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    Microchip Implants Coming Soon!

    in Education

    NBC News [r]eports all Americans will receive a microchip implant in 2017.

    The microchip is designed to identify who you are immediately, just like how your bank cards, Passports, SSN, and Birth Certificates do today. But in 2017, there will be a whole different way in how you will be identified and the big question will be "Are You Who You Say You Are?"

    "It was reported that the use of Micro-Chips in Bill H.R. 4872 was located on Page 1014 under “National Medical Device Registry” it tells about a “Class II Device That is Implantable” and yes, they passed the bill. Read Page “1014″ In The H.R. 4872 Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff.

    With the RFID Microchip they can track the movement of the people that are implanted. They can also control the money and food of the people. It is also reported to be possible to even kill the people that don’t obey. The HR 3962 Bill is an exact copy of the HR 3200 bill in with the exception of just a few words removed concerning the RFID Microchip but the ability to Chip Every Citizen of the United States is still in the bill. Open Bill and Read Pages 1501 through 1510 Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff Read And Do The Research For Yourself... via: conspriacyclub.co" 


    A chip that can kill people that don't obey, all this with one touch of a button on a computer...?? Well, let the chips fall where they may!

    Somebody should go and revisit "The Matrix," Trilogy or "I Robot," if you don't want to be a part of this system...

    How you feel about this? 347-884-8684

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    Does 666 (Mark Of The Beast) Mean The Microchip?

    in Spirituality

    The Ancient old mystery question. Does 666 mean the microchip, the mark of the beast, the antichrist?

    Will piggyback off Israel United In Christ Lesson.

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    Proof of Demon Spirits Cannibalism and Microchip & Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    I am compelled to tell you about these demonic spirits running rampant right now and I will tell you specific people who are possessed. This is occurring all over the world. These are cases of alleged cannibalism.  These are the signs of the end times. 

    I predicted that the Devil is getting stronger this year in 2015. I also will share my latest vision with Isis taking hostages right from USA soil. 

    I will also discuss the microchip which people are already receving volunatarily. When we become a New World Order it will be mandatory. 

    Great video to watch, "Possessed Naked Woman Destroys McDonalids" by Edgar Eddie on Youtube. 

    I will also take psychic questions. 

    Love and Light, 


    http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs  for a detailed reading



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    Would You Microchip Your Child? #FindOurMissing

    in Parents

    8,000 kids went missing in New York City alone in just a year.  That's 8,000 too many.  But to what extremes would you go through as a parent to know the location of your child at all times?  Would you go as far as having a microchip surgically implanted in them to track them via GPS?  That's one of the many questions I'll ask on the show tonight along with:

    Would there be concerns of government monitoring of microchips?
    If you dislike microchips then would you consider GPS belts or watches?
    Is tracking a child 24/7 a bit too much "helicoptering" as a parent?

    These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 459

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


    * story and photo of microchip and girl from Jezebel.com

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    O YE DRYBONES : Welcome to Stargate 2016 the World of RIFD

    in Current Events

    Please familiarize yourself with the new EMV card system, as many retailers will soon be switching to the new technology. An EMV card still enables a member to make purchases at retail outlets with their credit and debit cards, though the “swiping” of magnet strips on cards at checkout lines will be replaced with the act of inserting the EMV card into a card reader to be authorized. The technology, though different from what many are used to, is much more secure and offers added protection against fraudulent charges and identity theft. Many members have already received the cards, and our transition to EMV should be completed by the end of the first quarter in 2016.George Orwell once wrote “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”While the forces pushing for centralization of power have been prevailing for decades, they haven’t won a total victory yet. Technologies that empower the individual and that tend toward decentralization—including the Internet, encryption, 3D printing, and cryptocurrencies—offer a powerful ray of hope, reasons to be optimistic about the future.One way they are waging the War on Cash is to lower the threshold at which reporting a cash transaction is mandatory or at which paying in cash is simply illegal.

     In just the last few years…

    Italy made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal;

    Switzerland has proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs;

    Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000;

    Spain banned cash transactions over €2,500;

    Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal;

    Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and

    France made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000.

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    Would u allow the Government to put a Microchip in You? Sharpton and FBI

    in Social Networking

    Would you allow the government to put a  Microchip in you? Was AL Sharpton a former FBI agent?  Should college players be compensated financially?  Getting Married and staying Married. Join us from 6pm to 8pm eastern time on "Its Realtalk Live" on Blogtalk Radio. Join us for the best variety talk show on Radio. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host. Plus business opportunities and every day life topics in general...You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm

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    Episode 3193 - Dawn of the Antichrist - Mr 666 - John Torell

    in Spirituality

    Episode 3193 - Dawn of the Antichrist - Mr 666 Pastor John Torell www.eaec.org

    Recorded 1-13-2016 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

    Description: One day Satan is going to use the Antichrist to control the world's population through basic necessities such as food and lodging. This scenario could not have occurred 1,900 years ago when the apostle John received the revelation because the world was fragmented into small local economies and the tools and technology needed by the Antichrist were not yet in existence. The Antichrist system described in the Book of Revelation needs a global economy, computers and a personal identification number. Unseen powers from Satan are putting together the final pieces for a World Federation and the ramifications are staggering. The world's religions will be merged into one. Nations will give up their sovereignty and all business will take place through a microchip implanted under the skin. The Antichrist is not going to come to power in one day. It will be a gradual process that involves economic collapse, food shortage and civil unrest. The Bible doesn't tell us to surrender to the Antichrist; instead, we are to fight with spiritual weapons in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be an unparalleled time to minister to the hurting and offer them the hope of the Gospel! Keywords: Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, RLJC, Sacramento, Bible, John S. Torell, operating in the spirit realm, dawn of the antichrist, antichrist, control the world, economic collapse, food shortage, civil unrest, global economy, personal identification number, world federation, one world religion, national sovereignty, microchip implanted under the skin, gradual process, fight with spiritual weapons, power of the Holy Spirit, minister to the hurting, hope of the gospel Link: http://www.eaec.org/sermons/2014/RLJ-1439.htm

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    My Time Frame of Economic Collapse, Martial Law, NWO, Microchip&Psychic Question

    in Spirituality

    There are warnings all over the internet about the end of the world and it's coming from ministries.  Some are saying 9/23/2015. 

    This is wrong as no man will know the day or the hour  They won't know when Jesus Christ returns as Jesus Christ will not know himself.  I need to get this out because many people are fearing 9/23 and they are not living life. 

    I do make predictions. I get visions.  One thing that must occur before Christ returns is the judgment of the mark of the beast. Well, this is the mircrochip.  It hasn't been implemented yet.  We can't be judged before it's implemented. 

    So, they are wrong.  I do see, however, many things happening soon.  I will discuss the Pope and his arrival to Philadelphia, PA. I will discuss an econiomic collapse.  This will bring chaos and civil unrest.  This will set forth martial law. Then NWO and I will discuss this in detail. 

    Please don't fear. I will take your psychic questions too. 

    Love and Light, 


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    Pt. 1: Katherine Albrecht | Pt. 2: Paul Cole

    in News

    On the Wednesday edition of TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles welcomes two dynamic guests.  In Part 1, listener favorite and long-time TRUNEWS ministry friend Katherine Albrecht joins Rick in the studio to discuss the now common acceptance of microchip technology, and also to share regarding her children's book 'I Won't Take the Mark'.  In part two, Paul Cole, son of Edwin Louis Cole, founder of Christian Men's Network shares his heart for ministry to fathers, and explains how the problems of our culture today can be traced back to the 'fatherlessness' of this generation.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Middle East Chaos Continues as US-Led Forces strike a military base of Syria's Assad's Army killing 3 and wounding 13 and destroying a lot of Syria's planes. Also 14 different armies are now in Syria and tensions are rising with USA  and Russia and Turkey. Also a 7.2 earthquake hits Tajikistan and tremors are felt in Delhi, India. Also TECH TATTOOS are being tested as the advancement of the RFID Microchip technology that could be used to bring about the "Mark of the Beast" is getting every closer. Also President Obama's speech did not go over well with the America people as he says "stay the course" and more gun control. Also a "Zombie Nativity" in Ohio has the Christian community very upset as Christians feel a "War on Christians" is in process. Also new info on the San Bernardino Shooters brings the light the evil of Radical Islam. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    in Spirituality

    Psychic Predictions continued for the rest of this year and 2016. ISIS THREATS USA, Economy, Illness to Come to USA, Depopulation, New World Order is here and it will be made known in 2016. Strong Citiies Network will spread to every State.  Syrian refugees and visions, martial Law, chaos, destruction, rioting.


    Private reading at mia0899cs@gmail.com

    Love and Light,