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  • Half Hour Mini Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a half hour of  mini readings

    Focus on your question for the best insight

    No medical legal or lottery questions will be answered

    No repeat callers


    Helen Dawes

  • Half Hour Of Mini Readings

    in Spirituality

    Mini Readings and Discussions

    Focus on your questions

    Will not answer Medical Legal or Lottery

    Many Blessings

    Helen Dawes

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    Insights For The Soul - Charmaine Lee doing mini reading

    in Spirituality

    Charmaine Lee, Will be on the air for 30 minutes doing mini readings July 31, 2015. Join her. If you want a reading call in at number above and press 1.

    For longer or private readings contact us or visit neo-shaman.com

    To schedule a  private sessions call 702-251-8200 or email contact@ffi-now.com

  • Mini Readings

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    Join Me This Afternoon

    For A Personal Mini Reading!


    For Entertainement Purposes Only!


    Blue Waters

    A Dedicated Clairvoyant/Empath/ Healer

    Will Not Read  

    For  Previous Callers 


    It Has Been Six Months

    Since  Your Last Reading








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    Crystal & Ka`iwi Talk Story at 9 am HI Time - Mini Psychic Readings

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    Aloha, e komo mai! Crystal & Ka`iwi will be discussing Hawaiian Spirituality & Modalities every Thursday at 9 am Hawai`i Time. This is a fun and informative Talk Story show. Living the Higher Calling from Akua and sharing with others our path.

    The last thursday of the month we will be doing mini psychic readings with Ka`iwi and Crystal, 10 minutes or less.  Do you need an answer about a job, mate, or which direction to go in?  Call in or ask in our chat room.

    Ka`iwi and I are guided by Akua (God/Spirit) each show topics may include Ho`oponopono, Lomilomi, Energy Healing, La'au Lapa'au, Crystals, Angels, Chakras and much more. We may set the intention when we write the description each week for one topic and Akua sends us on a different topic. Please be flexible because all the information is to help you adjust, shift and awaken as we do the same. Sometimes the information is not for this moment but is there for when you need. it.

    Ka`iwi is a local boy from Waimanalo, HI and Crystal is a local girl who lives in Texas. These 2 Hawaiians brought together by fate, raised in different times and places but still tied deeply to their Hawaiian roots and Ancestors.

    Join us each week as we talk story, share funny stories and help you get through the hurdles life has brought you to us.


    in Spirituality

    Mini Readings 


    For Entertainement Purposes Only



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    Mini Readings

    in Spirituality

    Mini Readings 


    For Entertainement Purposes Only


  • Mini Readings

    in Spirituality


    Mini Readings

    One Question Only

    No Repeat Callers

    For Entertainment Purposes Only

    No Medical or Legal Questions 

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    Half Hour Mini Readings!

    in Spirituality


    We  notice the stars and the heavens, but it is the moon that connects to our third eye.

    Yes, yours and mine.

    Let's connect here on BTR and ask me your question.

    Please, focus all your might and make the connection for me a lot stronger. 

    No genral questions.

    No legal, medical or lottery number advice.

    Absolutely, no sugar coated answers or generaic ones.

    Come amd join with me on a journey to the stars as we pass the moon of connection.

    Blessings and Namaste 

    Lanni Rana

    The creators of the human races have not left us behind. Their agenda is to create the perfect beings within a biologically highly spiritual planet. They did not create us as a food source, but for a higher purpose. These are highly spiritual creators who have given humans an oversoul and an opportunity to connect with Source on many levels. There are, however, many other beings within the matrices of life and soul and their agenda is to suppress the human races and their soul awareness. This they do in many inhumane ways. When we have given up whether it is personally or globally they believe they are succeeding and continue to try to overtake the better part of who we are as evolving spiritual beings.



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    Tarot Spreads used in readings and mini readings

    in Spirituality

    Tarot Spreads

    How many tarot spreads are there? 41.

    What are some tarot spreads? 

    Some tarot spreads - relationship spread, career spread, health spread, zodiac or birthday spread and celtic cross. So many tarot spreads. 

    Celtic Cross - is the most commonly used spread, this is also the hardest to interpret and to read the cards.

    remainder of the show - mini readings - Intuitive, Tarot and Life Path readings..

    founder and creator of youhavethepowerwithin.com

    Next prayer vigil call is Aug 10 at 6pm cdt, (u.s. time zones- 7pm edt, 6pm cdt, 5 mst, and 4 pst.) 

    Newsletter will be out this week. you can sign up for my newsletter on my website www.youhavethepowerwithin.com. and you receive a free 1 question email reading.