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    Middle School Elite National Select Team & Camp Schedule Announcement

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    Middle School Elite Marketing  & Event Director, Carl Winfree shares details of his excitingew job position, MSE National Select Team and upcoming Boys & Girls camps, combines and tournaments. Also, listen to previous recorded episodes in our archive.We've broadcasted using blogtalkradio.com, since 2010 resulting in four years of experience with Live internet - radio. Dont' miss our next media airwave. 









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    Middle School Elite Live with “The Hoop Guru”

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    Time: Monday 6:30 PM ET Guest Call-In Number 347-884-8526 www.Middleschoolelite.com Tweet us @MSEBasketball The No.1 youth sports radio show. If someone is making it happen in youth basketball, you'll hear about it here. “The Hoop Guru” interviews some of youth middle school sports' best coaches and players, as well as parents and trainers!  With a team of youth recruiting analysts from across the county we give you info, updates, and events involving the best of the best players fr

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    John Reed - Del Rio Middle School Robotics Coach

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    As we continue on with this robotics season one of the interviews I wanted to make sure to capture was really more of an update show. Last year I spoke with John Reed, who told the story of the growth of FIRST robotics in Del Rio, TX which is a small Texas border town. The reason I wanted to bring John back on the show was because between this year and last year there has been what I’ll call an explosion in the amount of interest and robotics teams along the border. I like to think of John who is a teacher and robotics coach at Del Rio Middle School as the spark that has lit the fuse of this new growth. 

    The Alamo First Show is made possible through the continued support of our Title Sponsor,  Rackspace the #1 managed cloud company, famous for providing their customers fanatical support. We thank you, Rackspace for continuing to provide Alamo FIRST with fanatical support. 

    To learn more about how you can become involved with FRC, FTC, FLL or JrFLL robotics progams visit Alamo-FIRST.

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    Stanko: Joel Matonak - Middle School Ministry at ACAC

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    Joel grew up attending the Butler Community Alliance and felt a call to ministry at the LIFE conference. Joel attended Moody Bible in Chicago and interned at South Park Church. Joel started in May of 2012 at ACAC developing the programming and discipleship strategy for our middle school students. Joel has led summer mission opportunities to Greenville, Baltimore and Niagara Falls. He is on the District Youth Commission and leads the team for the district retreat. Joel joins John today to talk about ministry to middle school students, something that some consider the most difficult age to minister to in the church world.

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    High School Golf on Straight Down the Middle

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    On tonight"s show, due to lhe lack of High School activity we will concentrate on where young players can be involved playing during the summer months.
    Our guests will include a representative from the 14th Annual Thunderbird International Junior Event recently held at Grayhawk. Well get the official wrap-up of this great event held here each year for high school seniors from across the country. This event is put on by the American Junior Golf Association.
    Our next guest will be Tom Cunningham, Executive Director of our own Junior Golf Association of Arizona. Tom will tell us about all the events that are available to High School players and Juniors in Tucson.
    Last not not least our "Rule Of the Day" will be brought to us by Kirk Getsinger of Golfmix and a co-host of the show.
    This promises to be a full night of golf talk.

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    Straight Down the Middle - High School Golf

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    Coach Chris Hazelton
    Started playing golf at the age of 9 and played off and on until my junior year of high school at Carl Hayden. Was recruited to play golf over at Phoenix College by Coach Haberer after the end of my senior year season was over. Currently coach Boys Golf at Betty Fairfax High School and have been the golf coach for boys for the last four seasons. 2013 Fall will be my fifth season.  Our home course is Aguila golf course and we are 5 A division 2. Our school opened six years ago with a freshman student body. Only  one player play golf  over multiple years and finish his senior year as a member of the team, keeping players is challenging.  Next season will be the first season that we will start with the same top 5 that finished with  the season prior.
    The Coach is an Arizona native and grew up watching his dad play who was and still is an outstanding amateur. He thoroughly enjoys coaching golf and is always thinking ahead to the next season as to how he can be a better golf coach.  He has also taught his son how to play the game just ashis dad taught him, and this past season his son played for him as a freshman.
    Rudy Barron 2012 First Man
    Junior in high school , plays baseball and golf. Came to the golf team his sophomore year with no prior knowledge, last season shot a personal best 9 hole match score of 39 at Coldwater G.C.. 2013 Goal: Qualify for the state tournament
    Hunter Hazelton 2012 Second Man
    Freshman in high school, plays golf only. Started paying golf seriously during 8 grade after receiving instruction from dad and becoming a member of the First Tee. Personal best 9 hole match score of 43 at Aguila golf course. 2013 Goal: Qualify for the State Tournament

  • School of Thought

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    School of Thought by Rabbi Khannah Josué is an interactive and engaging program that will take its audience on a journey of spiritual and self–discovery on how to navigate everyday life using Biblical principles.

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    Being Gay in Middle School- Who can you tell ?

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    Most Gay's are in the closet even as Adults

    Coming out refers to telling people that you aren't straight. These days, kids are coming out younger than ever before. When I was a teen in the 1990s, some teens came out in high school, but a lot more waited until college to do so. Now, middle schools across the country have openly GLBT kids.

    There are a lot of reasons kids are coming out earlier. A lot of these, (like the fact that there is more support for GLBT issues and more awareness of them), are really positive. But while it can be great to be open about who you are from a young age, coming out in middle school can present unique challenges. Here some kids share their experiences and fears regarding coming out in middle school.

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    PTRN Pagan Variety Show with Witch School International President, Alan Salmi

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    Dear Witch School Students, Members and Staff,

    I am writing to you as the new President of Witch School, International. Ed Hubbard has handed me the reins to run the school and its various divisions, such as Magick TV, the Facebook Pages, yahoo groups, our Ning social site and Pagans Tonight internet radio shows. Of course, I can’t do this without the help of our excellent staff.

    In the past few days, I’ve been contacting our staff members to find out how they keep all these projects running and, I have to say, I’ve been impressed! Coordinating our social media sites along with our school also involves the help of volunteers who mentor students, answer questions and help to keep the excitement of our family of projects alive.

    Two things that I’ve been asked to do, especially in the coming year are to bring a fresh vision to the school with new ideas and ways for students to be involved and to shift all of Witchschool International into a non-profit religious education organization. We hope to increase the ways that we can serve the Pagan and magickal communities while keeping our historical important role of support for the Correlian Tradition of Wicca.

    Let me introduce myself and answer questions, so feel free to call in! Keep in mind, I’m still “getting my feet wet” so I may not know all the answers, but I’m interested in your questions. Questions and suggestions can be sent to me via the ning social site or alan@witchschool.com.

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    middle school

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    school supplies

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    Milton Middle School Football

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    Listen live to our ballgame, later we will stream it, and dvds are forsale to support the school and team.


    We have seen some really good games, enjoy, and support your team.

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