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    Part 2 Study of KJV Bible VS New Translations

    in Christianity

    Thank you again for making Your Place your blog talk show of choice.  Tonight you will get the second part of the lesson regarding if you should use anything but the King James Version of the bible. There are a couple of points that I am not sure that I agree with regarding his references of the use of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. I started to edit that out but then remembered that God's word is not limited to only one point of study. A two edged sword is the example that came to mind. So be open minded as we hear the rest of this study.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of each show so that you can ask questions, or make a comment.  All you have to do is push the number 1 on your phone.  You will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number when we place you on the air.

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    The bible Study of the KJV VS the New Editions Part 1

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show.  It has been amazing to us to listen to the last two shows where we took the word of God and looked at the history.  We have tried to put together a factual show regarding the comparrison of the King James Version to the newer versions.  This has been very difficult because like many political documents each person who does these teachings has taken liberty to add other information that I do not agree with.  But that is why we call this your place.  We found one person's teaching on this that reached out to the Holy Ghost that lives inside of us as nothing else we had found.  We are going to bring this to you in two parts due to the amount of information supplied.  We have limited time to prepare for each weeks show.  We know that this is the next topic of discussion that God wants to use this show to share with you! So take the good and ignore or comment on what disagree with.  Here is a short insight as to just how bad the NKJV is: Why I do not use the New Kings Jame version of the bible! 22 omissions of "hell", 23 omissions of "blood", 44 omissions of "repent", 50 omissions of "heaven", 51 omissions of "God", 66 omissions of "Lord". Any of these words to hard for any of you to understand? We encourage you to listen to our last two shows as part of your research of the Bible.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of the show so you can share your thoughts or comments. We have to know what the word of GOD is to have our faith grow, be in a church that teaches truth, and follow GOD's plan of salvation HE put in place for all of mankind!

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    Beantown Pals, The Adventures of Bucky and Betty with Tom Hayes and Tammy Pooler

    in Family

    Tammy Pooler and Tom Hayes as Betty and Bucky return to the microphones today to introduce their new stories/news and commercials from Beantown, Storyland. Listen as Garbanzo stand up for himself against bully Danny the Dangerous Dump Truck.

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    in Education


    NACCTEP ( Community Colleges in Teacher Education Programs ) has thankfully returned Billy Hix, NASA Scientist and Community College Educator, to our microphones. If you missed our first show together, you missed a good one, so don't miss this one. Billy works with schools and teachers to enhance their STEM teaching. 

    www.nacctep.org  @nacctep



    www.carolina.com @carolinabio

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    Ms.P Chat With EmKay

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hot new artist that is dominating the east coast region, EmKay. He has been blazing microphones in the tri-city area since the turn of the 21st century. EmKay has received several awards and recognition for his single "Control" from the 2013 Mixtape: Moving On. EmKay's message is one of living life to the fullest, despite what people have to say about you. He has had to face controversy similar to that of Eminem throughout his career in hip hop simply because of the complexion of his skin. However he always finds a way to outsmart his opposition by coming harder with solid music that even the most negative critic cant deny.

    One word to describe EmKay's sound is Snappy. He delivers bars that confront all the negativity sent his way with a style that is far beyond your traditional "angry white rapper" stigma, but on a more conscious level of empowerment through musical expression.

    Latest project R.E.A.L (Revealing Everything About Life) 

    Links to eMkay Online:





     Livemixtapes link : http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/30192/emkay-real.html

    iTunes Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/r.e.a.l-revealing-everything/id925527319

    Facebook: eMkay

    Twitter & IG: @emdotkay

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    What Is A Winner ? Don't Forget To Remember!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show. This message came from a live church service from the Sanctuary of Nolensville.  Wild Bill was the guest speaker at this service. He said that God gave him a fantastic message but that he did not feel he did a very good job in presenting it. I think that is what he says everytime he speaks! As always we open up the microphones at the end of each show where you can make a comment or ask a question. All you have to do is push 1 on your phone and you will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number when we place you on the air.

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    Missionary Shares Insights On Who Needs Jesus!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show! We took off the week of New Years due to so many people suffering from sickness, and trying to recover from Christmas! Is it not funny how so many fun things can leave you more worn out than your job! Many people talk of having to go back to work from a vacation to recover is a prime example of this! We pray that you had a blessed time with family during the holidays. We know that you will enjoy this show!

    We are bringing you a live church service from the Sanctuary of Nolensville. The parents of our new bass player are missionaries from Bogota Columbia. They brought a great message on how we sometimes judge who needs Jesus.  Like most things, when we look through our own eyes instead of spiritual eyes, we can get it wrong. 

    We want to remind people listening on their phone that the sound can overpower your phone speakers so that the sound is muffled. If you turn down your phone a little this can clear up the muffled sounds sometimes.  This was recorded from a live service on a small digital recorder so there may be some echo to the sound.  As always we open up the microphones at the end of the show so that you can ask questions or make a comment. Just push the number 1 on your phone and you will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number before we put you on the air.

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    The Visitors Section: Oh no, He no dead.

    in Football

    Josh and Mike are Live! Join the hosts as they work over microphones with words and a slow touch. They will fill your ears with verbal wine. The difference between your common commentary and these two are a simple approach. Sit back at  180 degrees with the lights low or off if you prefer 

    *If you would like to be a live studio audience member of The Visitors Section or The Josh and Mike Mike and Josh Show simply submit a recent headshot and submit a well-reasoned argument about how Topo Chico isn't the best thing every but it will do in a pinch.

    *All audience members must be at least 18 years old. Everyone in your party must present a valid government identification card with proof of age. Your ID must have a photo, your name, and birth date. Acceptable forms of identification include: State issued driver's license, State ID, Military ID, or Passport. Facebook and other social networking sites cannot be used as a valid form of ID. Faxing a picture of your ID is also not permitted.

    *Video cameras, large bags, backpacks, sharp metal objects, firearms, wallet chains, mace, or any other bottles that contain fluid are not allowed at the studio. No recording devices of any kind are permitted. Pictures may only be taken AFTER the show.


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    Frat House Sports' Red Zone Blitz #14

    in Football

    It’s the season of giving—and Frat House Mike and Brandon are back on the microphones, ready to give you their analysis of some of the biggest NFL games of the week: Arizona Cardinals 12 - St. Louis Rams 6 / Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Atlanta Falcons 20 / Buffalo Bills 21 – Green Bay Packers 13 / Cincinnati Bengals 30 – Cleveland Browns 0 / Dallas Cowboys 38 – Philadelphia Eagles 27.

    Week 15 has many teams on the brink of the playoffs, while others are now worried about their potential to get into the playoffs. The Arizona Cardinals lost another quarterback, at a time when the division rivals Seahawks are starting to play HOT. The Green Bay Packers surprisingly lost to the Buffalo Bills, moving down in the playoff hunt as a now possible wild card. The Philadelphia Eagles lost their footing in the NFC East by losing to the Dallas Cowboys, and now need to depend on a Colts' win to possibly advance to the playoffs. And the Steelers' win keeps the AFC North interesting, as that division will come down to the last weekend of the season.

    The guys take a look at the league’s standings and playoff picture, as well as some of the big NFL stories of the week: Johnny “Football” Manziel had a dismal first showing; powerhouse DeMarco Murray suffered an injury, as the Cowboys look to make a playoff run; and the Chargers, just never seem to be good enough.

    We are heading into the BEST weeks of the NFL season, and Frat House Mike and Brandon will give it all to you, so sit down, grab a beer and listen to them dissect the Xs and Os! Give it a listen, give it a "follow", give them a shout out at 347 - 826 – 9964!

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    We're Talking 'Bout Fights (and the College Football Playoffs)

    in Sports

    We welcome you to another episode of That Other Sports Show, where the microphones are fuzzy (and so are the hosts after a couple drinks) 

    Today we give you our Christmas present to you EARLY and everyone loves an early gift! First off, Jesse's back! Secondly, Chris is back! Thirdly, Jay never left and is yet again towing the line! 

    Fight wekend kicked off on Friday night with the TUF 20 Finale which saw a new Strawweight Champion crowned and tonight we have WSOF 16: Palhares VS FItch for the World Series of Fighting Welterweight title and UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos VS Miocic which will play into some dort of title implications.

    The guys will also give their thoughts on the College Football 4-team Playoff (Alabama, Oregon, Florida St. & Ohio St.) as well as their predictions on who will win it all and how.

    All of this and usually more on tonights episode, so come on down and enjoy yourselves some good 'ol sports talk.

  • Ask the Podcast Coach 12-13-14

    in Entrepreneur

    Today we talk a couple of topics (the show is based on phone calls so you drive the show). We talk a little video and screencasting. we talk about some frustrations about iTunes, and we get into a discussion on Lavalier microphones. Speaking of that, I should be sure to point out that: Dave Jackson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com


    Full show notes at www.askthepodcastcoach.com/56

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