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    Bringing Back Hope

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    Bringing Back Hope.
    Guest Belma Michael Johnson has interviewed influential people for decades and found much common ground.

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    Intuitive Angels - Merry Meditations! Power of the Heart

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    Tis the Season for Merry Meditations! Day 5 of our FREE meditation series presents with a channeled meditation through the Arch Angel Michael entitled, "Power of the Heart."   Listen in as Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, brings through the energy of the Arch Angel Michael as you are guided on a journey of peace and comfort.  Enjoy this special gift, from Intuitive Angels to you, as a way of showing our gratitude for our callers and listeners.    As with all meditations, do not listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.  You should be in a place that is quiet and comfortable, free of any distractions while you meditate. www.intuitiveangels.com www.daniellegarcia.info  

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    MICHAEL GOGGER PRODUCTIONS  PRESENTS    NUMBERS SPEAK  WITH LOIS T MARTIN  EVERY FRIDAY 6/ 22 /12  6:30 PM EST  LIVE  .   " Thousands of years ago, the Greeks told the world that 'all is number'. Today it is called Numerology. Lois T. Martin has been a practicing numerologist for thirty years. She's appeared on television and radio shows and her columns have been featured in By the Numbers.TO CONTACT MICHAEL  CALL 518-249-3995 OR EMAIL michael_gogger1@yahoo.com . EVERY BROAD CAST OF NUMBERS SPEAK   MICHAEL, AND LOIS WILL OFFER A DOUBLE READING FOR THE CALLERS. FOR YOUR DOUBLE READ AND ,OR LISTEN TO THE SHOW FROM  YOUR PHONE CALL DURING BROAD CAST AT  646-200-3942 .

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    The Eternal Life Show

    in Education

    This program deals with eternal life in the physical body and how it is obtained. This is the only program that offers the exact steps necessary to live in this life always. This is a non religious program,

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    What Could Be Better Than Money?

    in Finance

    What in the world could be better than money?!?! The answer is EVERYTHING!! Come and get reminded and re-connected with the things that we actually care about as human beings. My promise is that you will have a new perspective on life and all of your ambitions, leaving you lit up, and living a life full of passion and significance!

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    Episode 25 - What Do You Want?

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    What Do You Want?  Simple question not so simple answer.  
    On our show, yes I say our show as I look forward to your participation by calling in so we can have a real time chat about how the Laws of Attraction are manifesting in your life and career and what you can do to change the energy around those "wants" to gain clarity and quick and easy manifestations in all facets of your life. 
    We will explore what it is you want and how you can easily and effortlessly receive it in a fun way.
    Unfortunately due to a scheduling problem, Dee will not be joining us today.  We will be having my wonderful friend ad confident, Nadia Angelini as our special guest for the show.  Still going to be fun and some great information will be coming through I am sure!
    So join me and lets have some fun getting What You Want!

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    Real Talk Radio with Michael- Women and Politics.

    in Pop Culture

    Don't miss another episode of Real Talk Radio...:Topics for Talk, Information that Entertains.  Seasons for Women Host...Women and Politics.
    Call In and be apart of the show  1-349-989-8177 Tonight at 9 PM Central

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    Archangel Michael , 2012, Ascension and Star Healing Energy

    in Spirituality

    Angelic and Ascended Master's and Multi Dimensional Channel, Medium, Spiritual Visionary, animal communicator, Healer/Teacher and Author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Kelly Hampton will share messsages and spiritual divine teachings from Archangel Michael. 
    She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces for your homes to create abundance from Archangel Michael and the founder of NEW 5th d. healing systems--Star Healing and Star Healing Equine, will examine your healing concerns. 
    Self healing tips and more! Call in for questions. Please limit your questions to one. 

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    Host: iamBranded
    Guest: R&B Group H-Town
    Michael Jackson Dedication night.
    3 Years since MJ's Death
    This station is home to the slow jams, R&B and music to end the weekend, and begin the week in a calm fashion. We play music (Slow Jams) from established, and up & coming artists. Also topics may include relationship topics to sexual topics and more. All callers are welcome to call in and voice their opinion on all music and topic related subjects.
    Call in (347) 215-8653

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    Big Brother 14 Round Table Show w/Michael "Cowboy" Ellis

    in Television

    @2pm edt  1pm cdt  11am pdt  MICHAEL "COWBOY" ELLIS (BB5) HOSTS with SPECIAL GUEST:  JODI ROLLINS (BB14) !!  We finally have a chance to meet the Beautiful, Bright, Intelligent House Guest that was evicted on Day 1! She'll be here with Cowboy to discuss what could be the BIGGEST Live Thursday Show of the BB14 Season! With a major player "Frank" set to be evicted, AND...CBS announcing that the Coaches will somehow have the opportunity to jump in the game now and play for the $500,000 grand prize! "COWBOY' and JODI want to know what YOU think of  this week's eviction? Who do YOU hope to see win the next HOH? AND...What do YOU think about the Coaches being put into the game to play against the Newbies to compete for the $500,000 grand prize? Lets Talk About It!! This is "Cowboy's" 4th year doing Big Brother Recaps.  He's had many of the BB Alumni as his Special Guests over the years. By now, it's fair to say The Big Brother Round Table Show can share the BB motto "Expect the Unexpected!" We try to post who our Special Guests will be in advance, but once we get on air, there's no telling WHO might call in! We tell all of our past guests they're Welcome to call back anytime, and they do! You'll even find out which Reality Stars from other CBS Reality Shows are as hooked on Big Brother as we are, because they call in to do recaps with Cowboy too! The fun thing is, this show is all about the Fans! We Want YOU to Call In! We're here to connect YOU to our Host & Guests!  There will even be a Season Long Contest for CA$H and a few games to play along the way. It's going to be a FUN Big Brother 14 Season, so join us! Call in # 347-237-5506

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    First Kiss Hello

    in Music

    Using popular music of many different genres, Skip Sams tells his story of finding the most amazing love of his dreams in the most unbelievable place...within himself.  He shares his experience of how falling in love with himself has given him the courage to be open to romantic love.  This episode features music of Lady Antebellum, Micael Bublé, Cyndi Lauper, Parachute, John Michael Montgomery, Mario Frangoulis, Michale Gott, Jewel, and Skip Sams himself.  Join in and BE THE MUSIC!

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    Mastering Self-Motivation with author Michael Provitera

    in Jobs

    Michael Provitera, author of "Mastering Self-Motivation: Preparing yourself for personal excellence", joins Jennifer Armitstead on Job Club Radio.
    Date/Time: Tuesday, September 11 at 2-2:30pm ET
    Call-in number with questions during live show: 917-932-1762
    For more information about Michael Provitera and Jennifer Armitstead, click here.

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