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    How to Be the Hero of Your Marriage

    in Relationships

    Dr. Joe Beam will be joined by his wife, Alice, for this special program as they discuss How to Become the Hero of Your Marriage, and how Alice was the hero of their marriage when she took Joe back after their 3 year divorce. (Watch the video above for some special insight totonight's show...)

    What led to the divorce? What happened while they were divorced? And more importantly...why did she take him back? 

    There's sure to be some laughs, some tears, and some exciting surprises! Don't miss tonight's special one year anniversary show. We look forward to talking to you.

    Plus...we're celebrating our one-year anniversary tonight! 

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    KrampusCon 2015!: The KrAmPuS shall DeStRoY Bellyham!

    in Other

    The Original Christmas Chreature, Kreature, the Krampus! A Horde of Krampy Darkness descends upon the fair little berg of Bellingham! Their uniting call, "Destroy Bellyham!", and the horrors they'll visit upon this City of Subdued Excitement, All shall be Told. Let All be told, and Let all Behold! Remotely podcasting from the scene of the Christmasterous Disaster Zone soon be be afflicted with Monstrous Magnificence

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    How to Reconcile a Marriage After Major Trouble - The Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    Ready to reconcile your marriage after a major problem?

    Or maybe you want to know how to reconcile your marriage if you can get past your current problem. 

    In this program we will talk about how the expecations some have about reconciliation are not the same as the reality of what it will take to reconcile, what happens during reconciliaiton, and what your relationship will be like after you've put your marriage back together.

    True reconciliation requires things such as:

    - Understanding each other's hurt (and the grief process that goes with that hurt).

    - Seeking and granting forgiveness.

    - Defending each other.

    - Rebuilding trust.

    - Developing mutual accountability.

    - Changing communication patterns.

    - Understanding insecurities and potential comparisons.

    - Creating rituals (maybe replacing old rituals).

    ...and much more.

    We have as special guests a couple whose marriage was torn apart by infidelity. They resolved their problems and reconciled. They will tell their story.

    Additionally, Joe Beam will answer questions from callers during the program about this topic or any other relationship topic they wish to discuss. To be part of the program, call 646-378-0424.


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    How to Save Your Marriage in 2016

    in Relationships

    How To Save Your Marriage In 2016

    It's the start of the new year, and it could also be the start of a new marriage. The same marriage that you fought for last year, but this year, what if it could be different?

    What if it could be new? You're probably thinking, "I've tried standing for my marriage, and nothing is working." I understand. We've been there, too. 

    But tonight, we want to encourage you and revitalize your mindset to help you start 2016 strong in standing for your marriage... ...and how you can do that?

    Tune in tonight at 9 pm CST at www.marriageradio.com or by calling in at 646.378.0424. 

    If you have a question, press the number 1. Everyone we talk to will be entered into a drawing to receive 50% off the Marriage Helper 911 workshop! (The workshop is never publicly offered at this price) 

     Talk to you tonight!

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    GateKeeper's International Ministry "My Sheep Hear My Voice"

    in The Bible

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Greetings and welcome to Reaching Out Radio-GateKeeper's Ministry International Radio Broadcast. We have five seasoned empowering guests to share with you a Word from the LORD on hearing the voice of GOD. In this day and age it is imperative that we as true believers know and hear the voice of GOD, through His Word, Dreams, Visions, Prophetically, Audibly and GOD will speak through any means possible to bring clarity to the questions and answers to what your heart speaks. GOD gives direction and always responds to YOUR LIFE situations and those responses most times are not written on the pages of the Bible. Train your ear to hear the VOICE of GOD. We will try and define to you tonight these ways of hearing GOD'S Voice. My guests are: Prophetess Adrienne Jackson, Apostle/Prophetess Karen Palmer, Prophet Jermaine Johnson and myself, your host Missionary Evangelist Linda Casraiss.

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    in Education

    DECREE & IT SHALL BE is a most popular internet radio show where YOU can experience the power of the Spoken Word through Prayers, Affirmations, Affirmative Prayers & Decrees under the inspirational teachings of Brother Francis Revels-Bey. Brother Francis is a Spiritual Minister, Spiritual Mentor, Chief Principal Teacher and Host of his Spiritual & Metaphysical Ministry he founded on July 2nd, 1999 AD under the Aegis Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence called CIRCLE OF GRACE 1. Also, he is the Founder & Chief Principal Teacher for its 5 leveled institute called - The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance which came into being on February 7th, 2009 AD. Brother Francis Revels-Bey has and continues to teach many of the mantic arts through his  various seminars, lectures and classes such as "The Key to Life is Numerology & The Power of Numbers", "Tarot Basics 1-2-3", "Handwriting is Mindwriting", "Understanding Your Dreams", "Dreaming for Success", "Creative Pathwork Meditations" and so much more. He has been sharing his wisdom, knowledge & understanding with humility and unconditional love since 1974. You can find more information about him by using this link - http://CircleofGrace1.byregion.net ,,,

    JOIN US TODAY as Brother Francis Revels-Bey shares one of his many Universal Decrees that You will experience as well as a Creative Pathwork Meditation. As usual the Thor Audience can receive a FREE Mini-Spiritual Reading during the live show. Be Sure to Invite Your Loved Ones, Co-workers & Friends to tune in live....Meet You There !

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    The Magic, The Mystery & The Ministry of Marriage w/ Michelle Stimpson

    in Religion

    After you get past the Magic and the Mystery marriage is a Ministry. Join Michelle Stimpson and I on Monday Night 7pm on the Fully persuaded Radio Show as we discuss the power and impact and sanity of marriage. So if you are single, and wanting to be married, newly married, been married a long time, been divorced or going through a divorce this is the show for you. Call in 347-237-4999 the lines will be open.

    Bestselling, award-winning author Michelle Stimpson has penned more than twenty-five Christian fiction books including traditional bestseller Divas of Damascus Road, the highly acclaimed Falling Into Grace, and Amazon #1 bestseller, Stepping Down. She has also published more than fifty short stories through her educational publishing company, WeGottaRead.com. Michelle holds an English degree from Jarvis Christian College and master’s degree in education from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a part-time language arts consultant and serves in women’s ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. She and her husband have two young adult children and one crazy dog. 


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    EWOL Internet Ministry Followship Service - Speaker Apostle Paul Greenleaf

    in Christianity

    Join Apostle Paul Russell Greenleaf & 1st Lady Kesha Greenleaf This Sunday evening 1/31/2016 at 6:30 PM EST for Sunday Evening Fellowship. Apostle Paul will be bringing a word for God's People on this evening. Join us For a time of Fellowship, Praise and Worship, and the Word Of God. Come and join us as we "En Rich each others lives in fellowship." Join from the comfort of your home via the Ministry Talk Shoe. Call Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 110910 Log in http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/110910 https://www.facebook.com/events/1665664666989173/

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    Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!

    in The Bible

    The Author continues to delve further into the message of Jeremiah the Lord's Prophet of the Old Testament.  However the readings are swayed knowing the voice of the Lord.  This means having the spiritual ability to hear into the higher frequencies of the heavens and therefore gain a word of the Lord in due season.  This will cause the normal speech of teaching from the Holy Scriptures to be unfamiliar and yet introducing a new way of seeing spirituality.  In other words the Lord calls for us to come into higher awareness of the spiritual and heavenly language.  The earth is undergoing a spiritual transition and at the end we shall evolve into spiritual beings and begin to shed the flesh and rise higher into our light bodies.  As the Lord states that the flesh is sinful and man shall only live up to one hundred and twenty years [Genesis 6:3 - 5]. The aim here is to gain spiritual insights.  Only until the moment of speech that the Author shall know what is the word of the Lord in due season.  Amen. 


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    in Education

    DECREE & IT SHALL BE: Welcome to receiving and experiencing the Inspirational Spiritual Teachings of Brother Francis Revels-Bey through the Power of the Spoken Word. Brother Francis is a Spiritual Minister, Mentor, Teacher and Practitioner, as well as, the Founder, Chief Principal Teacher and Host for his CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 a spiritual & metaphysical ministry founded on 7/2/1999 AD. He created his metaphysical & spiritual institute through it on 2/7/2009 AD called "The Circle of Divine Grace & Remembrance" and both come under the Aegis & the Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence. Brother Francis is a consumate teacher and referred to by his many students as Master for he has been involved with his Spiritual/Metaphysical Path and Disciplines since July 1974...and still very active today.

    He has given many classes, workshops in-person, on radio -Long Island, NYC, NJ..(1982-1989 as Lloyd Strayhorn's most popular guest on WLIB 1190AM & The Wake Up Club on Hot 98.7 KISS FM Radio for 8 weeks September 2006 thru November 2006, answering/reading 30 people in 20 minutes each show and answering over 800 emails), cable tv (1985-1989 in NYC,NY w/Morris Fonte & Strayhorn) & online since 2008. Since 6/25/2015 with his own show for THOR.

    JOIN US TODAY: Brother Francis is completing out this month by offering one of his original Creative Pathwork Meditations followed by several rounds of Spiritual Readings from the Angel of Grace for You. Be sure to invite loved ones who desire to have a FREE mini-spiritual reading this Thursday January 28th, 2016. Show starts with 8 minutes of meditation music at 10am MST / 12pm MST!!!