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    Interviw with Chad Bockius, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at Socialware

    in Marketing

    Listen in as Jeff Majka sits down with Chad Bockius, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at Socialware. Socialware provides the industry’s first social middleware platform, allowing you to transform public social networking sites into enterprise-grade channels for communication and collaboration.

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    Sales Sense Reality Talk Show Hosted By Mike Krause with Guest Allen Anderson

    in Marketing

    Allen Anderson is a native Washingtonian who Graduated from George Washington University with a degree in Business and Accounting. He has over thirty years of experience in sales and marketing.
    Through his sales efforts, he has won expense paid trips to Italy, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and Hilton Head. He also has a box of sales trophies that weighs over thirty pounds.

    He has spent most of his sales career selling technologies and related services, which includes over 10 years of experience working with startup companies and those in the early stages of success. Solutions sold include: one of the first word processors, the first laptop computer, enterprise level network and application performance monitoring software, Disaster Recovery Planning Software and Consulting Services, Corba Compliant Middleware for Real-time Military Applications and an add-in for SharePoint.

    Through those experiences he realized that many of the executives of small companies needed a better understanding of sales processes, and therefore wrote a book entitled 15 Ways To Increase Sales By 50% to 100% to help executives better-understand sales processes.

    He currently offers consulting services to help executives implement the concepts discussed in the book.
    For more information, please visit www.fifteenways.com.

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    Orca Interactive Vice President, Sefy Ariely

    in News

    IPTV middleware and ITV applications provider, Orca Interactive, is ramping up its offerings this Fall through various initiatives that include an end-to-end hybrid solution over the open internet, social TV platform for recommendations, fingerprint recognition for better personalized TV viewing/selections, social TV apps, and a deployment in Russia, a still emerging market. Vice president of Sales & Marketing, Sefy Ariely, is with us to discuss these developments, IPTV and the economic crisis, the overall IPTV market, upcoming plans and partnerships and the future trajectory of the company. Your host is Tracy Swedlow, editor-in-chief of itvt.com and blog.itvt.com.

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