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    Military Life Radio - Jen McDonald Interview

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    Episode 186: Today we’re very lucky to be interviewing Jennifer McDonald author of You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of the Military Spouse. Jen McDonald is a military spouse, military mom, homeschooler, and the content editor for friends and supporter of our show MilitaryByOwner.com. She has been published several times including in Good Housekeeping and Redbook. 

    Order the book on Amazon - You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of the Military Spouse.

    Visit Jen on her website.

    Follow her on Twitter @jenmcdonald88

    Thank you for listening to Military Life Radio.

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    Military Monday with USNI Press Authors Geoffrey Rossano and Thomas Wildenberg

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    Popular history tells us that US Naval aviation developed from early experiments with flight decks on ships, into the vast carrier fleets of World War II. But in fact, the first U.S. Navy/Marine Corps combat aviation operations involve something for different from the great aircraft carrier operations of the mid-20th century. Rather than supporting the fleet, during World War I naval aviation was focused on a single basic target set: German U-boat and their supporting infrastructure. Just after the American entry into the Great War, early naval aviation options focused on dealing with the threat of German U-boats, which were strangling communications between the New World and Europe. And when it was discovered that early aircraft were ineffective against submarines at sea, U.S. Navy efforts turned to attacking their home ports in Belgium.

    To learn more about the development and history of US naval aviation andstrategic bombing, tune into this week's edition of Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) at 1 PM EST. Author, historian, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) has invited respected U.S. Naval Institute Press (@USNIBooks) authors Thomas Wildenberg and Geoffrey Rossano to discuss his new book, STRIKING THE HORNETS' NEST. STRIKING THE HORNETS' NEST is a detailed examination and history of early US Naval aviation combat operations, and America's first real efforts towards a strategic bombing force and campaign. Look forward to learning something new during what is going to be a fascinating hour on Military Monday.

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    Military Life Radio - Interview with Larissa Traquair @Gr8tfulChickRis

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    Are you on Periscope? Join us as Tara chats with Larissa Traquair the powerhouse behind Periscope's @Gr8tfulChickRis and Chief Inspirational Officer of the Gr8tful Tribe. We're talking about faith, community and finding your tribe. Join the conversation by using #mymilitarylife on social. Thank you for joining us and for listening!

    Find Gr8tful Tribe on social:  




    Mentioned on this episode:
    Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us  by Seth Godin

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    Meet The Authors

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    Christian Authors Coming Together To Support, Share and Encourage Fellow Authors.

  • Florida thriller author, SEAN T. SMITH is LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes thriller and mystery novelist Sean T. Smith.  https://seantsmithauthor.wordpress.com/

    Sean started writing fiction after moving back to Florida, and now relishes the broader canvas a novel affords, though he''s still known to pick up his guitar from time to time. He considers being a dad the best thing about him, for his children make him a better man. The love of his wife, who also happens to be his best friend and muse, inspires him to keep writing.

    Sean is almost finished with his fifth novel, and already working on number six. At the same time, he is writing for an international video game developer for THE SEED, to be released in 2016.

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    Author Jacqueline Garlick brings steampunk to life on Authors on the Air LIVE

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes Jacqueline Garlick to the show.  Jackie and I chat about her steampunk novels, her YA series and her new book about speed writing plots.  This is going to be a fun and interesting program. Listen LIVE from any Wi-Fi enabled device at 9pm ET / 6pm PT in the link provided.  


    I'm Jacqueline Garlick, author of young adult and new adult fiction. I love strong heroines, despise whiny sidekicks, and adore a good story about a triumphant underdog. (Doesn't everyone?) I have an on-going love/hate relationship with chocolate, grammar, and technology? I prefer creating things to cleaning things, and I love cinnamon tea. There will always be tea. 

    I've been called the Quentin Tarantino of YA, because of my edgy, risk-taking, Tim Burton-esque style writing. I've also been called Little Erin, because of my passion for righteousness. In my former life I was a teacher, so you'll have to excuse that. To find out more about me, and other exciting writing adventures click: www.jacquelinegarlick.com, and be sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER and get your free read while you're there! 

    Other ways to get hold of me: 
    twitter @garlick books
    facebook: http://bit.ly/jegarlickfb 
    email: garlickbooks@gmail.com

    I'm usually in my writing cave but I'll break out to talk to you, so write me! I LOVE to hear from readers!

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    All about pulp, noir and B movies with Will Viharo LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Host Pam Stack of Authors on the Air radio welcomes Will Viharo to the studio.  WILL "THE THRILL" VIHARO is a "gonzo pulp" author and B movie impresario. For many years he was host, programmer and producer of the live "cult movie cabaret" (B movies, live bands and burlesque) "Thrillville."  Will Viharo now lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, actress/educator Monica "Tiki Goddess" Cortes, and their two cool cats, Tiki and Googie. Swing by Will's cyberpad "Thrillville" for literary cocktails anytime at www.thrillville.net.  From Thrillville.com:  Thrillville is the virtual headquarters for the gonzo pulp fiction of Will "the Thrill" Viharo - freelance writer, film programmer, live music booker, tiki lounge lizard, and B movie impresario. For many years, Will "the Thrill" and his wife Monica "Tiki Goddess" Cortes hosted a live cult movie cabaret called "Thrillville," featuring classic drive-in/grindhouse cinema and live burlesque acts, which still influence his work. 

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    JILL SHALVIS NYT international best-selling author LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes JILL SHALVIS.   Pam here:  This is a bucket-list moment for me.  I'm all aflush with excitement and I hope you are too.  New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill's bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit http://www.jillshalvis.com for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.
    or email her at contact@jillshalvis.com

    This is a LIVE event that you can access on any Wi-Fi enabled device.  This program begins at 9pm ET / 6pm PT when the link is active.  

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    The incomparable Susan Mallery LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    International best-selling author of women's fiction SUSAN MALLERY visits Authors on the Air with  host Pam Stack.

    Susan Mallery is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of novels about the relationships that define women's lives—romance, friendship, family. With compassion and humor, Susan keenly observes how people think and feel, in stories that take readers on an emotional journey. Sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, and always uplifting, Susan's books have spent more than 200 weeks on the USA Today bestsellers list, thanks to her ever growing legions of fans.

    Susan lives in Seattle with her husband, two ragdoll cats, and a tattletale toy poodle. Animals play a big role in her books, as well, as she believes they're an integral component to a happy life.  http://susanmallery.com


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    Don Bruns, author, musician, storyteller LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes multi-talented author Don Bruns.  Don Bruns is a novelist, advertising executive, musician, songwriter, cook and painter who has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up. He's the author of nine books and was editor of the mystery/music anthology A Merry Band Of Murderers. 

    Don's published novels cover two series. One, a Caribbean thriller collection and two, the Stuff series, a humorous look at two twenty-four year old guys in South Florida who start their own detective agency and end up neck - deep in trouble. Skip and James from the Stuff series have often been compared to grown up versions of the Hardy Boys.

    Jamaica Blue, Barbados Heat, South Beach Shakedown, St. Barts Breakdown and Bahama Burnout make up the Caribbean books. The Stuff series consists of Stuff To Die For, Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Stuff To Spy For, and Don't Sweat The Small Stuff- which came out in December 2010. Bruns is currently working on the fifth Stuff book, Too Much Stuff. His two series have won numerous awards, and the latest "Stuff" series has won a starred review in Booklist. "Will remind the reader of Tim Dorsey's cast of whacked-out characters but with the narrative voice and feel of Mark Twain's Huck Finn."   Traveling the Caribbean for his Mick Sever series, or hovering around Miami for his "Stuff" series, Bruns enjoys the writing life. You can find him at http://www.donbrunsbooks.com


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    MMSRS 68 - PTSD in Military Spouses? Say It Isn't So!

    in Military

    Join host Dave Etter and co-host Jay Ha'o, guests Susan Reynolds and Corie Weathers (and Christopher Burkhart via chat) as they discuss and maybe get down to the nitty gritty about secondary PTSD, how it happens and why it happens.

    *** Chat Room Log
    (0:11:13) - http://www.dsm5.org/Documents/PTSD%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf
    (0:13:49) - http://www.vietnow.com/ptsd-walking-on-eggshells/
    (0:14:13) - http://www.ptsd.va.gov/professional/PTSD-overview/dsm5_criteria_ptsd.asp
    (0:30:47) - https://www.istss.org/ISTSS_Main/media/Webinar_Recordings/RECFREE01/slides.pdf
    (0:38:09) - http://slideplayer.com/slide/4674639
    (0:42:25) - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2080512/
    (0:42:33) - http://www.familyofavet.com/secondary_ptsd.html
    (0:50:06) - http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/01/ptsd-epidemic-military-vets-families
    (0:54:31) - http://www.familyofavet.com/secondary_ptsd.html
    (0:55:04) - what about children who could end up with the PTSD/Secondary PTSD??
    (0:55:51) - http://www.familyofavet.com/secondary_ptsd_children.html
    (0:57:12) - http://www.singingthroughtherain.net/2016/04/ptsd-special-needs-mom.html
    (1:01:46) - http://www.nctsnet.org/sites/default/files/assets/pdfs/secondary_traumatic_tress.pdf
    (1:09:14) - http://www.nctsnet.org/sites/default/files/assets/pdfs/what_is_child_traumatic_stress_0.pdf
    (1:10:39) - http://www.nctsnet.org/sites/default/files/assets/pdfs/understanding_child_traumatic_stress_brochure_9-29-05.pdf
    (1:16:34) - http://www.ptsd.va.gov/professional/treatment/children/pro_child_parent_ptsd.asp
    (1:21:19) - http://www.nctsnet.org/
    (1:23:54) - https://startpage.com/eng/?&hmb=1