from a counseling lens, with Dr. Ahmad Washington (of University of Louisville).He is currently the founder of his own adult literacy center in Sacramento, and an orphanage for Afghani refugees in Iran, and this year co-constructed, an online social justice leadership academy called DATT Freedom School (short for “Decolonize All the Things”). Arash’s life's work is critically committed to expanding the abundant building blocks of social justice that fragment educational opportunities for low-income students of color, particularly through an intersectional lens. Arash’s thrust to build academic frameworks that enfranchise underrepresented populations with learning environments that validate and nurture their identity’s is the topic of his keynote today. These frameworks are heavily rooted in research and student- development theories, most notably: Community Cultural Wealth, Intersectionality, Cultural Mistrust and Critical Race Theory.

    7:15 Join us for Renaissance Relationship Therapy with Life Coach Tem'Ti as he welcomes

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    Three Things that Weaken the Believer, Part 2

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Mark 16:9-14

    Last week, we were introduced to a character from Pilgrim's Progress known as Little-faith. This unfortunate pilgrim was attacked by Faint-heart, Mistrust, and Guilt, and he never recovered from their assault. 

    One of the most disappointing things to see is a Christian who is supposed to have victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil, being distressed, depressed, and defeated. Yet, like Little-faith, that is what will happen to us if we don't watch out for the things that can weaken us. We dealt with one of those things last week -- the temptation to become faint-hearted, to become weary in well-doing. 

    Today, let's look at how to overcome a second issue which weakens believers, and that is the issue of mistrust or disbelief in God and what He says He will do.
    Before Jesus Christ went to the cross, He told His disciples, directly and indirectly, that He would rise from the dead three days later. However, when the third day came, the disciples did not believe the reports they heard that Jesus was alive. It is almost as though they did not even have hope that He would be resurrected as He said he would. 


  • Can't We All Just Get Along? A Conversation About Race in America

    in Self Help

    Our world has become so polarized. The news is full of stories about violence and other means of dividing people - in America and throughout the world.  Join a collection of coaches to discuss how we who are positive can create change.  Our special guest Kim Brown, founder of Minerva Rising women's journal, will join us to discuss her upcoming issue on race and what caused her to invite people to share their views. Visit online at www.minervarising.com.

    At Life Coach Radio Networks, we sometimes pause to create programming to pause, reflect, and encourage a collective rise in consciousness.  This show is a call to action for positive people everywhere to take the lead in encouraging others to let go of fear, anger and mistrust and embrace one another. We are different yes, but we are actually more alike than not. 

    Join us for what is sure to be a thought provoking and uplifting conversation. 

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    Second Soul Lesson/Theme - "Is There a Soul's Purpose to this Betrayal"

    in Self Help

    Are you afraid to trust ... often fear betrayal by others ... silently feel abandoned and betrayed by Source?  

    Are you willing to believe you are here for a reason ... there is a purpose to this pain ... there are lessons your soul wants you to master so you can release the need to experience betrayal from others and finally feel safe to trust?

    If you fear and experience betrayal in your relationships in present time, you most likely felt betrayed as a child, betray yourself today, and have a soul story around your perceived betrayal from your Source. In this 3rd broadcast of her 8-part series Cathryn gives you all you need to begin to identify, neutralize, and resolve your soul lessons of betrayal and mistrust. You are guided through the tapping sequences that address your limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings about those moments of betrayal ... identify and release where those moments are stored in your body, and resolve the wounds betrayal originating in the history of your soul. You learn how to move from your need to attract betrayal to a renewed sense of safety and trust in your soul and in Source. 

    If this material stimulates questions take advantage of Cathryn's offer for a FREE 15-minute assessment. Get direction and guidance on how this material may best benefit you.

    To obtain more information on Cathryn's modality please visit her website at www.eftforyourinnerchild.com 

    To schedule a one-to-one consult please call Cathryn directly at 612.710.7720.

    Ask Cathryn about her 7 Themes of the Soul Package! 

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    Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

    in Christianity

    This is a subject I am very passionate about. Not only does it hurt the person that one gossips about, but it creates a division in the BODY of CHRIST. Hurt, mistrust, and emotional feelings. What does the Bible tell us? Well I will tell you...NOT GOOD!!!


    BE BLESSED...I AM!!!

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    Parents Rights and Vaccination

    in Christianity

    Big Question: Should Parents Have The Right To Refuse Vaccines For Their Children?

    The Anti-Vaccine Generation: How Movement Against Shots Got Its Start

    Mistrust and misinformation give a shot in the arm to measles vaccine naysayers.

    By Laura Parker , National Geographic

    PUBLISHED Fri Feb 06 16:03:00 EST 2015

    You could call New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul members of the "vax generation."

    Born in 1962 and 1963, respectively, they were in grade school when the newly developed measles vaccine became the life-saving advance that protected millions from a highly contagious childhood disease. Though not as scary as polio, it was potent enough to strike four million kids, hospitalize 48,000 of them with complications, and kill more than 400 every year.

    That both men stoked an anti-vax movement this week by suggesting in the middle of a national measles outbreak that parents should be allowed to choose whether to vaccinate their children speaks to a generational shift in thinking about science and politics. Parents should have "some measure of choice" in vaccinating their children, Christie told a reporter, while Paul called the decision not to vaccinate "an issue of freedom."

    Check this out: http://www.vaclib.org/email/makevacs.htm