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    The Reading Is Poetry Review

    in Poetry

    Tonight we pay tribute and honor to Dee Black and James Allen, Jr. (the eldest son of Artus Mansoir) We are asking everyone to join us and listen to Spoken Word celebrating their lives! So tune in and call The Reading Is Poetry Review at 8pm on blogtalkradio.com/onword. The number is 718-508-9717. Shoot a verse for our celestials, and make their home going special sound of a poem. Here "Where Verse Becomes a Learning Lesson."

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    in Politics Conservative

    Left-wing Hysteria: Newsweek cover rocks right this week and sends leftists into a desperate frenzy of quibbling denial.
    Obama gets busted trying to hide impending defense layoffs from the voters, and Americans are fighting for the simple right to drink milk.
    When the media spin makes you dizzy and sick, JOIN US for Words Matter where Mary will unravel all the mystery of intent and show you the truth of their words. 

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    Take a Walk Through the Word "Yes HE Can: Men's Talk"

    in The Bible

    This is a show that will appeal to the masses of people who desire to 'Take a Walk Through The WORD', learning in detail how to apply the Word of God into their daily lives.  We have individualized shows that explore all of the facets of our lives as disciples and followers of Christ.  This is a complete A - Z walk using God's Word as a guide to a fulfilling life and the ability to live abundantly above and beyond with Christ as the foundation. We have in our line-up of programs,  Marriage Monday’s  “Marriage: When 1+1=1” with Elders Bernard & Ursela Mitchell of Raleigh, N. C., Tuesday we have “Yes HE Can: Men’s Talk” with Elder Bernard Mitchell and Minister Dwight Lewis Sr.,  Thursdays show is “Real Talk 4 Real People” with Minister Kevin Harrison of Washington, D. C.,  Fridays show is  “Conned, Hoodwinked, and Lied To” with Minister Dwight Lewis Sr.  Come hear the fantastic lessons from our variety of teachers and enjoy and participate in a show that allows you to be a co-moderator, as you "Take a Walk Through The WORD".  Contact us at 770-873-2622. E-mail us at dwight.lewis@menwhopray.com, visit our website at www.menwhopray.com, Amen.

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    Working While BLACK l Drs. Jahi Issa and Jeffrey B. Perry

    in Politics Progressive

    Working While Black
    LIVE and CALL-IN - A Six- part weekly LIVE radio discussion on employment discrimination specifically in the Black community.
    A Six-Week LIVE radio discussion of the special elements of employment discrimination faced by Black people in the workforce. Understanding our special problems and sharing organizational and legal remedies to address them. The Host, Ricardo Jones, a former EEOC Sr. Investigator and Whistleblower and Jimmy Pratt, the NC Justice Activist will engage with other expert guests.
    Guests THIS WEEK
    Dr. Jahi Issa
    Former Assistant Professor of History & Africana Studies
    at Delaware State Univeristy a HBCU. Arrested and terminated for supporting student protest. Author,"How Black Colleges are Turning White" in the Black Agenda Report

    Dr. Jeffrey Perry, Guest
    An independent working class scholar/activist focusing on white supremacy as the principal retardant to progressive social change efforts and on the centrality of struggle against white supremacy to progressive social change efforts. Writing on Hubert Harrison and Theodore W. Allen, two of the most important thinkers and writers on race and class in the twentieth century.

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    Count It all Joy Part 2 THE PATHWAY OF PROMOTION

    in Spirituality

    Consumed Radio  Tune in Tuesday @ 8pm for Count it all Joy part 2
    The Lord wants to lead His children in the pathway of promotion. He has a purpose and destiny for our lives and He wants us to enter into it. Often we may go through the path of trials and tribulations in order to be shaped and refined and prepared to enter into the destiny that God has prepared for us. God leads us through a process of shaking and discipline which can be painful at that time . But later it will prove to be an invaluable and strong foundation for our lives. 
    1Faith Ministries
    Minister Steven & Valencia Carter Ruff

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    in Entertainment


    Murder at Midnight was a syndicated series that originated at New York's WJZ, originally broadcast from September 16, 1946 through September 8, 1947 and later rerun in the summer of 1950. The menacing tones that introduced the series belonged to Raymond Morgan, a former minister who had left his calling for a career in broadcasting. When the graves gape open and death strikes!" Listeners perked their ears to listen to these classic stories of death death DEATH!


    RUN TIME: 26:00


    RUN TIME: 26:00

    TO ADVERTISE ON SCARE FM: http://scarefm.com

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    Old Fashon Jam Session Pt 2 With DJ Prophet Oshea Morgan

    in Religion

    Today we are kicking back and relaxing and bringing back the old songs of zion and we want to mix it with your testiminy of old school church memories from when you were just a child growing up under that person that knew Jesus.
    Who says the church does not know how to party come on we gonna show you better than we can tell you today

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    in Spirituality

    The Way of Consciousness Radio Network is a production of the Order of the Friends of Jeshua, an all-inclusive spiritual community offering a contemporary, progressive expression of the teachings of the Christ and other great Teachers. Our program is live each TUESDAY at 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT, and 6 pm PT and all shows are archived and "On Demand" for your anytime listening.
    Co-Hosts Linda Marie Nelson, Lee Allen Petersen, and Michael Sherbert offer spiritual conversations on deeping our Inner Spiritual Relationship with God.
    We often use the text, "The Way of Mastery," which can be obtained from the Shanti Christo Foundation.  Their website:  www.shantichristo.org  We offer free online SKYPE discussions on this text.
    We welcome your questions, feedback and interest so please send us an email at:  ofjcommunity@gmail.com
    Our website:  www.ofjcommunity.org

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    in Lifestyle

    The Tangible FIRE Broadcast with JOSHUA MILLS!!! Join Prophet Joshua Mills tonight for another exciting episode. Tonight Joshua will minister a POWERFUL message entitled "Restoring The Integrity of the Kingdom pt. 2". You do not want to miss tonight!!!

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    Curious Times - Crystal Healing Rev Dwayne Brock

    in Spirituality

    Join us at 10 PM Eastern.
    Tonight Rev. Dwayne Brock returns to discuss his work with Crystal Healing.
    Rev. Dwayne Brock is a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, psychic/medium and he is studying to be a Shaman. Rev. Dwayne loves working with his Vogel Crystals and doing Reiki.
    Ordained as a Healing Minister with the World Reiki Ministry & the Universal Life Church, Dwayne has been able to help spirits cross over into Heaven with the Use of Reiki and his psychic abilities.
    With a background in Law Enforcement and Locksmithing, Rev. Dwayne is a retired University Police & Campus Security Captain.
    In 2010, Rev. Dwayne joined a group of psychics from around the world who use their special abilities and talents to locate missing persons and solve cold cases. The group is called Find Me and donates all of its resources free of charge to families who request  help. Rev. Dwayne finds the work with this group is very rewarding and he is honored to be a part of it.
    In order to develop his psychic abilities, Rev. Dwayne has studied with Lisa Williams and James Van Praagh to name a few. Both of these individuals are extremely gifted in their abilities and Rev. Dwayne is grateful to have had the opportunity to study with them.
    Rev. Dwayne can be found in the following ways:
    Find Me website: http://www.findme2.com/

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    RCW Radio - Week 5: Ann Dromeda and AJ Summers

    in Entertainment

    River City Wrestling Radio returns with its 5th episode!
    The special guests for this episode are "El Mamacito" Ann Dromeda and "Brooklyn's Finest" AJ Summers! Both are decorated RCW stars and have big matches this Saturday!
    Once again, the co-host will be Joey "Super Shot" Spector!
    This week is the countdown to the huge RCW event "Dawn of a New Dynasty 5" which will take place Saturday, September 1, 2012 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Activity Center, 1630 Goliad Rd in San Antonio, Texas with an 8 p.m. start time.
    This event is a "FANdemonium" event in which fans that win auctions make their own matches!
    In the main event, the undisputed RCW Championship will be on the line in a Ladder Match as TNA superstar and RCW Icon "The Super-Mex" Hernandez faces "The Largeador" Michael Faith and "The People's Choice" Steve McEnroe!
    For the RCW Ring King in a RCW tradition -- the Fan Lumberjack Strap Match -- the Ring King "Minister" Rick David puts his crown on the line against "El Mamacito" Ann Dromeda, Claudia Del Solis and Co-Commissioner Chris Sifuentes. Select fans that win a raffle will serve as lumberjacks ringside and armed with leather belts!
    Joey "Super Shot" Spector will face students from the RCW Gym wrestling school in a Gauntlet Match!
    Plus much more! Tickets, VIP packages and information at http://www.rcw-wrestling.com!

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    The Metaphysical Edge with Bee Delozier

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The Metaphysical Edge where possibilities unfold and probabilities emerge. TONIGHT ~ FREE MINI READINGS, DREAM ANALYSIS AND CRYSTAL READINGS. Join Bee for an hour of powerful programming TONIGHT and call in for your free mini read ~ every Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern.  
     Forget about the question 'if' UFOs exist ~ they DO, and Bee will feature guests who have experienced them.  Forget about whether or not there is an afterlife ... There IS, and Bee will bring the proof to the airwaves with lively guests who have knowledge of the existence. Want to speak to a 'real' psychic?  Tune in.  Bee and her featured guests will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Is your house haunted, have you ever seen a spirit, or maybe you have photographed weird things with your digital camera -- Tune in to The Metaphysical Edge for some interesting intel -- not everything is what it seems. Do your dreams worry, startle or concern you?  Ask Bee for an on-air dream interpretation to help you unravel the mystery.

    Rev. Barbara "Bee" Delozier is an ordained metaphysical  minister who holds a doctorate degree in metaphysical science.  She is a generationally gifted psychic and certified spirit medium.  Bee is a crystal and stone practitioner who's book, "Crystal Healing: 2012 And Beyond" has quickly become a favorite amongst the 'stone people' who love and appreciate the beauty and energy of rocks, crystals and stones.

    The Metaphysical Edge is sponsored by Greater Good Ministries Radio, a focus of Empower U Enterprises.