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    Cyberspace Sanctuary -Lubna Muhammad Designer, craftsperson and retailer

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    Junious Ricardo Stanton speaks with former New York native, clothing and accessories designer Lubna Muhammad who creates and sells her own clothing and accessory line Lubna's Originals. Lubna has been in business for over thirty years. She talks about how she got started, the type of fashions she designs, why she chooses not to open a boutique or clothing store and why she enjoys her career as a designer and  mobile retailer.

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    Dawn Rivers Baker: Microbusiness Research Institute - IssuesLive

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    Microbusiness expert and President of The Microbusiness Research Institute, Dawn Rivers Baker shares her IssuesLive research report findings on microbusiness. She describes the major problems and challenges facing microbusiness owners now and in the future. The issues facing microbusiness range from time constraints, to access to capital, to policy, and to the economy as a whole. Learn how microbusiness is making its voice heard and getting its issues out into the public forum.

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    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Reinvention of America's Microbusiness for the New World of Work

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    Guest Dawn Rivers Baker, microbusiness trend spotter, researcher, publisher and editor of the MicroEnterprise Journal joins Dee McCrorey for a discussion on how the Great Recession is changing the landscape for existing and new microbusiness owners. With more than 6.3m U.S. workers out of work for 27 weeks or longer many are deciding to join the ranks of the micropreneur. Will they become part of the microbusiness fabric or a temporary response to unemployment? What longer-term impact could a shift towards a microbusiness economy have on big business?

  • New Research Broadens Understandings of Microbusiness Financial Vulnerability

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    Though microbusinesses contribute significantly to nationwide economic activity and their owners’ household balance sheets, many still struggle to make ends meet or build long-term wealth. Today, little is known about how the typical microbusiness manages its finances, the major financial challenges they face or which components of financial capability lead them to business success. To begin to bridge this gap in understanding, CFED released a groundbreaking new study titled In Search of Solid Ground: Understanding the Financial Vulnerabilities of Microbusiness Owners.


    With support from MasterCard’s Center for Inclusive Growth, CFED launched the study in 2013, surveying 716 microbusiness owners from 43 states and conducting phone interviews with 214 owners from two target markets: Miami and Minneapolis. The findings reveal that microbusiness owners’ business and personal finances are often inextricably tied, and that they are dealing with significant financial vulnerabilities that reach far beyond access to credit.

    The study’s findings help tell a more nuanced story about what constitutes financial capability and offer new insights into the types of solutions that might resolve microbusinesses’ greatest financial challenges. Going forward, CFED will engage partners in a national dialogue focused on moving from research to action. We hope you will accept CFED’s invitation to stay engaged!

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    Neo Naturalz Now Radio: Winter Hair Maintenance

    in Culture

    We are going to give you the goods on WINTER HAIR MAINTENANCE. What you need in the Winter is NOT the same thing that you NEED in the Summer. Let's get you the help you need to grow and maintain your beautiful tresses! Our guest today is Chanelle Washington.

    Chanelle ignites a spirit of possibility, purpose and power in the lives of others. Her peers call her, "Open, Generous & Authentic."She is a gifted speaker, microbusiness mentor and entrepreneur.

    Chanelle Washington, MBA is the founder of Indigofera a plant based beauty brand dedicated to self love, light filled living and beauty rituals. She is author of Radiant Living : A Guide to Joy, Confidence & Abundance (2013), founder of The Indigofera Institute and GrownandNatural.com

    As an entrepreneurial maven and holistic beauty & wellness expert, Chanelle’s brand assets have included a natural hair studio offering spa and skin care services, a lifestyle magazine, self-published articles and books on beauty, online education courses, and a signature plant-based hair and skin care line.

    For Booking inquires contact:

    speaker@indigofera (dot) com



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    Page Readers Talks with Michael Hanley, author of Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness

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    Join us with I talk with Michael Hanley, CPA and author of Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness. If you are a small business owner, you won't want to miss this one!

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    Business Monday - Entrepreneurial Micro Business

    in Health

    Debra Grant, RDH, MA continually challenges the profession of dental hygiene by building dental practices through her dedication to holistic consideration of the patient’s well being.  Debra works as a Dental Spa consultant with worldwide recognition.Debra is a speaker, consultant and published author.  As owner of D Grant & Associates, Inc. her company travels the world to open up Dental Spas and holds Wellness Seminars for all health professionals and the consumer public.Ms. Grant has been an active clinical dental hygienist for 37 years. She has practiced in Boca Raton, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Debra is a past president of the Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Association and active in the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.  In addition, Debra authored a column for RDH magazine entitled, “Mind, Body & Spirit”.  Other publications include, Woman Dentist Journal, Contemporary Oral Hygiene, and Modern Hygienist and National Aromatherapy and Holistic Association Journal. Currently she is writing for an International Dental Journal. Her appearance and interview by NBC Channel 5, Chicago brought national attention to her legislative endeavors at the Illinois’ State Capitol. 
    Debra’s passion is to move the dental hygiene profession forward by helping to empower other dental professionals and find their own passion through confidence and self awareness.

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    Radio Enso Past Favorites with Chris Guillebeau

    in Dreams

    I’m away at WDS this week, so join me Monday, July 8th at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 Eastern for a Radio Enso Past Favorites episode from 2012. My guest was writer, world traveler, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner Chris Guillebeau, whose work and community inspired me to start Radio Enso. Chris joined me to celebrate Radio Enso’s 50th episode!    In this inspiring, hour-long conversation, we talked about: Chris’ goal of visiting every country on earth and how he plans to finish in 2013. His new book, The $100 Startup, and the microbusiness revolution. The Art of Non-Conformity website and book and how it all began. The World Domination Summit & power of a small army of remarkable people. Empire Building, Travel Hacking, Unconventional Guides, and other tools. What was The $100 Investment at WDS 2012 and why do it? The importance of giving back and leaving a legacy with your life. Much, much more!   About: Chris Guillebeau is a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler. During a lifetime of self-employment and ventures ranging from online publishing to volunteer work in West Africa, he has visited nearly every country on earth before the age of 35.   Host of the World Domination Summit, an international gathering of creative people, Chris is focused on encouraging individual quests while also “giving back.” His main website, ChrisGuillebeau.com, is visited by more than 300,000 people a month.   For more info, visit http://chrisguillebeau.com/.

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    Gary Schoeniger Talks about the Pivot in Entrepreneurship

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    Gary Schoeniger Talks about the Pivot in EntrepreneurshipGary Schoeniger talks about the mindset changes Americans need to undergo, the pivot entrepreneurs need to make in order to be successful microbusiness owners. Schoeniger is the co-founder and CEO of The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, (ELI) an organization dedicated to providing interactive entrepreneurship education programs for individuals and organizations worldwide. He'll share stories on what it takes to go global. Tune in Tuesday May 7, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. CST/12:30 EST. Follow us on Facebook for exclusive updates.

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    Financing Tips; Healthcare Usage;Change Management

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    Financing their enterprises is still a major concern of small business leaders. Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit, says credit unions are now backing out of the game and banks are providing 50% or more of financing. He talks about this and other key financing ideas.
    Michael Mahoney, healthcare expert and Vice President of Consumer Marketing for GoHealthInsurance will offer tips on how best to use your Health Savings Account.
    Susan Chambers talks to  solopreneurs and microbusiness owners on how to incorporate socially responsible and sustainable business practices. Her new guide Small Business, Big Change: A Microentrepreneur's Guide to Social Responsibility  helps companies add sales while helping the environment.

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    Jobs: a conversation with David Gerwitz

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    Author David Gerwitz has a new book out with the timely title "How To Save Jobs". On the next Microbusiness Conversations, he'll be telling us just how he proposes to do that and what it means ... especially for microbusinesses.

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