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    Giving Voice to Your Story with Novelist Nicole Waggoner

    in Writing

    Nicole Waggoner, discusses her new novel The Act which will be published with She Writes Press.

    She talks about how one woman's choice will affect the core dynamics of this tight sisterhood forever. You'll never see career and ambition in the same way after listening to this interview.



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    Giving Voice to Your Global Story with Dina Elenbogen

    in Writing

    Memoirist and poet, Dina Elenbogen, discusses her newest release -- a compelling memoir, Drawn from Water: An American Poet, an Ethiopian family, an Israeli story.

    Dina, who plays her own character in the memoir, talks about motivations for writing the memoir, the challenges facing Ethiopian Jews today, and navigating cross-cultural boundaries.  

    Tune into this uniquely compelling storythat embraces cultures and challenges. 

    About Your Host 

    Dorit Sasson, creator of Giving Voice to Your Story global radio show and website, is the author of the memoir Accidental Soldier: What My Service in the Israel Defense Forces Taught Me about Faith, Courage and Love. She helps authors and small businesses give voice to their stories whether it's by building their platform or webwriting. 

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    Giving Voice to Your Global Story with Lori Schafer

    in Writing

    Memoirist, Lori Schafer, discusses her new memoir Of Hearing of My Mother's Death.

    Schafer, who plays her own character in the memoir, talks about the writing and healing process, her mother's psychosis and subsequently, her own transformation. 

    Like her mother, Schafer, too is a survivor. Tune into her story of survival. 

    It wasn’t until last year that Schafer learned that she had died – in 2007. No one will ever know her mother's side of the story now. But now she's giving voice to her own.


    About Your Host 

    Dorit Sasson, creator of Giving Voice to Your Story global radio show and website, is the author of the memoir Accidental Soldier: What My Service in the Israel Defense Forces Taught Me about Faith, Courage and Love. She helps authors and small businesses give voice to their stories whether it's by building their platform or webwriting. 

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    Tithing: Caring, Grace & Giving

    in Christianity

    "So Let Each One Give as He Purposes in His Heart" (2 Corinthians 9:1-15)

    Paul not only exhorts the Corinthians to live up to their promise, but it is also a reminder that what they are giving was received through God's liberality. It is because they have a generous God that they can give generously. In contrast to the Law, we can give because God has already provided for all of our needs.

    "You Surely Did Care, But You Lacked Opportunity" (Philippians 4:10-20)

    Paul here exhorts that giving should not only be a condition of the heart, but a concerted effort as well. That acknowledging the desire to care for others is not enough, it must be acted upon with joy.

    Government Taxes Replace Theocratic Tithes (Romans 13:1-7)

    Paul is speaking specifically about governmental authorities, directing that taxes be paid to the state. In this case, Rome had replaced the theocracy in the governing of Israel. Though the Law of Moses was respected as tradition by the Romans, and the Israelites were allowed to follow the commandments, Israel was no longer a theocracy, and was not free to worship God the way God had commanded them to.

    Summary of Tithing Under Grace

    Throughout the New Testament, Paul's vocabulary and teaching suggest that giving is voluntary and that there is no set percentage. In fact, nowhere in the New Testament are believers told to tithe by anyone! Or even how much to give, when or to whom. They are only encouraged to provide for those who are in need, their ministers, and for the stranger. Giving in the New Testament is a reflection of the believers' new nature; the nature of God is to give. So even if we don't feel like it, we are now giving, liberal people. (There does seem, however, to be a need for training in this area.) "For God so loved, He gave..."

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    Short term missions and Costa Rica

    in Christianity

    I will be discussing the value of short term missions. Also we will be covering all the interesting things that are going on here in Costa Rica as well as describing life here and even a average day in the life of ....the HOOVERS  ( maybe some music too..lol)

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    The Life: The Power of Giving

    in The Bible

    Is giving a requirement for the Christian? What if the money I am giving is being mishandled? What if I don't have enough money to give? All these questions and more will be discussed on this episode of the life.

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    The Art of Giving in Romantic Relationships

    in Relationships

    I wanted to speak on the art of giving. I have always been a giving person since I was a little girl. I was not perfect and I had my flaws, but in many cases I always put others first. Sometimes foolishly. This continued into my adult life, but because I did not have any boundaries and did not understand the art of giving, it caused a lot of issues in my relationships with men. A lot of times I got taken advantage of and then I because a very bitter, angry, resentful person. At one point I even started becoming a "taker" where I started thinking what can a man give to me and how he could meet my needs without thinking of what I needed to bring to the table. I became very cold and figured what was the point of being nice, loving, giving, honest, committed and all if I am going to get played anyway.

    As I have been going through my healing journey, I have realized that it was nothing wrong with my giving, love, kindness. It was more so with how I was giving, how much I was giving, how soon I was giving, and to whom I was giving. I also started seeing the motives I had with the men of my past and how tainted it was. It was not out of true love as I thought because I did not love myself and was walking in unhappiness. 

    I would like to speak on some of these things because I see so many men and women who are at their wits end. They feel as if it makes no sense to be loving or a giver anymore when in fact it has nothing to do with their love. We need more loving people who are eager to give and put others before themselves.

    2 Corinthians 9:6-7 "But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

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    Giving Power a Voice with Charmaine Lee

    in Spirituality

    Join Charmaine Lee for Giving Power a Voice - an ongoing discussion on taking your power back.

    Whether a bad relationship, abuse or a great childhood and you aren't getting what you want Charmaine will talk about these subject.

    Call in with your topic or questions

    Email topics to radio@ffi-now.com or call 702-251-8200.

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    G220 Ministries--Giving the Glory to God!

    in Christianity

    Episode 84 G220 Ministries--Giving the Glory to God! w/guest Austin Hetsler

    Welcome to G220 Radio! Thank you for joining the program tonight here on the show we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our purpose is to equipt, edify, and encourage the saints to be more and more like Jesus Christ!

    On this episode of G220 Radio Austin Hetsler joins the program as we talk about G220 Ministries and Giving the Glory to God for all He has been doing through the ministry. We will discuss some of the outreaches we've had, upcoming outreaches & conferences, growing numbers and interest from others in joining us in evangelism, also dealing with the police on the streets.

    For more information about the ministry: http://www.g220ministries.com/


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    Turbulent Times 5/11/15 episode 16 - Mars Rover Missions

    in Current Events

    It's been nearly a month, but North and are back after a long absence.

    Tonight, we'll be discussing the fake Mars Rover Missions so it should be an informative episode with the enormous amount of  information that North brings to the TT table.

    You can find our blogs at:



    We welcome the listener's input and hope you'll call in.

    As always, more to come, and stay frosty.


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    CSF's Alaska Wilderness Missions features Anchorage Entrepreneur Randy Comer #1

    in Dads and Family

    Learn more about Alaska Wilderness Missions as host Richard Jordan interviews Anchorage, Alaska businessman Randy Comer who has been instumental in many of CSF's father/son mission/construction projects across Greatland Alaska since 1997. From participating in the construction projects with his three sons to hosting over ten annual Sportsmen's Prayer Breakfast and other outreach forums, Randy has served as a founding member of Alask'a broad and impactful outreach to sportsmen. 

    In 2009, Randy led a CSF expedition on snow machines across Alaska's landscape over 350 miles in tracking a large part of the Ididarod Trail where the IRON DOG race lierally plows the course for the annual sled dog event each February. A successful hotelier in Anchorage, Randy has the family owned "Anchorage City Limits Lofts" with over 250 rooms. and a first class music cafe and studio which has premiered many recording stars as well as serving as CSF's Alaska Headquarters.  

    You do not want to miss this exciting interview with one of Anchorage, Alaska's great entrapreneurs and civic leaders who has helped to pioneer the landscape of this cold northern region's thriving economy. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ Randy has a deep love for marriage, family, country and his church. Call in with your questions for Randy during the second half of the show. Thanks for listening in. You will be blessed!