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    Conversations 2: Mischa Webley

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    On the latest episode of Conversations, host Tim Gordon talks with writer/director Mischa Webley about his current film, The Kill Hole. Wembley will talk about the genesis of his story and working with stars, Chad Boseman and Tory Kittles all on Episode 2 of Conversations.

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    Daniel Hoyos Director Seattle Shorts Film Festival Stops By

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    NWP welcomes Daniel Hoyos, Direcor of the Seattle Shorts Film Festival

    The 4th annual Seattle Shorts Film Festival will bring another round of outstanding short films and filmmakers to Seattle this November including including: The Lord of Catan, featuring Amy Acker and Fran Kranz (stars in Joss Whedon’s 2013 Much Ado About Nothing); The Hero Pose, shot in Washington by local filmmaker Mischa Jakupcak and staring Nikki Hahn and Chaske Spencer (Winter in he Blood and Twilight); The Wood House, featuring Alicia Goranson of Roseanne and Boys Don’t Cry. Actress Venus DeMilio Thomas will be joining us from Los Angeles November 15th for a one night conversation about working professionally in the entertainment industry! http://seattleshort.org

    Seattle Shorts held its first annual film festival in November 2011 to sold out audiences. The goal was and is to bring Seattle film lovers the very best of short films from around the globe. At the Seattle Shorts we have just one criteria in mind, finding brilliant short films and bringing them to Seattle audiences.

    Their focus is featuring the artistry of independent film making by searching for the most extraordinary short films.   http://facebook.com/northwestprime  http://audibletrial.com/northwestprime Free Trial FIRST BOOK FREE  are audio books right for you? 



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    Movie Interviews and Reviews

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    The Movie Geeks speak with actress/director Zoe Quist, whose thriller Raw Cut and drama Mining for Ruby are now available through VOD.  Plus, director Mark Jackson discusses his searing drama War Story starring Catherine Keener and Ben Kingsley. 

    Plus, a rountable discussion on modern film noirs, the pleasures of bad cinema, and reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy and Get On Up. 

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    Pet Psychic Radio - The Llama who does not want to date

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    @ 02:02 - Ai & aussiedoodle Fenway, Mohawk haircut and boot cut.
    @ 04:29 - Laura's friend Tina & Aloha Dog Grooming & her animals.
    @ 08:05 - Rachel & cat Endymion (Little Tux), want release or a home?
    @ 14:55 - Pomeranian Poodle Bunny*, why dogs barked when she passed?
    @ 21:32 - Lorri & llama Faye, her thoughts on having a baby? - hilarious
    @ 30:35 - Laura & black/tan Dachshund Ollie, barking when nervous.
    @ 45:01 - Mischa & Scottish Fold cat Mister, how help him to relax?
    @ 52:01 - Brenda's pug Otis*, passed 28-Dec-2013, is he okay?
    @ 55:36 - Stormy's WoW: "Spirits come and talk to you in many ways."

    Calming signals: blinking, licking lips, yawning, sniffing ground, looking and looking away, sitting down, lying down, turning away, shaking, holding up a paw, approaching in an arc. More: www.thepetpsychic.com/services/animal-communication/

    Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/758474024194692


    Laura Stinchfield - Animal Communicator with show producer Ai Kusuhara will interview interesting animals and their people.

    Laura will also open up the lines for listeners to call in to ask questions to their animals. 

    Be prepared to be enlightened, amazed, to laugh and maybe cry as you are opened up to the inner lives, thoughts, and feelings of the world's animals.

    Laura Stinchfields official website is http://www.ThePetPsychic.com

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    DEFCON-versations with John Dilley on Grilliant Ideas Radio Network

    in Food

    Welcome to John Dilley's Defcon-versations Radio Show! Where we talk about what's HOT in the Sauce World!

    John's Special Guests this week is: Chilli Dave and Jay Chillihead Webley from Clifton Chilli Club in Bristol UK.

    www.youtube.com/CliftonChilliClub and www.facebook.com/CliftonChilliClub

    John will be talking with the boys from across the pond all about Chilli's!

      If you want more info or would like to be on a future show..contact John at www.defconsauces.com 


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    Talk with Jeanette Webley "By Faith we Walk"

    in Motivation

    Hello to everyone!

    Feb 20, 2014 will be the next Blog telecast of my new talk show; with Ms. Rose Geathers, air time being 7 PM (EST). I would like all those who supported me on my first book and other projects to tune in and listen. Tell everyone you know; this show will make you laugh and cry!  This show will transform all Christians and Non-Christians’ thinking and challenge them to stop procrastinating and begin pursuing their divine calling today. I hope that when you tune in to the show your mind and soul will be refreshed! 

    Talk with Jeanette Rule "By Faith We Walk"

    Jeanette, a woman with a Devine calling from God stated that she ran from God till one day, she was hit by a truck while pregnant. She lived and is now writing books to inspire others. One friend states; "There are not many people you grew up with in the same neighborhood, that you are fortunate enough to have left impressions on you. Jeanette is a beautifully bright and insightful person."

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    Government Censorship of Organic Food Benefits with Mischa Popoff, B.A.

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    Government Censorship of Organic Food Benefits with Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.) Univ. of Sasketchewan.

    Mischa Popoff is a former organic farmer and USDA-contract organic inspector.
    Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon
    Author of “History of nitrogen for warfare and fertilizer”
    Author of “Is it Organic? The inside story of the organic industry”--Some people won't like this book, but you will.
    Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute.
    Research Associate for The Frontier Centre for Public Policy
    He exposes the practice of the lack of field testing in the global organic industry and how it may have contributed to foodborne bacterial outbreaks.
    He has contributed to many outbreak investigations, including listeria, E. coli and salmonella, in organic food.

    1. Introduction
    2. What is organic marketing labeling?
    3. What types of testing protocols prove organic labels?
     a. Chemical testing
     b. Biological testing
     c. Process documentation
    4. Government censorship of analysis of organic labeling.
    5. Testing Analysis efforts of Organic food products.
    6. Conclusion


    Mischa Popoff
    Greenville TX US

    For public speaking engagements or consultations, please contact the National Speakers Bureau
    Sawa Matsumura, 1-800-661-4110 ext. 311, smatsumura@nsb.com

  • Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats with producer Straw Weisman PT 2

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    Straw Weisman PT 2 producer, post production supervisor is a motion picture production, post production, marketing, distribution, and creative filmmaking veteran with over thirty years of hands-on experience. Straw’s latest achievements include producing the upcoming feature “The Big Valley”, starring Jessica Lange and Stephen Moyer, and directing the psychological thriller “Trunk”, starring Jennifer Day, now on DVD, and co-executive producing “Without Men”, starring Eva Longoria and Christian Slater, which is now in post production. As Vice President, Worldwide Production for distributor/producer New Films International, Straw is overseeing a slate of post production acquisitions and new titles, including “The Lightkeepers”, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner, “Camp Hell”, starring Bruce Davison and Dana Delany, “Chain Letter”, starring Nikki Reed, “Dark Moon Rising”, “Don’t Fade Away”, starring Mischa Barton and Ryan Kwanten, and the upcoming “Saving Grace B. Jones”, starring Tatum O’Neal and “Flying Lessons”, starring Maggie Grace and Christine Lahti. Through his own company, Marquee Productions, Straw has supervised post production and/or associate produced or produced over 75 films, including “Shine On”, starring Jenna Dewan, “Order of Redemption” with Busta Rhymes, Armand Assante and Tom Berrenger, the multi-festival award winning biopix “Crazy” featuring “Heroes” Ali Larder, “Magic”, a family film starring Christopher Lloyd as a talking dog, Richard Gere’s “The Flock”, “Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com

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    Guest: Mischa Brooks

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    Inked Angels Live with co-hosts Lil Ole Me and Alison of Taboo bring you news from the inked world, an interview with Adult Movie starlet Mischa Brooks and much more!

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    At the Movies with Jamille Bradfield

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    Join film critic Jamille Bradfield for the latest and greatest movie news, reviews and trailers.  Tonight's special guest is Mischa Webley, director of THE KILL HOLE.

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    The Cosandra Calloway Show with Karl Kani Repeat

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    The Cosandra Calloway Show repeat with
    Karl Kani
    The “Originator” and  ”The Godfather of Urban Fashion” are some of the titles that adorn the thrown of Karl Kani. In 1989 the Karl Kani brand was launched by the intrepid designer who inherently believed in the American dream. The unchartered waters of urban design were pierced by the Karl Kani brand donning the hip hop style that intertwined high fashion and the streets. In its early years the Kani brand and names such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Snoop Dog, Lil Kim’ , Nas, Ludacris and Dr. Dre were inseparable. Beyond its beginnings, Karl Kani’s line took on a more contemporary route with Live Life. Major names such as Will Smith, Tara Reid and Kelly Clarkson, Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson in the early 2000s reflect this shift. With record breaking sales throughout the international market the the Karl Kani brand has now taken on a new course. Today, the brand reflects the indie street subculture of American urban hubs while still incorporating high fashion. The companies American re-launch in 2013 will once again change the trajectory of  fashion. The Karl Kani brand has now transitioned from its days in the 90s to the urban chic look of today. The evolution of the Kani brand is now here.

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