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    Talk Jamaica- Oct 25, 2015

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week we will be joined by President of the Senate, Floyd Morris, who will speak on the Malahoo Forte suspension, as well as give thoughts on the ongoing CCJ debate in the Upper House 
    Then at 5 PM Young Jamaica says the Minister of Health should be fired while PNPYO says they are playing politics. Andrae Blair President of the PNP YO and Howard Chamberlain who heads the JLP affiliate Young Jamaica will join us.
    We also have Talk Vault, In Perspective and The Week That Was

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    Talk Jamaica Nov 15

    in Current Events

    Talk Jamaica comes your way at 4pm.... should elections be called this year? Our panel of experts will zero in on this issue.

    At 5 pm, the National Democratic Movement and why they are a credible alternative government in waiting. President Peter Townsend will join us.

    At 5:15pm, are we ready for general elections? Director of Elections, Orrette Fisher will join us.

    Inside the Talk Vault, we meet Television Presenter/Producer Alrick McKenzie, of Love Zone. He shares why he loves being an entrepreneur in the creative industry. Talk Jamaica is live between 4 pm and 6 pm on Talk Jamaica Radio streaming on www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen, the Mobile app on Android as well via Carib Riddims and Zeno Radio

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    Talk Jamaica - September 21

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week we look at the Jamaica constabulary Force which is grappling with increasing murder rates, corruption within its ranks and some members who have gone on the wrong side of the law.

    THEN AT 5 P.M., we look back at the Trinidad and Tobago General Elections, expectations of and challenges facing the new government, as well as the political future of Kamla Persad-Bissessar

    Our Talk Vault guest this week is Executive Director of Ashe Caribbean Performing Arts Company and Rising Stars Judge Conroy Wilson. There is also The Week That Was and In Perspective, Talk Jamaica comes your way at 4pm on www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen, you can also download our mobile app or listen via phone

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    Talk Jamaica Nov 22, 2016

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week it’s all about our pre-election feature ‘ON THE BALLOT’.

    At 4:20, Incumbent MP and PNP Candidate for St. Elizabeth South Western, Hugh Buchanan will join us along with his opponent the JLP’s Floyd Green. Then, at 5 p.m., the PNP’s candidate for Clarendon South Eastern – Patricia Duncan-Sutherland along with a representative for incumbent MP Rudyard Spencer will tell us why they should win the seat.

    Then at 5:40 we have Talk Vault our new Political Ombudsman will join us. Talk Jamaica comes your way live at 4pm 

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    Talk Jamaica Sept 20

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week we play clips from the recently concluded annual conference of the People's National Party, we also get reactions from our political analysts of the presentation of the Prime Minister.  Then inside our Talk Vault we speak to Benton Morris who currently dances in the musical production Lion King.  There is also In Perspective and The Week That Was.  Talk Jamaica broadcasts live on talkjamaicaradio.com/listen 

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    Miss C

    in Comedy

    Join Kelli and Claudia as they discuss this week in sports and current events, along with Claudia's love and Kelli's current hatred of Fan Duel. In their Listen Up! segment, they'll be reviewing the band, Atreyu and discussing Nothing More's new video for their hit "Here's to the Heartache". They'll also share with you the first disagreement they've ever had, which occurred last week. You don't want to miss it! 

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    Talk Jamaica -September 6

    in Current Events

    Your cutting edge commentary, Talk Jamaica comes your way at 4pm with Ralston Chamberlain and Ricardo Brooks.

    This week we discuss Voter Apathy and its dismantling effects on a thriving democracy. We will be joined by Andrae Blair - PNP YO President, YJ Gen Secretary – Rohan Walsh, Scott Mullings - Unregistered Voter Student at UWI and Shaqkeera Douglas enumerated Law student who will not be voting in the next election.

    Then at 5:15 p.m., we deepen the conversation on the damning findings from the Audit into the Health Sector... get reactions from Medical Association of Jamaica President Dr. Shane Alexis. 
    Then in Talk Vault, we meet a registered nurse and entrepreneur who this year survived breast cancer. Today’s feedback question: What do you make of the decision by the authorities not to release the full health sector report?
    Join the discussion at

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    Talk Jamaica - Oct 18

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week we look at the recent RJR’s Commission Don Anderson poll has been released. We want to look at the viability of polls within the election season. Does it really make sense or is it a case where the majority of voters care not about polls and vote based on other reasons? We will hear from Research Consultant specializing in Politics and Public Health Paul Bourne and Blogger and former Newspaper Columnist Mark Wignall

    Then at 5 P.M we begin our election watch feature called ‘ON THE BALLOT’. Today we will discuss the happenings within North West St. Ann, the incumbent MP the PNP's Dr. Dayton R Campbell and his contender the JLP's Othneil Lawrence.

    Then, later in the broadcast, we take you into our Talk Vault feature, this week we feature broadcaster and voice & speech coach Adrian Alric Atkinson

    Talk Jamaica comes your way at 4pmEST on Talk Jamaica Radio

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    Talk Jamaica- Aug 9

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this Sunday, we review stories from ‘THE WEEK THAT WAS’: Our top stories are: 

    The discussion segment commences at 4:30. The discussion segment commences, we look at the state of the Jamaica Labour Party and reports that persons within its ranks want Andrew Holness removed from the helm. Our political experts will join us.

    At 5 p.m., Jamaica’s first ever LGBT Pride Celebrations. A sign of the times or is Jamaican society changing for the better? JFLAG’s Executive Director Dane Lewis and Chairman of the Jamaica Coalition for Healthier Societies will weigh in.

    Then at 5:30 p.m, remembering Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ)’s late former Chairman, Dr. Barry Wade who died last week. Reflecting on his life will be JFJ representatives -Susan Goffe and Rodje Malcolm.

    Then, later in the broadcast, we take you into our Talk Vault feature, at 5:35 PM where he we chat with another top Jamaican performer in the 2015 World Championship of the Performing Arts, Donovan Gilpin.

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    Talk Jamaica October 11

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week we speak with Dr. Christopher Tufton who lost the run-off between himself and Councillor Devon Wint to represent the JLP in the constituency of St. Catherine West Central. Is his political career dead or does he still have a fighting chance?

    Then at 5 P.M., That controversial issue of the St. Hilda’s High Head Girl who was stripped of her position. Was it due to her Being Jehovah’s Witness and not being Anglican? We see clarifications and explore th...e concerns with our panel.

    Then, later in the broadcast, we take you into our Talk Vault feature, where Malike Kellier, who just graduated from NMLS as Valedictorian will share with us his success story. 

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    Talk Jamaica July 26

    in Current Events

    Talk Jamaica comes your way today at 4 p.m.. Today, we zoom in on the troubles in the PNP. The discussion segment commences at 4:45. At that time, we’ll be joined by our panel to discuss Joan Gordon-Webley’s future in the People’s National Party, after the NEC rejected the decision by central executive to accept her application.

    Then at 5 P.M., the PNP and JLP are in a statistical deadheat, according to the latest Don Anderson Polls. We’ll examine the results with Political Analyst, Blogger and former newspaper columnist, Mark Wignall, Pollster Don Anderson and Policy Researcher and Lecturer, Jermaine Nairne.

    In our Talk Vault feature at 5:35 PM, we highlighted the work of The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation. Maia Chung will join us. 
    That’s Talk Jamaica Radio today between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Listen live on