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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner

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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner: Today's theme is, Did you survive Thanks Giving and Black Friday?

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    KABOD: Or the glory of GOD literally means the true weighty manifest presence of GOD is being released.

    There are many accounts of GOD's manifested glory throught out the bible:

    God came to Moses in a cloud of thunder and lightening. Exodus 10:9,16.
    God's glory came in a flame of fire in Exodus 40:38; Acts 3:2.
    A mighty rushing wind in Acts 2:2.
    Manna in Exodus 16.
    Angelic Host in 1 Kings 19:5-7; Acts 12:7-17.
    Financial miracles Matthew 17:27.
    Miracles, a pool of healing water John 5:1-15.

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    Mindful Shift - a conversation with Cheryl Weekes

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    Today I am joined by healer Cheryl Weekes.  Cheryl is the author of several books on healing, Taming Neuropathy and Taming your Pain.  Both books deal with the real life situation of dealing with chronic pain.  Cheryl suffered terribly from Neuropathy and through a Mindful practice was able to take her pain from a 10 to a 1.  She will explain how she can to this understanding, how to utilize these skills in your own life.  I met Cheryl at Rupert Sheldrake group studing mind over matter - so to speak!  She shared with me that after taking a course from healer Eric Pearl, she was able to help people in a more profound way and I can't wait to hear more about this process.  Hope you can join in!

    If you have any comments or questions for me?  Email me at amlovegren@aol.com.  Thank you!   Peace out, Andrea 

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    Interview Harriett Simon Salinger, MCC, LCSW on Presence at Work

    in Self Help

    In this interview to Harriett Simon Salinger, MCC, LCSW, an executive coach with 20 years of experience in the field, she explains the importance of Presence in our lives, she facilitates a brief breathing exercise, and shares some strategies on how to bring more presence to our lives. 



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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner

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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner: Today's theme is, Organizing Christmas "Have toos." As in, gifts, events, sending Chistmas Cards,and all things Holiday. 

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    Pure Presence: Aligning to Self with Suzy Miller

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    LIVE Broadcast

    As we become the new humans, humanity is going through a process where we are continually being re-calibrated to the highest aspect of who we really are. Throughout the world, many are now being called to rediscover and reconnect with the potential and possibilities that have been hidden within them for so long. The time has come for a new community of humans who are not afraid to be and continue to become the fullest expression of themselves. If this resonates with you, join Suzy Miller every first and third Friday and participate in a free Pure Presence balance and integration experience. 

    Each show lasts one hour and provides information regarding new frequencies and levels of awareness, which are currently available to us, and an opportunity to integrate light frequencies in all systems of your body. Utilizing a guided experience comprising vocal toning, light language and the direction of your multidimensional self, Suzy will help you access and assist in the integration of your own multidimensional awareness. Following each show, Suzy will be available in the chat room for discussion. 

    Participating in these session will enable you to:

    * Experience your expanded reality gracefully, easily and consciously.
    * Explore yet unknown possibilities and potentials to support current individual and collective events.
    * Function as the collective, collaborative oneness that we truly are.
    * Align and Integrate to your fullest expression.
    * Interact with a community of people who are freely sharing their higher levels of awareness.
    * Connect with others experiencing expanded reality NOW.

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    S.O.U.L. Class #420 Whose Presence is Divine? Part 12

    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Brocha/Blessing upon you Blessed Soul and Shalom/Peace!!! With Creator's Help we will broadcast on 12/18/14 Eastern Standard Time starting at 9:30 AM live from Turtle Island=USA=Unifying Souls Actually. Program content will focus on a Chassidic Discourse delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe over 63 years ago as it relates to the Shechina/Divine Presence. Call in number is 347-838-8669. Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless you and your loved ones peacefully and pleasantly.

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    Pure Presence: All About the Kids with Suzy Miller

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    LIVE Broadcast

    Pure Presence: All About the Kids is as much for you, the parent, as it is for your children. Each episode will include:

    *A short message from the collective consciousness of the children.
    *Information you need in order to bridge the gap between where they are and where you function.
    *A 30-minute balance and integration session, specifically designed to support you and your child.

    The energetic bond between you and your child is the most profound connection he or she will ever experience. Gaining a greater understanding of who your child is from an energetic perspective will enable you to support his or her process more effectively. The alignment that these children are working towards is a challenging one, yet it can be made much easier when parents have the right tools, awareness, and energetic support. 

    Parents and children can listen in together and receive the balance, or you can simply intend that your child receive the balance energetically.  Because this show is dedicated to the children, you must provide parental permission for them to participate. Giving permission is as simple as registering your child here: www.suzymiller.com/registerkids. 

    Once registered, the energy work for each episode will be directed on behalf of your child, who will remain on the list until you choose to remove them.  Of course, if it is your choice, you are welcome to listen to the information presented in the call and NOT receive the energy work. Either way, I look forward to having you there!

    Listen to the show from the Awakening Zone here:


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    Mindful Practices: Journey to Joy, featuring Kokomon Clottey

    in Relationships

    Thank you for tuning into "Happiness Index", featuring Kokomon Clottey. This week we continue our conversation on Mindful Practices: Journey to Joy. Last week my guest was Victor Davich, author of 8 Minute Meditation: Develop Mindfulness for Greater Clarity, Lower Stress, Increased Productivity, and a Happier Life in Just 8 Minutes a Day.  Media accounts on demonstrations around the country suggests that emotions are running high for reasons most people are ashamed to admit and that we all have to turn to higher guidance and to invite divine guidance, love and compassion. Let’s face it. When people sense injustice, as in Ferguson, it stands to reason that there must be another way. Mindfulness awakens us to be aware of injustice and encourages us to stay awake.  One wonders and questioned, where is God’s law? What is the path of fairness and respect? How does one get there? How is Mindful Practices a journey tojustice and joy? What is Mindful Practice?  How does one define it?  How does mindfulness leads to happier life?

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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner

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    Mindful Mondays with Esther Turner: From Rhythms of Life; today's theme, How to get thru the Holidays

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    The art of being mindful during the holiday season.

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    Hi angels. Tonight we will talk about The art of being mindful starting in the holidays and beyond.  This can be a challenge for you, your family and or friendsduring the holidays to fight the feeling of being overwelmed and or depressed for many reasons.  We will discuss some things that will help us all to enjoy the time of year and beyond to next year.


    The show starts at 8:30 

    The call in number to listen is 760 890 7143.

    I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7108091. #BlogTalkRadio

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