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    Episode #112 ~ Mikey Rukus and The NFL's Wild Card Preview

    in Sports

    Happy New Year everyone! The guys from That Other Sports Show have a special 2014 kickoff show by talking about a lot of things that happened in 2013 <~

    First, the future. Music Producer; Mikey Rukus will be the first guest of 2014. Jesse and Jay will get the SKINNY on Rukus' very creative and inventive 2014 musical format and brand new sponsorship's.

    Then, the guys will discuss anything they can think of that mattered (to them) in the world of sports in the year of 2013.

    The last part of the show will be a breakdown of UFC Fight Night 34: Saffidine vs Lim and what was drank on Jesse and Jays New Years Eve Parties

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    Guest--Comedy Zone Headliner- Mikey Mason

    in Comedy

    Tonight on The Charleston Comedy podcast we have guest comic Mikey Mason. Mikey will be at the Comedy Zone here in South Charleston this weekend. One show on Friday at 8 and  two shows on Saturday 7 and 9! Tickets are just ten dollars! 

    Born in Kentucky and dragged throughout the south before settling in Indiana to be raised in a trailer, Mikey Mason has a diverse background to draw material from. With his abnormal childhood, five siblings, two marriages, two children, multiple pets, college experiences, and many career changes (ranging from fast food, to working at a funeral home, to teaching middle school, high school and college, as well as working with at-risk youth,) he's got a lot to talk-and sing-about.


    Mikey went from performing in bands and sketch and improv. comedy troupes to performing standup over the last 15 years. He's performed at Crackers, the Comedy Caravan, Wiley's Comedy Nightclub, Snickerz Comedy Bar, Mason City Limits, Go Bananas, and One Liners, as well as many bars, clubs, fraternities, and private parties in and around the Midwest. He's performed with Todd Yohn, John Fox, Rob Haney, Lord Carrett, Steve Lott, Troy Davis, Chris Speyrer, Tracey Tedesco, and Tim Rowlands, among others, and has made multiple regional television and radio appearances. With a strong stage presence, infectiously hilarious songs, and a wit almost as fast as his mouth, Mikey is an unforgettable performer.

    Mikey draws the audience in with his saucy, irreverent blend of storytelling and outrageous songs. No subject or musical style is off limits. From country to rock, pop to rap, religion to relationships, politics to childhood insecurities, Mikey is unabashed, unafraid, and unquestionably funny. 

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    We'll have live on Dagrahyndmusic radio Mr Mikey Jay

    in Music

    Mikey Jay is Native American-Trindadian mainstream recording artist, music producer, actor, clothing line owner, film producer, film financier, civil rights activist, fathers rights activist, philanthropist and community activist from the Southeast Bronx section of New York City. He is the true definition of a mogul. Although he was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx, Mikey Jay overcame many trials and tribulations. Soon after he was born on Christmas Day, at 9:30am, Mikey's blood pressure shot up to a level that should have taken his life. Not too soon after that, his white blood cells began to feed on his red blood cells. He even endured a spinal tap. Through all of this, he has become an artist, entertainer, producer and actor.

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    Mikey Wax - Live! Friday Night Dance Party!

    in Indie Music

    Coming off of a HOT HOT HOT nation wide tour, singer Mikey Wax joins Rated G Radio in Hour 1 to talk about his new music and what he's been up to.  You'll also get to hear his music!

    Visit Mikey's website by clicking here!

    In Hour 2 - it's your requests!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Mikey a question or make a request for hour 2!

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    Episode 10 - Mikey Rukus, Walel Watson

    in Podcasting

    Episode 10 will feature Mikey Rukus and UFC 140's Walel Watson!

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    Episode 1049: Mikey G & Mikey D

    in Training

    Please Join Mike Dugan tonight as he speaks with Lt. Dave Gallagher ret. of the Huber Heights  FD in OH as they speak about  “the art of the third due Engine Company.” How the third due engine may be required to do many varied and difficult task at a fire.

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    The Continuation of "Is It Love or Lust?" Only BM Knows For Sure

    in Entertainment

    Now we go from a really fun interview with Senator Kelli Ward, to ol' BM's Love vs. Lust continuation. If that weren't enough, now he's livid with two rulings that came down from SCOTUS, and Lord only knows which one has him more infuriated. But don't take our word for it, you need to tune in and see for yourself. Is it love? Or, is it lust? Only BM really knows for sure.

    Mad Mike got a bit twisted at the last ruling too, but not for the reasons you would think. These fellas keep telling you they'll make you look at the world from a different perspective, now you need to tune in and see they ain't lyin' to ya. Tune in Monday night 7pm CDT and see just how deep BM will dig a hole. Problem is, this time ol' Mikey won't be there to help fill in the hole, he may be there to dig it a bit deeper.


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    Mikey Wax breaks iTunes 100. Walter Cronin's songs for PTSD.

    in Music

    Mikey Wax is a pop singer originally from Oyster Bay New York whose new self-titled album on Toucan Cove Records has entered the iTunes top 100 pop chart, and the first single "You Lift Me Up" has received nearly 6 million Spotify streams and the second single, "Only One", is now receiving nation-wide radio airplay on SiriusXM's The Pulse. Mikey is also headlining his first USA tour this spring and we talk to him Friday.

    Walt Cronin is a singer songwriter of Americana, Folk and Country from Los Angeles, CA. A trained veteran counselor, he himself suffered from PTSDF  from working as a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. He has been singing and recording country, folk, Americana and love songs for years and has just released his his 5th CD.  He joins us this Friday in Segment 2

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    Mitch Say's You Can't Handle The Truth

    in Entertainment

    Could it possiby be? The two Brookside misfits are back at it again? As always, Mitch and Mike will have their own way of making you think about things. Whether it's the government, or your love life, Mitch will be guaranteed to have an opinion. Good ol' Mikey will have a major announcement this show. We have a special guest gracing our airwaves on the 22nd and well, you'll just have to tune in to find out who it is. We can say, Senator and national scale politics, but that's about all at this point. You KNEW it would come to this one day, and that day has arrived. Tune in at 7 pm central time right here on blog talk radio. And yes, Gertrude, that's daylight savings time. Call in 347-215-6412.

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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: Outlaw Wrestling Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    June 7th at the Centralia Community Youth Center 1224 E. Rexford! Tickets 10 Dollars children 6 and under FREE!!

    Come Out to Outlaw Wrestlings First event!!

    Bull Bronson vs Zack Sawyers to Crown the Outlaw Champion!
    The Hooligans vs The Goon Squad
    Alex Rudolph vs Slade Reithemeyer
    Chris Mac vs Chris Jones
    Jake Parnell vs The Manimal
    Frank Wyatt vs Chuey Martinez
    Davey Vega vs Mikey Mcfinnigan
    Paco vs Dustin Starr


    Website (where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting): http://indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com/

    Our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/IndyPowerRankings

    Also search “Indy Power Rankings” for our open Facebook group where anyone on the indies can promote their various merchandise, fan pages, and upcoming events

    Our Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

    Our Instagram: @IndyPowerRankings

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    Episode 1015: Mikey G & Mikey D

    in Training

    Join Capt. Mike Dugan (FDNY) and Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle Fire) on Wednesday April 15 at 4:30 PM (Pacific) as they share their knowledge and answer your questions.