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    Lifelong Missionaries

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    Join us for the recorded interview with lifetime missionaries Tom and Regina Franklin! They have worked in Cuba, Haiti, And dominican Republic and joined us last week in Escobal Costa RIca to see if this medical outreach would work with thier mission in the DR! 

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    Terry & Barbi Franklin - Heart for the World - Missionaries to Egypt

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    Terry & Barbi Franklin are singers, songwriters, and speakers that have ministered full-time for over 25 years as a duo, focusing on their theme: "Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the church." Through Family Worship Events and Marriage Retreats nation-wide, as well as in 37 countries worldwide, they are touching countless marriages and families with the hope and love of Jesus.

    We are honored to host such passionate revivalists as The Franklins! They have a heart for revival across the globe! Their song "Awaken Us" is a heart-cry for God to awaken his Bride! This couple has been ministering all over world planting revival fires everywhere they go! They will speak to us about the revival fires burning in Egypt and other places!

    Terry & Barbi possess a burning desire to see God bring Revival and Awakening to the church… starting inside our homes… and spreading to the whole Family of God and ultimately to unbelievers. Their sons, Tyler and Travis, ministered with them until their later college years, and now they are both married. As skilled singers, along with Terry’s abilities at the keyboard and Barbi’s talent on violin, they lead listeners into a worship experience that touches many hearts through their harmonies and heart-felt message.

    Through the years, they have worked with many well-known Christian leaders and artists such as Billy Graham, Jim Cymbala and The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Focus on the Family, Coach Bill McCartney and Promise Keepers, Adrian Rogers, Jack Hayford, Steve & Annie Chapman, Bill & Gloria Gaither, David Jeremiah, Kay Arthur, Gary Smalley, Judge Roy Moore, Josh McDowell, Don Wildmon and The American Family Association, and many others.

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    Ask the Missionaries

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    1/2 hour where you can call in and discuss mission life with The Hoovers and Whites...Missionaries in costa Rica....
    Any question within reason:
    1. Hows life?
    2. What did you eat today?
    3. How much money can we send you?

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    Spiritist Talks - Reincarnation: Missionaries of the Light

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    Vanessa Schiodtz from Seattle broadcasts another Spiritist talk from wordlwide speakers. Don't miss it!

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    St. Caspar Del Bufalo – Missionaries of the Precious Blood

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Caspar Del Bufalo – (1786-1837) Roman Catholic priest and founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

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    "Where are the Black Christian Missionaries?"

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    Fast forward to modern day evangelism and I have to pose the question, "Where are all of the African American missionaries?" I can see the jaws of many black Christians getting tight and their cheeks filling up with air. Don't get mad at me, I 'm just asking a question. Are you a "sheep" or a "goat?"
    Seriously, what have you done for anybody outside of your church the past year? How many people have you extended the love of Christ too? How many prisoners have you visited? How many homeless people have you or your church found housing for? How many sick folks have you visited in the hospital? How many hungry folks have YOU fed? How many naked folks have you clothed? What have you done for God (and not man)? How many thirsty folks (people needing love) have you given drink to? How many strangers have you invited into your (personal) sanctuary? (Matt. 25:31-40)
    Tune in to "UNCUT" tonite for a hot debate on your "Missionary Track Record!"  It's gonna get ugly I'm sure!

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    Women and The Ministerium Ecclesiasticum Pt 2

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    Women being called Missionaries -  MIssionaries comes from the Latin MISSIO which Latin for the Greek word apoostolos.  The Latin word missio is where we get our word missionary from.

    So to called a woman a MISSIONARY is to called her an APOSTLE.

    Levitical Priesthood and women in ministry

    Complementarian verse the Egalitarian 

    Was the Apostle Paul confused and looney because many make him out to be such because he actually was FOR women in ministry.

    En persona Christi, En Persona Ecclesia, Alter Christus

    Check out our webpage www.coaab.org for more information.  To reserve a 2015 Syllabus, to purchase 2013 or 2014 Syllabus



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    History1.3 Why Moors are Slaughtered Today: The Church Bulla Of 1493 A.D.

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    REMEMBER: last week, we left off with ‘The Three Ms’ or Three Categories of Inquisition War Tools:

    1) Missionaries, 2) Mercenaries, 3) Militaries

    And the sub-divisional and related methodologies listed that are the Three Roman/Inquisition War Tool Categories:

    1) Religion, 2) Mental Warfare, 3) Hot and Cold War Strategies

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    William Lau The El[jah Challenge

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    http://www.theelijahchallenge.org/  The Elijah Challenge trains committed disciples, missionaries, and servants of God to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively to non-Christian, gospel-resistant people groups by closely following the approach used by Jesus and his disciples in the New Testament where actual evidence for the truth of the gospel was seen—miraculous healings from God following prayer. The goal is the fulfillment of the Great Commission: making disciples of all nations and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded his disciples.  

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    Understanding the Law: LGBT Rights with Guest Edlyne Verna of CUASVAHH

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    On today's show we will be discussing  LGBT rights and recent developments. We will also be speaking with Edlyne Verna the Executive Director of  CUASVAHH (Christians United Against Sexual Violence and Homophobia in Haiti).

     From its Facebook page: "CUASVAHH is a non-profit organization of people from many Christian faith traditions, cultures and racial groups committed to the end of sexual violence and homophobia in Haiti. We welcome and value the unique contribution that each Christian tradition and our diverse experiences and backgrounds, bring to our work. We grow from the ways we learn from each other to serve the people of Haiti and debunk the harmful teachings of hatred by certain missionaries in Haiti."




    We will also be looking at the ban on conversion therapy, marriage equlity, Department of Labor changes to the definition of spouse and more.

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    Join the WSCIRO Media Missionary team as they continue the conversation pertaining to the meaning of the prophetic word  that the Lord had given concerning "Transition".  They will also examine what it is, what it looks like & what it means for the average believer in Christ in 2015 and beyond. At the top of the hour, Dr Shirley will share with the listening audience a few dreams that the Lord showed her regarding the season of transition and the insight that the Holy Spirit had given to her regarding "Transition Houses".  Then she will revisit, a dream vision that her oldest son, Jean-Pierre had  approximately a year ago describing a kind of transition that he witnessed describing the characteristics of a kind of rapture. Do you want to know what season we have entered into?  Well at the bottom of the hour, Evangelist Timothy F. O'leary will share his compelling insight on the different elements and levels of transition pertaining to "Replacement Theology vs. Covenantal Promise" and its role as a type of prophetic time clock in the end times. Got you curious?  Well then tune in and join the  conversation on this most intriguing topic that effects the very essence of who you are as a believer on a daily basis.  The worship artist in this broadcast are:  Josh Young: "Cover the Earth",  "I Lay It Down", ""Take Me Higher", and "Abandon";  and JoAnn McFatter:  "Come Holy Spirit".  Dr Shirley will share the late John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries teaching on Transition from 2008.   WSCIRO PROMO " MEET THE MEDIA MISSIONARIES OF WSCIRO:  https://www.facebook.com/DrShirlWSTK.ITV/videos/10207213000785642/