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    Did Misogyny Cause The UCSB Shootings?

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing the UCSB shootings, feminism, misogyny, and the science behind mass murder. 

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    5/7/15 - The Rebecca Juro Show w/ co-host Ethan St Pierre. Anti-Trans Misogyny

    in LGBT

    Ethan and Becky talk with Sadaisha Shimmers, a black trans woman who experienced misgendering and mistreatment at the hands of the San Francisco PD and Advocate.com reporter Mitch Kellway about the violence and discrimination faced by trans women and especially trans women of color.  

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    Violence, Misogyny and Race

    in Politics Progressive

    How many times can we say "never again" before it's true? And how do we end the cycle of violence when it is wrapped so tightly around misogyny and race? How do we keep guns out of killers hands? And how do we address this country's inadequacy of mental health care? MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli, Anoosh Jorjorian and Donna Schwartz Mills talk about the Isla Vista tragedy in this political discussion from the progressive point of view. Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    Empowering Women: Removing Patriarchy In Tomorrow's World

    in Women

    The  "Save Our Girls" meeting held in Chicago and telecast via Internet around the world was a huge success. It opened the eyes of our young women and girls as to the awesome task they have before them to create a new world. The patriarchical culture of today must be abolished, along with sexist attitudes that demean the worth of women. Such is the task of today's women, to create a new way of thinking in their daughters in order that they may give birth to and raise a different kind of child. How do we empower women to overcome their own low self esteem an sense of self worth, particularly when society tells them they are only as valuable as their physical attractiveness and their money and possessions? Many women engage in self destructive behavior (alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, overindulgence in food) because of deep emotional pain from childhood in which their fathers were absent.How do we help women overcome the tremendous feeling of rejection and abandonment that comes from being raised without a father in their lives?

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    Yardie Skeptics (Ep. 6) Religion, Homophobia, and Misogyny

    in Education

    Main topic: Religion and Misogyny; exploring the intersectionalities of religion, homophobia, and misogyny
    Special guests: Alison Irvine-Sobers, Yvonne McCalla Sobers, Sharon Smith and Damien Marcus Williams
    This show is hosted by two of Jamaica's most outspoken secular humanists - Clive Forrester, linguist and professor at York University in Toronto, and Hilaire Sobers, human rights lawyer in Washington DC. We have spent copious amounts of time debating with and challening the notion that Christian privelege should proceed unchecked in Jamaica, and have successfully managed to rally a group of other secularists to collaborate on a publication (forthcoming 2013). This radio show provides a medium in which skeptics can discuss matters of science, critical thinking, religious imposition, and the seperation of church and state all from a Jamaican perspective, but playing close attention to the interconnectedness on the global landscape.
    Tune in as we tackle the big questions each and every Sunday at 12:30EST (1:30PM Jamaican time) - lively banter, music and trivia, probing questions... we are Yardie Skeptics. 

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    Goodbye, Sábado Gigante: The Manero Pop Podcast, Episode 4

    in Pop Culture

    You've probably heard the news by now: the variety TV show Sábado Gigante will end his record-breaking 53-year run on the air come September.

    The show started in Chile in 1962, but after moving to Miami in 1986, it became an institution of Latino television in the United States, and a cultural touchstone of the immigrant experience.

    But Sábado Gigante was not free of controversy: even when the immediate reactions after the news of the show's cancelation broke were cries of "devastation," as they days went a very different reaction came to light. Several critics expressed their hatred of a show they considered "racist and misogynistic."

    Here, José Manuel Simián and Marcelo Báez discuss the impact of the Sábado Gigante on Latino pop culture, and interview blogger Laura Martínez and former member of the show's Clan Infantil, Paz Zárate.

    UPDATE: During his interview with Laura Martínez, José Manuel Simián made an implicit reference to Univisión's host Fernando Fiore, who is no longer with the network.

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    Sharona Unfiltered - Episode Ten

    in Entertainment

    Thirsty for more talk radio? Think you can handle the truth? Tune into Episode Ten of Sharona Unfiltered with special guest host Claire Mullins as we talk about being a woman in the media, misogyny in sports talk radio and why men still don't seem to care about athletes who allegedly do terrible things to women. Sharona also takes ESPN to task for suspending Britt McHenry for off the job actions when its male reporters don't get the same kind of scrutiny. We share our personal stories. Wednesday 10 to 11:30 am CDT.

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    Fem Fridays - Exposing Men's Rights Activism - Revenge Porn.

    in Entertainment

    Hey gang. 
    This episode is a long time coming. 
    It's a problem that should be tackled more often and much louder than usual. 

    It's also an episode I had to put on the shelf because ideologically white trouble was going on behind the scenes. 

    Now that I'm getting that work taken care of, I can begin doing Fem Fridays with Exposing Men's Rights Activism. 

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    Fallen Edition - Misogyny and Submission.x.

    in Religion

    OrgasmicKarmatic, FemaleSatan and WickedPup get down on Misogyny and Submission. It'll be interesting to have a male POV in this conversation and is both an inspired topic and suggested topic. We'll be discussing each separately and exactly how a woman can use Misogyny without being hit by the bullet of it at the same time. 

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    in News

    THE PIERROTS AND FOOLS SHOW WITH MARK COCKING 26.03.2015  This weeks synthesis continue a geometric journey into the hidden science of geo-engineering/terraforming, sacrde geometry, human origins, ancient civilisation and Earth's esoteric history. Into the mix goes misogyny, sexism, feminism (Lady stuff), David Icke and his theosophical teachings (tho this may get bumped into the next show), Mars and the occult influences of Gustav Holst, composer of 'The Planets'.

    Music this week has a Folk theme

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