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    Forgiveness: A Path To Happiness

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    Forgiveness is the key to happiness - This is boldly stated in A Course in Miracles. In fact a whole lesson is devoted to this topic.  Thank you for listening to A Happiness Index radio program on Blog Talk Radio, featuring Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey.  Lesson 121 in A Course in Miracles says, Here is the answer to your search for peace.  Here is the key to meaning in a world which seems to make no sense. Here is the way to safety in apparent dangers which appear to threaten you at every turn, and bring uncertainty to all your hopes of ever finding quietness and peace. Here are all questions answered; here the end of all uncertainty ensured at last.  The concept of forgiveness according to A Course in Miracles is everything that we may want for as we forgive we open our heart and let go of our blocks to who we really are.  Please call (347) 539-5818 and share your view on this very important topic.  Is forgiveness the answer to all our problems?  

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    Gratitude: A Path to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index.  We are just 4 days from the United States of American annual Thanksgiving Holiday. For some it is their most favorite Holiday, for the Native America it is a reminder of loss.  However, our goal is to remind our listeners that everyday is a day of gratitude.  Gratitude is a state or quality of being thankful, an expression of appreciation and kindness.  When large numbers of people practice and integrate gratitude in their life, the world can be a blessing for all.  Gratitude is happiness.  Thank you for joining us in this very important conversation on gratitude.  Call (347) 539-5818 and share your wisdom on this topic.   

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    Discover The 3 Steps To Creating (or Maintaining) A Great Relationship!

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    Relationship Expert Daniel Amis shares a simple blueprint of tips and strategies on how you can make instant, positive changes in your relationship. Learn 3 top ways to keeping your relationship exciting, long-lasting - and learn how to overcome some common relationship problems.

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    Leadership, Truth Telling & Service: Paths to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index.  Today we will share our thoughts on Leadership, Truth Telling and Service as paths to happiness.  Mahatma Gandhi said many years ago, that, Truth never damages a cause that is just.  Leadership requires us to speak the truth during times that we would rather be silent.   Gandhi, further stated that, Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly. You may wonder what does this have to do with happiness.  Join us on a Happiness Index today and hear the connections and make the commitment to be the change you want to see in the world.  Join the conversation and share your wisdom on Leadership & Service: A Path to Happiness by calling (347) 539-5818.



  • The Art of Releasing Fear: A Sure Path to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index on blogtalkradio with Aeeshah and Kokomon.  Happiness and fear cannot co-exist.  We are either in fear or we are in a state of happiness.  A Course in Miracles states that Happiness is a choice we must make.  Hafiz a Sufi poet said more than 600 years ago that, Fear is the cheapest room in the house. We hope that you will join in today’s conversation by calling (347) 539-5818.  Your opinion on this very important topic would be greatly appreciated.   A Course in Miracles also says There is nothing to fear.  Franklin D. Roosevelt said that the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. And Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles stated that Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Then why do we fear?  Releasing fear is an art and is  the gateway to happiness.  When we let go of fear only love remains.  Thank for joining in this conversation.


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    Leadership & Service: A Path to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index.  Today we will share our thoughts on Leadership and Service as a path to happiness.  Tim Fargo said, Leadership is service, not position. Yesterday, we started our 12-week leadership institute and we will be sharing with you the wisdom we are gleaning from these wonderful 5 hour Saturday seminars.  Leaderships means different things to different people, John Quincy Adams said, If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Join the conversation and share your wisdom on Leadership & Service: A Path to Happiness by calling (347) 539-5818.

  • Mistress Marilyn Unleashed

    in Entertainment

    Mistress Marilyn is your host.

    Here you can discuss all of your fantasys, fetishes, ask questions, and be as bad as you want!!!

    Dont be shy, feel free to call and talk to the Mistress herself.

    Do you have answers that you need from something you just dont understand?

    Maybe you might be conflicted in your belief..


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    Happiness in a Flash!

    in Spirituality

    I have dedicated my life to understanding Happiness and let me tell you this work has perks! :)

    Super Happy,



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    reglagirl and co-host Art Freeway Fields discuss the pursuit of happiness and take calls.

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    Joy & Service: A Path to Happiness

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    Welcome to Happiness Index.  This week has challenged us and deepened our resolve to imagine and connect to the joy that is the root of service.  Albert Einstein said, Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.  We have been touched by such greatness this week and are pleased to have Leano Rice, artist and brother of Antonio Ramos whom we lost this week.  Leano and Antonio are powerful artists.  Antonio shared his talent with the public and worked with a team of artists to bring to fruition the vision of young people on a 4000 square foot concreate canvass on 35th and West Streets in Oakland, CA.  Leano Rice is with us today to share his visions of joy as an artist and a servant of the people.  He will continue his brother's work as they are and were partners.  Join the conversation, call (347) 539-5818 and share your wisdom on Joy and Service, a path to happiness. 

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    Happiness is an Inside Job

    in Lifestyle

    Join me with pecial guest Shirin Dalaki as we talk about how she learned that happiness comes from inside, not from our environment or the people around us. Her passion is to help professional women live their very best life. She believes that Love is the Answer to creating the life we want. Learn the tecniques of "Feeling Better" and how the words you speak can begin to transform your life into one of joy, love and fulfillment. At the second half of the show you can call in with your questions or comment.