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    Military Mamas Premier Online

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    Military Mamas Show aired in Cincinnati, Ohio on live talk radio from 2008 to December 2013. They made the decision to transition to internet radio beginning January 2014,so that the host could broadcast from any where in the world and reach a broader listener base.

    They are looking forward to being a part of the Blogtalk community!

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    Military Mamas Rambling

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    Joe and Carrie rambled about news and views and possibly other tangents.

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       As a child I grew up honoring the flag of the United States of America and also the various military flags of the U.S. military branches (Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines) and I am sure I am not the only American who shares the love and honor of our flag and the military branches flags as well.

      Sadly with the number of immigrants into our country (and I support lawful immigration), with it has come those who seek to impose their agendy and desires upon America and an alarming trend that seems to be taking place is the idea that Americans displaying the American flag or flags of Military branches in public in some way disrespects people of various ethnic or religious groups and so I have seen more and more reports of American citizens being told to remove the American flag or military branches flag of face anything eviction to jail time for failing to comply with the request to remove the flag.

       Well as a U.S. Army Veteran (and I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way) I served my country with pride and honor and I have shead blood in service to our nation and I have seen fellow veterans make the ultimate sacrifice for this country under the flag of the United States and the flag of their military branch to give all Americans the freedoms and liberties that many Americans take for granted today and yet when I hear reports of Americans wanting to show they honor our country or our military through the displaying the United States flag or military flags being attacked for their love and honor it makes my American blood hot with anger and disappointment, as it is a slap in the face of me and my fellow veteran bothers and sisters who have served, fought, bleed and died to give all Americans the rights we as a nation hold dear, but others seek to strip away from us.

       Their are many stories that have came to my attention in regard to this very topic, but I will touch on one story today.

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    "Married to the Military"

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    What type of effect does being in the military have on a marriage?

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    Sexual Assault In Our Military

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    Dear Mr. President,

    It is time to reform the military justice system. We cannot keep putting our military service members in a position where commanders, who are not legally trained, hold the keys to justice. We need you to declare your support for a military justice system that operates outside the accused’s chain of command. The boss of your rapist should not decide whether to investigate and prosecute your rape, and should not have the power to select the jury. It’s un-American. Please take a stand and change the system.(http://justice.protectourdefenders.com/)



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    The Awakening - Military Madness

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    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    It's time to address the 10,000 pound elephant in the room - the U.S. military has been decimated on purpose.  The United States of America and its people has been led to slaughter with little or no defense.

    Today, I will unveil just how devious the plan has been and just how vulnerable we are.

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    Word of Life Christian Ministries Sunday Worship Service

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    Word of Life Christian Ministries Sunday Worship Service

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    Herpers and Military Service with Dave Jenkins

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    If you've ever wondered how the brave service men and women of the armed forces go about serving their country while maintaining their reptile collections, then this is the show you've been waiting to hear. Dave Jenkins of Royal Hijinx Pythons is one such individual. Currently an active duty officer in the US Navy, Mr. Jenkins has served multiple tours in a military career spanning decades. CK catches up with Dave to discuss some of the logistical issues of managing a collection from abroad, and how despite the obvious barriers, selling off your collection doesn't have to be the sole option before going on tour.

  • My Military Life

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    Where to retire

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    The Military Exchange

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         The Military Exchange - Military Talk - Radio Show & Theater


    Mission Statement:

    The Military Exchange is just that... An exchange of views and Interest from Veterans and thier Friends, to better promote the Status of Military Veterans in our Community.

    Veteran Concerns.

    Active / Reserve Military Affairs.

    War Stories.

    Survival Tips.

    Politics as they apply to our Men and Women in the Military and at Home.

    Humorous Banter and Music filled with Pride, for God,Country and Corp.

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    R4Alliance introduces the first Military Family Caregivers Program

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    Listen Dec 11, 2014 or anytime later to this program by www.r4alliance.org - an Alliance of 44 Military Support Groups.

    Listen to Military Family Caregivers:

    Jeannette Davidson-Mayer. Her Husband DeWayne following his 5th accident, returned home in Oct 2005. He was diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, spinal injuries, along with a few other medical issues. As a family, they have learned to live together again.

    Juliet C. Madsen was severely injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was medically retired from the Army in 2006 after more than seventeen years of service. Juliet makes quilts to raise awareness of, and raise money for veteran’s charities through www.strokeofluckquilting.com

    Peter Madsen is a former Marine and Army Aviator and Juliet's Husband.

    Jeannette and Juliet serve on the Board of R4Alliance. Please SHARE!!

    Details at: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/december-2014/article/listen-to-the-first-r4alliance-wounded-warriors-caregiver-program  

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