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    Talking In Circles: Phoenix Review, Final Four, Jeff Gordon Retirement

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles we discuss the Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 at Phoenix. Did NASCAR make the right call in ending the race early? Did NASCAR make the right call on the initial start of the race? Should Kurt Busch have gotten a pass through penalty? 

    Also we talk about the legacy of Jeff Gordon. Gordon, one of NASCAR's greatest drivers, will run his final race on Sunday. What will people remember him as and will NASCAR ever replace him? 

    Also there were some speculation that Kentucky and Atlanta may be in line for a repave. We'll give our thoughts. 

    FOX Sports announced their broadcast team for the 2016 season. We'll give our thoughts about that. 

    Plus we'll discuss the NASCAR XFINITY and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series points championships and Friday night's Truck Series race and the accident between Matt Crafton and Erik Jones. 

    Also we'll take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    Talking in Circles – 89 – Super Freak

    in Television

    On this week’s show we are breaking out our all time favorite Game Fact or Fiction. Before we get to it though we review the biggest superhero show going right now Super Girl! Greg also has a review of some classic TMNT comics, and he has noticed something pretty unforgettable about the turtle’s design.   […]

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    Crop circles & Archetypal Nature

    in Spirituality


    EWWWW I am excited about this show! 

    I will be interviewning  Gary S. Bobroff M.A. Author of "Crop Circles, Jung and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine."

    He will be chatting to about crop cirlces and the Archetypal Feminine energy.

    He has a HUGE list to of credits check him out.....

    Gary S. Bobroff is an international speaker, author and workshop leader. His work brings insight from Jungain psychology to our pursuit of medern questions. He is the primary developer and facilitator of Archeypal Nature.

    www.archetypalnature.com He has an M.A. in counseling psychololgy from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2002. His first book, Crop Circles, Jung & the reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine was published in August 2014 by North Alantic Books. " An original masterpiece." - Andrew Harvey.







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    Talking In Circles: Martinsville Review, Kenseth Suspension, Texas Preview

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    On this episode of Talking in Circles, we break down the madness from Martinsville and the Matt Kenseth suspension and how we feel about the situation. Did NASCAR get it right? Who is to blame and what does this mean for the future of NASCAR? 

    We'll also breakdown the Danica Patrick/David Gilliland sitaution and discuss who was wrong and who was right and if NASCAR handled that situation well as well. 

    Also we talk about Jeff Gordon's 93rd career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series victory. What does it mean for Gordon's championship hopes and does he have a real shot at winning the championship? Who helped themselves in the Chase and who didn't from the weekend at Martinsvlle, plus we give our weekly attaboys and disappointments. 

    Also we'll talk about silly season and talk about the new drivers at Brad Keselowski Racing and if we think they will compete for the championship in 2015. 

    All that plus your phone calls. 

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    Talking In Circles- Texas Review, Who Gets RPM No. 9 car, Final Four Prediction

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles we discuss the weekend that was at Texas Motor Speedway and Jimmie Johnson's 75th career win. We also talk about what the loss means to Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano's problems. 

    Also we give our weekly Attaboys and how Kevin Harvick rebounded after a tough race to finish third. Great job by that team. We also talk about the tire issues at Texas Motor Speedway and whether or not it's time to look at a new tire manufactuer in NASCAR. 

    Also we give our predictions as to who makes the final race of the Chase. Who is in & who is out. 

    Also points leader Chris Buescher said this weekend he is staying in the XFINITY Series for 2016, eliminating him for the No. 9 car at Richard Petty Motorsports. We'll discuss who is still in the running of that car. 

    Also we'll talk about the possibility of the Chase coming to the XFINITY and Truck Series. Is this the right move? Wil this do anything for those series. 

    Plus much more. Call in and join the fun at 917-889-8280. 

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    Talking in Circles: Talladega Review: Harvick's intentions? GWC Restarts

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    A lot to talk about today on Talking in Circles, as we once again leave a wild one at Talladega Superspeedway. 

    Overshadowed is that Joey Logano becomes the first driver ever to sweep one round in the Chase. He wins at Talladega, as the field crashes on what some think was their second attempt at a Green-White-Checkered Finish. 

    That's where the controversy starts. First off, the Green White Checkered Issue -- Did NASCAR get it rght in saying that the first non-attempt wasn't an attempt? Or should that have been the official attempt? 

    And on the second attempt, there was an accident that started when Trevor Bayne got turn sideways after contact with Kevin Harvick. Many drivers and fans alike have accused Harvick of intentionally wrecking Bayne to keep his points position locked in in the Chase. NASCAR has stated that they have found no wrong doing with Harvick's actions... We'll talk about whether or not Harvick did it intentionally? Does it matter after France's comments last week? Does NASCAR love this PR, and is this good PR for the sport? 

    Also we'll talk about the Silly Season heating up for Xfinity for 2015, as one big named driver joins JR Motorsports. 

    And finally we'll preview the 3rd round of the Chase, and our predictions for Martinsville, and the next round of the Chase... 

    As well as your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    Talking in Circles – 87 – Fear the Flashing Arrow

    in Television

    This week’s theme: Comic Book TV!  With Fall TV back in full swing we catch-up on a lot including The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The Flash. We give our opinions and thoughts on where the new seasons may take us. We even get into a discussion of the future of Marvel TV with the recent ...

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    Talking in Circles – 86 – Baltimore Comic-Con 2015

    in Television

    This week’s theme: Coning! It is our personal favorite time of year, Baltimore Comic Con time. On this week’s episode we talk all about Baltimore Comic Con. We cover what we learned at the IDW, Boom Studios, and Valiant Comics Panels. We share some awkward encounters with some of the biggest names in comics, and ...

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    At Eye Level - Je Suis Over It

    in Entertainment

    So, here we are again. Another horrible tragedy, another round of emotion... lather, rinse, repeat.

    Are we sick of it yet? Do we have to keep going around in circles over this same damn thing every single week?

    I don't know why I bother. No one cares to actually make anything better, other than their own feelings in the moment. Everyone just wants to sit on their high horses and howl about their rights while people have to suffer and die every single day, all around the world. But, that's OK, you can just blame it all on Obama and suck the barrel of your gun like it's a pacifier.

  • Talking in Circles: Dover Review; Theriault crash - SAFER Barriers

    in Sports

    On today's episode of Talking in Circles, we talk about the running of the AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway. That was the end of the Challenger Round of the Chase, and four drivers have been eliminated. One of the drivers eliminated was Jimmie Johnson. We'll break down why the 48 team was eliminated, and talk about what the 12 that advanced need to do to not get eliminated in the next 3 races. 

    During the victory celebration for Kevin Harvick, his #4 Chevrolet got into the wall. This raised many eyebrows among his competitors because they're wondering why that car got into the wall and got damage? Were Kevin Harvick and the 4 team trying to cover up something illegal on the rearend of the car? Or was it just a coincidence. We'll talk about that. 

    Also, the number 78 Furniture Row Racing team was handed a P2 Penalty for something that took place during inspection, prior to Dover. We'll talk about how inconsistent that ruling is, and whether or not we think it was the right call by NASCAR.

    With the first round being over, we'll give our predictions of which 8 of the remaining 12 drivers will move on from the Contender Round, and into the Eliminator Round (round 3) of the Chase. The races in this round are Charlotte, Kansas and Talladega. Last season, this round eliminated some note worthy names including Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Will we see this happen again?

    One of the hot topics coming out of this weekend was the crash by NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Austin Theriault. Theriault, a driver for Brad Keselowski Racing, got tagged by his teammate, Tyler Reddick, and sent into the outside wall, head on. The wall that Theriault hit didn't have a SAFER Barrier, and his wreck resulted in a fracture in his lower back. We'll talk about why there still isn't SAFER barriers around these tracks...

    And also your phone calls at 917-889-8280 come join the conversation!

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    JAY718 - NEW YORK






    We Also will be opening our phone lines to all artists & supporters to request their music. 

    We are live 9-11pm CST | 10pm-12am EST Tune in Via Phone Dial 7186649115 press 1 to go live &/or loggon and listen via web 

    www.blogtalkradio.com/nexttoblowradio were we also have a live chat box!

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    NextToBlowRadio@gmail.com put "Radio Submission" in subject box