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    Author Mingmei Yip discusses SECRET OF A THOUSAND BEAUTIES on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Mingmei Yip to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and the new book SECRET OF A THOUSAND BEAUTIES. 

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    Mingmei Yip

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    Author, Mingmei Yip, will discuss her recent novel, "Petals from the Sky".
    Mingmei has also written "Peach Blossom Pavilion".

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    Reader's Entertainment Presents: Mingmei Yip

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    Dynamic, highly educated, talented writer, painter, calligrapher and speaker, Mingmei Yip joins us to discuss her newest novel, The Nine Fold Heaven.  Join us to discuss these beautiful novels of long ago Asia. Find out more about this author at her website here- http://www.mingmeiyip.com/index.html

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    Mingmei Yip

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    Novelist, Mingmei Yip, returns to discuss her recent novel, Song of the Silk Road, a love adventure story with a three million dollar award, set in the famous Silk Road and its Go-In-But-Never-Come-Out Taklamakan desert .

    Her first novel, Peach Blossom Pavilion, explored the life of the last Chinese geisha who is a qin player.
    Petals from the Sky, her second work, presented a Buddhist love story set in Hong Kong, Manhatten, Paris and China.

    Song of the Silk Road turns readers attentions to the trading routes between East and West in a romantic setting.

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    Chilling with Mingmei Yip

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    Mingmei’s debut novel Peach Blossom Pavilion (Kensington, 2008), story of the last musician courtesan of China , has received numerous favorable reviews and is now in its fifth printing. Her second novel is Petals from the Sky, (Kensington, 2010) a Buddhist love story, which Booklist 's review “a serious, engaging story of faith, devotion, and the commingling of cultures.” Her new novel Song of the Silk Road, (Kensington, April 2011) is a romantic adventure on China ’s fabled route with the lure of a three million dollar reward. Publisher’s Weekly review “once modern and traditional… filled with unique companions, unforeseen dangers, unexpected joys, and bitter sorrows…part epic, part coming-of-age story, part modern fairy tale…” Mingmei’s other work in English is Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories (Tuttle), of which she both wrote and illustrated. In Hong Kong , Mingmei was a columnist for seven major newspapers. She has appeared on over sixty TV and radio programs in Hong Kong , Taiwan , China and the US . You can reach Mingmei at www.mingmeiyip.com. A USA Today bestseller,

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    New Book for Mingmei Yip

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    Camilla is a young orphan when she is adopted by a master crime lord and turned into the singing sensation of Shanghai . She lives in luxury but knows none of the wealth is really hers. She is one of the skeleton women, who lure men to their ruin and death. In her case, it’s literal, since she is also trained in knife-throwing and contortion.
    Her assignment: attract the attention of another crime lord and help see he is assassinated. But can she stay in his good graces with competition from Shadow, a famed magician, and Rainbow Chang, the ambiguously sexed gossip columnist? And will she be able to resist falling for either the gang lord’s son or his hunky bodyguard? Source: RTBook Review

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    King Cole Trio

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    Trying to refine a format for music history show, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions 

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records

    "The King Cole Trio"

    It's Only a Paper Moon" (Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg, Billy Rose)

    Label: Capital 141-A 20012, From the Movie “Take a Chance”

    2 Easy Listenin Blues Instrumental 

    Discogs numbers 213-2-a 20012


    Recoded: Volume 1, December

     15 1943 January17 1944 and March 6 1944


    The King Cole Trio is a series of albums by jazz pianist Nat King Cole's King Cole Trio released by the Capitol Records label. These were Cole's debut recordings

    Link to listen and enjoy:

    Research material at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King_Cole_Trio_%28album%29


    All credit due to the artist and musicians and Capital records 


    No profit or income derived from this podcast.


    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions1

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    Vern Yip Shares Design Advice and HGTV 'Live at Vern's House' Details

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    Vern Yip, star of "Live in Vern's House" on HGTV, discusses his new special which follows the building of his dream home from the sand up! The special airs July 12th at 2pm eastern, 1pm central, 11am pacific.  

    One lucky viewer will win a week's stay in Vern's dream beach house.

    Find out how you can win a week's stay here.

    You can also find Vern's line of home accessories and bedroom linens on the Home Shopping Network. 

    Join Wendy and Krista, The Military Spouse Coach (TM), for this episode of The Military Spouse Show (TM).

    Follow Vern Yip:



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    Write On Online September Virtual Meeting

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    The September Write On Meeting will be Wednesday, September 10, at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern. Our guest will be Dr. Jenny Yip, author of Productive Successful, YOU! This month's topic: procrastination. Err... stopiing procrastination.

    Write On Online is a Writers Support Group, focusing on goal-setting, troubleshooting, and networking, with writers of all ages working in a variety of areas.

    Post questions for Jenny, call in (646-381-4910), or listen online. Hope you can join us!

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    The NEW LIFE Diet Discourse 4: Let's Get to Joy!

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    The NEW LIFE Diet – Let’s Get to Joy!

    The vibration of appreciation or gratitude leads to the feeling of Love and True / Unconditional / Divine Love precedes Joy that when sustained, leads to Bliss. Joy and Bliss are our birthright; and feeling, thinking and being these vibrations are part of the NEW WAY of living on the NEW 5th DIMENSIONAL EARTH.

    This discourse offers a deeper understanding of these high vibrations and complements the information in The NEW LIFE Diet book found in Chapter 10 (Follow Your Joy), Chapter 12 (Oneness), Chapter 1 (Love Yourself), Chapter 2 (Live in Harmony), Chapter 5 (Master Yourself), Chapter 6 (Food and Consciousness), Chapter 8 (Contact Your Authentic Self) and Chapter 9 (Close Your Circles). Additionally, information from Archangel Metatron channeled through Gail Taylor (www.gailtaylorenergyworks.com), information from Mary Magdalene channeled through Judy Satori, Drunvalo Melchizedek and Osho is presented.

    The NEW LIFE Diet is a handbook for creating a NEW LIFE that is of Peace, Love, Oneness, Joy and Bliss and a NEW BODY that is healed, healthy, beautiful, light-filled and radiant. It is available worldwide @ www.thenewlifediet.com/store, www.amazon.com and any online book seller by searching 'The New Life Diet by Gail Yip-Chuck'.

    If you wish to leave a comment or send a heart donation of $3.33, just email me at newlifediet@yahoo.com and I will send you a Paypal invoice. Thank you so much for listening.


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    Use Your Anxiety to Become More Productive: Dr. Seibel Interviews Dr Yip

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    Host Dr. Mache Seibel interviews Dr. Jennifer Yip who is a Clinical Psychologist and author of Productive, Successful You: End Procrastination by Making Anxiety Work for You and Not Against You. Dr. Yip 

    Dr. Yip is an author, speaker, and is a nationally recognized OCD and anxiety expert. Since childhood, inspired by her childhood struggles with OCD and motivated to helping others overcome theirs, Dr. Yip has dedicated her professional career to treating families and individuals with severe OCD and anxiety disorders.

    She developed the Family Systems Based Strategic CBT, integrating Mindfulness Training and Strategic Paradoxical Techniques with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). In 2008, Dr. Yip established the Renewed Freedom Center in Los Angeles to help those suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders.

    Dr. Seibel is recipient of the 2013 Media Award from the North American Menopause Society. As the editor of “My Menopause™ Magazine” (which you can find on the Apple Newsstand), You can also find solutions to some of your most pressing issues at MyMenopauseMag.com. Dr. Mache Seibel http://www.doctorseibel.com/contact-us/ is one of the leading voices in women's health, guiding women on how to navigate menopause and what can be a very confusing time in a woman’s life and health. 

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