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    The Missy Show Review (Ask J and D)

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    We've made it!  Our 25th episode is finally here!  In this episode hosts J and D interview each other to find out such questions as what was each of our favorite and least favorite episodes, what was the motivation in starting The Missy Show, what we see in the future for The Missy Show, questions about past guests, and many others.  You will also have an opportunity to call in and ask us questions.  Since our Premiere show never aired live, don't miss this opportunity to find out more about your favorite pet hosts and your favorite pet Show--The Missy Show!!!!!!

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    All About Reindeer! (The Christmas Animals Show)

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    Happy holidays, Missians!  In this episode, we'll be discussing the most common animal that comes to mind during Christmas time--reindeer!!  Break out the eggnog and pull out some Christmas tunes, as we teach you a thing or two about the animals who inspired one of our most beloved holiday cartoon characters.  Ho, ho, ho!  Be sure to join us Saturday, December 13th at 5pm Central, for this very festive edition of The Missy Show.

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    Turkeys As Pets (The Pre-Thanksgiving Show)

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    With less than a week before Thanksgiving, what better time is there to have some turkey talk? In this episode, however, we're not discussing turkeys in the way you might be thinking.  We're talking about turkeys as pets.  Most people wouldn't consider the possibility of having this majestic fowl as a pet companion--but we challenge everyone to view them from a different perspective.  Join hosts J and D as we talk about pros and cons of becoming a turkey pet parent.  Saturday, November, 22nd at 5pm on The Missy Show.

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    Pet Diabetes (The Health Awareness Show)

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    November is Pet Diabetes Month; so here at The Missy Show, we recognize the need to make pet parents aware of the symptoms and treatment for pet diabetes.  Does pet diabetes manifest in the same way it does for humans?  Are the treatments the same?  Does it only affect older pets?  Does weight play a role? How common is this disorder in pets? Are certain animals more prone to diabetes than others?  Is it preventable?  Join hosts J and D as they explore this topic and find the answers to your questions, Saturday, November 8th on The Missy Show (5pm Central).

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    The Life of a Shelter Pet (The Let's Save a Life Episode)

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    In this episode, we discuss some of the harsh realities facing pets who are given over to animal shelters.  Just what is daily life like for an animal whose new "home" is now an animal shelter?  If a shelter is not a "no-kill" shelter, how long does an animal have to be adopted before it is put to sleep?  What are the living conditions like in a typical shelter?  Are all shelters "created equal"?  What are some of the challenges for shelter staff? This is definitely an episode no one should miss.  Join hosts J and D, as they tackle this difficult topic, Saturday, November 1st on The Missy Show (5pm Central).

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    Be the Change! Missy Crutchfield, Gandhi Global Center for Peace

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    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & Follow us on Twitter.

    Join us as Sister Jenna interviews Missy Crutchfield about the work of the Gandhi Global Center for Peace.

    Missy Crutchfield is a social entrepreneur with a passion for education and the media.  She has held leadership positions in government, education, and the media as a television producer, reporter, and anchor, as well as radio producer and anchor. She has enjoyed a long relationship with the arts, and she is widely recognized for her work to improve the quality of life in her community and other communities. 

    She is the founder of Remember Your Dream, an arts incubator program that reaches out to youth, addressing social issues through the arts and empowering young people to activate their dreams and achieve success in life. She is also founder and author of “Sisters Speak Out”—a community outreach and three-act play addressing issues surrounding domestic violence, and means of prevention.

    Currently, Missy is working with Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Dr. Arun Gandhi, President of Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, on a vision and plan of action for a Global Center for Peace focused on the work of Mahatma Gandhi.  She also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Gandhi's “Be Magazine” and is the CEO of the Gandhi Global Center for Peace.  Visit her websites at www.missycrutchfield.com and www.bemagazine.org

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    Goodbye Corporate America, Hello Real Estate Learn with Missy McCall Hammonds

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    Are you ready to build a real estate portfolio and say goodbye to your boss? If so, join us for this exciting interview with our Realty411 cover feature: Ms. Missy McCall Hammonds, CEO of RetirewithRealEstateBiz.

    Missy currently owns a massive portfolio of single family houses in Ohio. She is a frequent public speaker and has helped educate many investors on real estate investing.

    We have the pleasure of learning directly from Missy today! In this Phenomenal Interview, you will learn:

    1. How to get started in real estate investing.
    2. How to transition out of Corporate America.
    3. How did real estate help Missy transition from working for a company to working for herself?
    What tips does she have for other entrepreneurs?
    4. Learn why Missy says Ohio is a great place to invest long term.
    5. Why are so many Californians attracted to investing in Ohio and out of state in general.
    6. What's next for Missy McCall Hammonds?
    7. What Tips does Missy have for others who want to expand their portfolio?

    Don't miss this fantastic interview - Download this show today!

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    EYECON - One Tree Hill

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    One Tree Hill Fans - Are you excited like we are about the upcoming One Tree Hill Covention in Wilmington, NC on March 27th-29th 2015 hosted by EYECON?

    EYECON will be live on Variety Radio Online Tuesday 11th at 2pm ET to answer all of your questions. If you want to call in to the show you can, or you can e-mail your questions to vro@thevro.com and we will read them live on air.

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    Holiday Shopping Ideas For Your Pet (The Post Black Friday Show)

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    Happy Holidays, Missy Show listeners!  It's the day after Black Friday.  Hopefully you have found some good gift deals for family and friends--but what about your furry family members?  In this episode, we explore potential gift ideas for those special animals in your lives.  So grab a cup of eggnog or a hot cup of cocoa and spend 30 minutes with J and D to find the perfect pet gift!  The Missy Show airs Saturdays at 5pm Central.

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    Holiday Pet Safety Tips (The Holly Jolly Safety Episode)

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    So it's that time of year again?  Eggnog.  Christmas trees.  Decorations.  Holiday Cheer.  Family.  Friends.  Pets.  Strands of lights.  Wait--pets and lights might not be such a good combination. The holiday season is a joyous time of year, but there could be potential hidden hazards that can arise for your furry family members (think the choking hazard posed by light strands).   In this episode of The Missy Show, we examine some ways to keep your pets safe and still be able to enjoy all your traditions and festivities.  Join us Saturday, December 6th at 5pm Central.

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    Most Memorable Moments of 2014 | Special Guest: Singer Matt Hill

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    Matt Hill was born and raised in Newark, Delaware where the dreams of becoming a worldwide pop star tend to appear far fetched. However, Matt managed to become substantially popular amongst social networks after posting a Vine video of himself singing. Gaining attention from thousands of fans overnight inspired Matt to chase his dreams. He then teamed up with best friend/producer Jonny Benjamin and Training Camp Music to create a unique sound proven to impress.. Tune in as TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba, and Brianna get to know the emerging singer and share the most memorable moments of 2014!  

    Don’t forget to subscribe to TD Radio on iTunes for updates whenever a new episode is available. Also leave ratings and comments on the show. Thanks for the support!

    Instagram/Twitter - @MattHillTC
    Vine - Matt Hill

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