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    Is Society becoming more accepting of men having 'mistresses' and 'side pieces?'

    in Relationships

    "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie conducts another Open Forum Discussion to discuss if society is slowly but surely giving men 'permission' to engage in extramarital affairs and cheat on their romantic companions by promoting television programs that glorify women who are "mistresses" and "side pieces."

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    Tonight we will discuss the exact meaning of what it is that the black masses are seeking in their attempt at arena sports.  Could our behavior be linked to the violent nature in which Malcolm and our other leaders died have awakened a  primeval stance in our minds? As a people have we lost the ability to see humanity has gone far astray because we have not really achieved justice for our fallen? Have we really turned a blind eye to the Murder of our Beloved leader? “In America, we give maximum  expression to our blood lust in the mass spectator sport of boxing. Some of us are Roman enough go admit our need of the sport.  Others pretend  to look the other way.  but when a heavyweight champion fight rolls around, the nation takes a moral holiday and we are all turned in some of us peeping out of the corner of our eye at the square jungle and the animal test of brute power unfolding there.

    Every institution  in America is tainted by the mystique of race, and the question of masculinity is confused by the presence of both a white man and a black man here.  One was  the master and the other was the slave until a moment ago when they both were declared to be equal men; which leaves American men literally without a unitary, nationally viable self-image.  Whatever dim vision of masculinity they have is a rough and ready, savage mishmash of violence and sexuality, and dichotomized exercise and worship of physical force/ submission to and fear of physical force which is only one aspect of the broken down relationship between mean and women in America.  This is an era when the models of manhood  and womanhood have been blasted to dust by social upheaval, and the most alienated males and females at the bottom of society move out of their place and bid for their right to be man and woman on an equal basis with the former masters and mistresses." SOUL ON ICE,  Eldridge Cleaver.

  • Mistress Marilyn Unleashed

    in Entertainment

    Mistress Marilyn is your host.

    Here you can discuss all of your fantasys, fetishes, ask questions, and be as bad as you want!!!

    Dont be shy, feel free to call and talk to the Mistress herself.

    Do you have answers that you need from something you just dont understand?

    Maybe you might be conflicted in your belief..


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    Mistresses Playbook Pt. 2

    in Romance

    Lisa and Laura complete their series on Mistresses by discussing ways to utilize their own personal empowerment when involved with a married man. What affirmations can you create to assist you? How do you shift the situation to your advantage and how to do you leave when you feel its time? 

    The girls will cover all of this and much, MUCH more!


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    Lily LeCroix! Carmel Sutra!No Mija/Fuego Danza Ritmo Caliente

    in Entertainment

    Lily LeCroix is the "Caribbean Mamasita of Burlesque". This fireball is the producer of No Mija 
    Productions. She is also the Executive Director and Choreographer for Fuego Danza Company.   
    LILY has had a love affair with dance and performance since she was old enough to shake her hips!  
    Her training on stage started with The Caribbean Dance Company of the Virgin Islands.  Her first 
    love is Bellydancing, then Cabaret Burlesque which she started back in 1999. Lily started her love 
    affair with the Art of Burlesque in 2013. She has studied as a “faux queen” (a female “drag queen”) 
    where she learned all the stage secrets of over-the-top glamour. She is most at home (Texas) 
    performing burlesque for a huge audience or mingling with other burlesque performers. She is also 
    the creatrix for LeCroix Creations. She is always surrounded by feathers or rhinestones designing 
    one of a kind Headdress, Feather Backpack and much more! 
    Carmel Sutra has been a dancer her whole life. In 2012, she discovered Burlesque and fell in love 
    with dance all over again. She's the newest member to join Fuego and will be making her debut in 
    her first Fuego show on Friday. She also competed in the San Antonio Burlesque Festival with 
    Fuego. She joined Lemme Addams Stardust review this year and has been a part of Whiskey 
    Tongue since 2014, as a performer and head mistresses of the stage kittens. She's the sauce you 
    wanna lick, the one you can't resist. 

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    The Mistresses Playbook Pt 1

    in Relationships

    In love with a married man? Are you behaving like a girlfriend and not a mistress? In tonights show Laura and Lisa will cover the hot topic of mistresses. We teach you how to stop seeing yourself as girlfriend in waiting and avoid the constant torture. Learn how to get into a healthier mindset even if it's not necessarily a healthy situation.

    We want to hear from you so if you are or have been in a connection with a married man be sure to call us in or submit your questions to us on Facebook.com/relationshiprebels.

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    in Romance


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    Mike Dopud Mistresses Halo 4 Arctic Air

    in Entertainment

    Welcome back to WHR You Decide
    We present !he wonderfully gifted and versitile actor Mike Dopud who joined You Decide. Mike's star is on the rise, and we are thrilled for him. This Sunday we interview the affable, very able and simply adorable Mike Dopud to discuss his new role in ABC's series Mistresses, Arctic Air and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and MORE!
    In our second hour in a separate broadcast, Halo 4's Cortana, the talented actress Mackenzie Mason will join us to discuss her acting career and exciting new role in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn!
    See you on You Decide Sunday and thanks for listening!  

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    Masters, Mistresses, & Domination

    in Entertainment

    Tune in THIS FRIDAY (8/9/2013) @ 11 pm est for "Masters, Mistresses, & Domination" on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us in the chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy or Call in @ (917)889-3369.

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    An Interview with a Former Mistress: The Truth about the Myths and Lies

    in Lifestyle

    Homewrecker, floozy, kept woman, harlot, prostitute, whore, concubine, girlfriend, the list goes on and on. 


    A couple of months ago, I conducted an interviewedwith a number of mistresses for my upcoming piece on mistresses, and she was one of them. Surprisingly, she reached out to me the other day and expressed to me that she had change her thoughts and views on being a mistress. So I thought instead of adding her to my upcoming written blog, I’d do a show with her instead. Tonight we’re going to have an opportunity to speak with a former mistress. 


    I know that this is an emotional topic and personal feelings will be felt and that’s to be expected. Nevertheless, I want to remind everyone that MillenniumXpressionz Photography promotes empowerment, self-love, self-confidence and overall happiness, which, only can be obtained through compassion, empathy, kindness and respect. In order for us to DO better with have to BE better and here is a place for you to GET better.


    With that said, all who may have questions or would like to make comments, you are more than welcome to do so. But I will not tolerate anyone made to feel uncomfortable on this show. My goal is to create a safe place. Yes we can disagree but we can do so respectfully. If you feel your temper rising, just step away, recollect yourself, and return. There’s nothing wrong with doing that.


    Tonight, I challenge you to listen to my guest, without prejudgment. You may be surprised how much like she may be staring back at you in the mirror. 

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    Coffee, Tea & Conversation with Ms. Toni ~ Mistresses and Sidechicks

    in News

    Wrapping up the week, or getting the weekend started, it's Coffee, Tea and Conversation with Ms. Toni on Cheryl's World.

    Some people have deemed this day to be sarcastically, Side Chick Day. With that in mind, Ms Toni will engage in an organic conversation with a woman who will share her story about being the other woman. Let's intuitively dialogue about this age old phenomena. This is a no judgement zone so feel free to call in and share your story. You might find that the wife and mistress have a lot more in common excluding the man the binds them. The objective behind this time of afternoon tea will hopefully evolve into moment where both women can start to heal.

    Come to the table with your elixir of choice and indulge in the moment. Please join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MsToniBeTru2U?bookmark_t=page

    I Remain,

    Ms Toni