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    Filmmaker David Worth: Cinema Milestones

    in Movies

    Veteran filmmaker David Worth returns to Movie Addict HQ to talk about his two new books: Milestones in Cinema: 50 Visionary Films & Filmmakers and Zen & the Art of Independent Filmmaking: A Cautionary Tale. David has worked on over 35 films as a director and or cinematographer. Stars like Clint Eastwood, Bruce Campbell, Shelly Winters, Dennis Hopper, and Roy Scheider have appeared in David’s films. His extensive filmography includes such diverse movies as: HOUSE AT THE END OF THE DRIVE, ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN, TIME LAPSE, BRONCO BILLY, KICKBOXER, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR, MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, HONOR, LADY DRAGON and BLOODSPORT. 

    David has taught filmmaking at Chapman University, USC, Chapman Singapore and UCLA. He is presently a part-time professor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The Citizen Kane Crash Course in Cinematography, his first unique textbook, was published in 2008 and is available at Amazon.com as are his other film-related books.

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    Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

    in Lifestyle

    Getting sober is not easy and many say the first 90 days are critical. This is a time when we are learning a whole new way of life and it can be very difficult and confusing. Celebrating milestones, whether it’s 24 hours, 30, 60, 90 days or years, helps us to see how far we have come and re-commit staying sober. Most recovery programs celebrate milestones by giving out a token (chip, keychain, etc.). This is helpful to the recipient and to others members of the group to see that long-term sobriety is possible.

    On this episode of The Bubble Hour, we will talk about how celebrating milestones has helped us with our recovery and some of the special things we have done to celebrate.  

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    Leveraging Milestones to Ensure Victory Over Debt

    in Finance

    I’ve put together a 7 week guide to dumping debt called The Great Debt Dump that follows my story paying off $107,000 of consumer debt. It merges my first successful attempt completing a long distance race. My first 5K. with the principles need to successfully become debt free. I’m not a runner, don’t really care for the practice…but I don’t like being in poor shape more. The same could be said for being in debt.

    Paying off debt is not necessarily the most interesting activity, but being in debt sucks – by comparison. So in both cases you do what you have to, until you get what you want.

    Visit DebtFreeDivas.org for the show notes on this episode.

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    Milestones, Markers, and Monuments! Celebrate your Accomplishments

    in Self Help

    Life is vibrant when we consciously engage with four concepts: FOCUS, BALANCE, PRODUCTIVITY, and FULFILLMENT.

    The first three concepts are easily grasped.

    We know that our lives should have meaning and purpose.
    We know that our lives need a sense of balance.
    We know that we must get things done.

    What I believe is the biggest challenge is seriously comprehending the need for celebrating and fulfillment.  Feeling fulfilled is key to refueling our lives so that we have the necessary energy to focus once more and seek balance in pursuit of being productive.

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC for insight into how you can create greater fulfillment through milestones, markers, and monuments that celebrate your accomplishments. 

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    Milestones: Does Your Child Measure Up?

    in Moms and Family

    Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", Miss Behave & Jay Styles come together for a second time to collaborate on another motherhood show. The first was successful so of course this was inevitable. The topic of discussion is Milestones and the question is: "Does your child measure up?"

    When you have children, you will find that there is a universal guideline for what milestones your child should be hitting. For instance, at 6 months old, normally your child is ready for solids. We all know that every child is unique & develops differently, but sometimes our expectations are set a little high for an infant or toddler while other times expectations tend to be set too high, so it's all about the proper balance to save you and your child a lot of headaches.

    Tonight Miss Behave & Jay Styles will be breaking it all down so make sure you don't miss out and if you have a question or comment you'd like to share, feel free to call in. The Call-in # is 347-838-9540 just remember to press 1 if you want to be brought on air.

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    He is Back and Still Kicking It

    in Music

    It’s our second all musical show of the New Year. We will bring up so many thoughts and plans for 2016. I am back after a serious medical procedure on January 12th.  I wanted to ease back into my routine by bringing you a good mixture of smooth Jazz and Blues. I thought I would also take some time to inform you of a few planned milestones for the upcoming year. As we reminisce and dream of things to come. Join me while we do a one on however many is listening to our “He is back, alive and kicking it” show.  You can bet, your musical thirst will be served at HCofA. Join me, you are all invited.

    HcofA BTR’s sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s fourth and latest book honoring his father, entitled; Remembering Moz, Gracie and John Hampton’s First-Born at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478766056 Or visit our host Author Page at Amazon.com’s following link, http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B017TYFKBI

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    Cruz & Trump Love Iowa, The Bernie Surprise, Viral Videos & Robots Are Coming

    in Politics

    Bruce Kauffmann-Cruz & Trump Love Iowa and Why Bruce Can't Support Trump.  Bruce is an awarding-winning syndicated columnist, historian, author and speaker

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.  

    Patrick Wood-The Fourth Industrial Revolution-the rapid spread of robots coupled with artificial intelligence.  Wood is an author and lecturer who has studied elite globalization policies since the late 1970's.

    Dorothy Hamill-Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Skater Dorothy Hamill Marks Several Milestones This Year, including celebrating 8 years of being cancer-free.

    Dr Laurence E. Flint-New Survey reveals that moms want guidance from Healthcare professionals about, How to best combat kids' colds. Dr Flint, who specializes in pediatric medicine and has additional experience in respiratory, allergy, and immunology clinical research explains.

    Brian Stiller-the Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, which serves 600 million evangelical Christians presents "An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World."   

    Jon Neidnagel-Cam vs Peyton for Super Bowl 50-The Brain Doc Explains Who's Best.  Founder and Director of the Brain Type Institute, Niednagel, is regarded by many as the world's foremost evaluator of people - especially in sports.

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    Keepin' It Real, Rap, Raw w/ The Dahlia's & Lyricist Tweezy

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, two very entertaining young queens join #dakoolkids to talk about #TheDahlias movement, their #vlogs , and will provide their blunt opinions in our discussions for that night. #DMV 's own #mediapersonalities @hazel_dahlias.ent & @ariel_dahlias.ent @dahlias.ent are our feature presentation

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" has accomplished a good amount of milestones, thus far, in his music hustle. Recipient of the #Bar4Bar 's Best Schemes & Punchlines Award & #IAMHIPHOP #MixtapeoftheYear award winner , #hiphopartist & #lyricist from #eastcleveland #OHIO @ecdontoine #Tweezy talks about these prestigious honors, the pressure of living bond the expectations, life in #Cleveland , & more!

    Joining us every 4th WinsDay of the month is the CEO of nowarningshotsfired.com - "The Truth Minista" Paul Scott is LIVE to speak on the black community and all things urban!

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    Release Your Faith in 2016: It's Fuel For Your Future

    in Lifestyle

    Today's FOXOLOGY TODAY guest is ready to launch us further into 2016!  As a Corporate Trainer and Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Minister, Missionary and Chaplain, Portia Lockett has made her mark in life by serving others and helping people reach their highest levels of potential. We want to reach every goal we've set, right? Join us todayfor a conversation that will certainly set your faith on fire! Showtime is 12NOON CST.

    About today's guest:

    Portia Lockett strives for excellence. Featured on CNN and a proud guest of the Oprah’s Legend Ball, Lockett encourages individuals and corporations worldwide to not only be good—but to be great. Her years of passion and experience as a motivational speaker, songwriter, author and minister has catapulted her to a national success, leaving a mark on the hearts and minds of men and women that can never be erased. She is a powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual inspiration, as she brings both practical and spiritual perspectives to light and life. View Portia's extensive body of personal, professional and ministry milestones at: www.portialockett.com.


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    RingNews24 Boxing Radio

    in Sports

    Anthony George A.K.A ‘Zute’ Hosts RingNews24 Boxing Radio: The boxing show where we bring you the sweet science straight up with no twists. Randy Gordon will be our guest analyst and our featured guest. Former New York State Athlethic Commisioner & current host of Sirius XM At The Fights, Randy will discuss this weekends Heavyweight Doubleheader, as well as some important milestones in his career. Boxers Heather Hardy, Ahmed Elbiali & Tony Luis are also scheduled to appear. Heather is one of the top female boxers today, Ahmed will dicuss his telephone booth like fight on Tuesday against Andrew Hernandez, and Tony had a very active 2015. Luis was voted The People's Choice for The Central Canadian Fighter of the Year. Tony wants to fight soon in 2016, and will discuss some obstacles that have gotten in his way. We will close Ringside With Jeff Bumpus. Former pugilist and author of Becomming Taz: Writing from the Southpaw Stance, Jeff Bumpus will breakdown and predict the Heavyweight Title fights between Deontay Wilder & Artur Szpilka and Czar Glazkov & Charles Martin. A high-octane boxing show that you do not want to miss.

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    Vol X, Hamp's Selections from his Collection of Soul-Jazz Music

    in Culture

    It’s first all musical show of the New Year. Bringing up so many thoughts and plans for 2016. I thought I would take this time to reflect on the passing year events as well as some of the planned milestones of the upcoming year. We are going to play lots of smooth jazz,  a and couple of Jazzy-R&B cuts. As we reminisce and dream of things to come. Join me while we do a one on however many is listening “Bring on the New Year with Smooth Sounds”  You can bet, your musical thirst will be served at HCofA. Join me, you are all invited.

    HcofA BTR’s sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s fourth and latest book honoring his father, entitled; Remembering Moz, Gracie and John Hampton’s First-Born at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478766056  Or visit our host Author Page at Amazon.com’s following link,  http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B017TYFKBI