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    The Millennial Generation, Who Are These People?

    in Lifestyle

    The biggest challenge facing Americans today is the transition of political power to the next new generation called the Millennial generation. Who are these people and are they a force to be reckoned with? Guest Linda S. Thompson, generational expert and author, gives us her insights.

    The so-called First Wave Millennials are now 18 to 29, and Millennials are still pouring into the world. A new generation will begin when we see 18-year-olds with different core values. The Millennial generation will compose the majority of the workforce by 2018, according to the U.S. Census.

    Even if only 50% of Millennials vote, 10 million votes could be provided. Research makes clear that whichever campaign cracks the code of mobilizing Millennials will be the one that holds political power.
    Readers of Linda S. Thompson’s book, Every Generation Needs a New Revolution, will learn about the six generational groups and what make them who and what they are. The generation gap often masquerades as stress and friction between these well-defined groups.

    If you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial (347) 637-2532. You will be placed into the caller queue where you will still be able to hear the show while you are on hold. Visit www.HelloDrCJ.com for more.

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    To Invest or Not to Invest? A Millennial Generation Question

    in Finance

    “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But is that still true today for the Millennial Generation? In this harsh economy- is investing still the best way to go?
    And if it is- how do you get started?
    We have Brian Fink calling in to give his insight on these questions and more. Brian is 27 and works in the financial industry handling very wealthy investors’ money. Let’s see what Brian’s two cents is…
    Callers welcome!

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    Unspoken Words: How the Millennial Generation Relates to Sex

    in Culture

    Welcome to another episode of Unspoken Words. Today Robert, Brittany and Jackie discuss the all so popular and important topic of Sex! It's impossible to discuss relationships without talking about Sex and the affects it has on relationships. The Millennial Generation has unique challenges when it comes to this topic because of the technology, culture and how it was exposed to us. I believe there are many different elements when it comes to Sex and Millennial's are no different in having to adjust to the attitude and perception of the current times. So come join us as we tackle this topic and hopefully bring some clarity to this all important issue.

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    Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennial generation what are the differences?

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels,

    Diane and I are talking about the 3 generations and similarities and the different aspects in all of them.  It may suprise you and educate us all in how each  generation approaches relationships, money, life choices and self love.

    We are  broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at http://tobtr.com/s/7015379. #BlogTalkRadio or dial in to listen at 760 890 7143





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    A Spokesperson For The Millennial Generation

    in Entertainment

    Empowering Millennials to make their voices heard is the passion of 23 year-old Chelsea Krost, entrepreneur, radio and TV talk show host, writer, Executive Producer and certified health coach.

    Chelsea has appeared on Anderson with Anderson Cooper, Wendy Williams, The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Bloomberg News, Good Day New York, and several other top media outlets. Chelsea is the millennial correspondent for Answers.com, Galtime.com and PattiKnows.com. In addition, Chelsea is a contributor with Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and Self Magazine.

    Chelsea is currently launching her first startup company Mpluse. Mpulse is an app created by Millennials for Millennials that revolutionizes the way an entire generation consumes news. Mpluse will break down headlines and social issues facing our generation in a way relatable to Millennials as well as provide resources and insight on how to be proactive. This will be accomplished via the Mpluse app with a website as a secondary platform.


    The Chelsea Krost Show made its television debut in March of 2013. The show provided a platform for today’s hot topics, trends and issues that affect Millennials. Studio City is currently shopping The Chelsea Krost Show for national syndication.

    The Chelsea Krost Show - radio show offers a compelling, informative and balanced view through a rotating panel of young adults, guest celebrities and experts: now on BlogTalkRadio

    For the past three years, Chelsea has served as the Millennial spokesperson for U by Kotex.  In addition, Chelsea has been a brand ambassador/spokesperson for such notable and diverse brands as Intel, Resume Bear, Mastercard, BCBG, Popcap Games and Kyocera.

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    Chelsea Krost: The Millennial Generation

    in Culture

    Are you of the Millennial Generation? Or are you trying to understand this generation as a parent, educator or someone who’s baffled by them and wants to help? Tune in and learn more from Millennia Expert, Chelsea Krost.
    Born into a whirlwind of economic uncertainty, global strife and relentless change, the Millennial Generation didn’t create the challenges they face. Yet, this group of tech-savvy young adults is still being counted on to help provide a new energy and new vision to help change the world they inherited for the better.
    Empowering Millennials to make their voices heard is the passion of 21-year-old Chelsea Krost, writer, producer, and TV and radio host. As the voice of her generation, Chelsea has appeared on Anderson with Anderson Cooper, the Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Good Day New York, and many other top media outlets from New York to Florida to California.
    As a “guestpert” and broadcast journalist she creates webisodes for her website and covers relevant, cutting edge stories for CBS, FOX, and ABC News affiliates and other media. Chelsea is also a regular contributor to The Daily Buzz and Life, Love & Shopping.

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    Millennial Party.

    in Politics

    The United States is ill-served by only two mainstream parties and desperately needs a legitimate third party representing a more diverse set of views. Over 300 million people with unbound diversity, and we have two parties? This is archaic.
    We support thinking over ideology. And we obviously (and thankfully!) don’t share all the same views- that would be boring. But we support each other and seek collaboration and honest cooperation. To support the Millennial Party, one does not need to be doctrinaire or agree 100% with what’s written here. We are dynamic and flexible; homogeneity and staleness are bad.
    It almost goes without saying, but we demand full and equal rights and treatment for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions/belief systems (so long as they basically follow the Golden rule), sexualities and any other thing that is part of who a person is. We support gay marriage across the nation and world. We support a woman’s right to choose about when and if to give birth.  We think these stances are self-evidently moral and the basis for law.Globalization is good. 

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    Do all things without complainting and disputing, that you may become blameless      and  harmless. . . in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. Philippians 2:14-15  1. key scripture                                                                                        My servant david. . . followed Me with all his heart. 1 King 14:8                                 2. key scripture          

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    NMEMINDZ: The "I" Generation

    in Education

    Please join Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali as we build on modern technology and the I generation. iPhones, iPads, iChat, iMessage - Do we control technology or does technology control us? The call in # is 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace.

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    Hit YouTube Webisode "Millennial Parents" creators Jake Green and Natalie Irby

    in Parents

    MILLENNIAL PARENTS is a creative collaboration between filmmakers Natalie Irby and Jake Greene. The weekly web series is inspired by Jake’s life as a defenseless new father.

    Jake Greene (Co-Director, Writer) has two boys under three years old. When he’s not pounding coffee or trying to keep his kids out of the street, he writes and develops television and web projects.  Jake is also a Millennial author and keynote speaker. His first book, “Whoa, My Boss is Naked” was an irreverent career guide for entry-level Millennial employees. Now, as an entry-level Millennial parent, Jake doesn’t have time to write silly books so he makes silly videos instead.

    Natalie Irby (Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor) is an award-winning filmmaker and an introverted rock band back-up vocalist. Through her production company, Corner to Corner Productions, Natalie seeks to direct and produce captivating dramatic content such as, “Almost Perfect” (director), an official selection of the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, and also inspire progressive dialogue with films such as the documentary, “Will to Change” (executive producer), a collaboration with Blue Magnolia Films, which won the “Most Transformative Film” award at the 2014 Crossroads Film Festival. She enjoys writing screenplays and original scenes for actors as well. She is learning to “lighten up” through her involvement with comedic content, even engaging in laughter from time to time.

    Natalie and Jake’s previous collaboration, “Hot and Bothered” won the “Best Short Film” award at the 2013 Twin Cities Film Festival and was the only comedy to screen at both the 2013 New York Television Festival and the 2013 Independent Television Festival.

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