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    Al- Iman Prayer Group continue the weekly lecture to  remind the member Important of Prayer, Zakat and fasting on monthly bases. A guest speaker will talk to the member on particular topic about Isla

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    TRUE HUMAN RADIO! sponsored by New Day 4 al Islam Community Radio

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    As Salaamu 'alaykum! The Peace be upon you!

    TONIGHT! Sunday, March 15, 2015

    Join Instructor Benjamin Bilal for: TRUE HUMAN RADIO! from - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (EST).

    Tonight's Exciting Topics:

    1. 7:00 - 7:45: Community Commentator Levi A. Shabazz - "FROM SELMA to Ferguson and Back"

    2. 7:45 - 8:15: Instructor Douglas Abbas Kelly - "GET 'GHARAR' OUT THE GARAGE - Call In With Your Car Note Questions" Pt.2

    3. 8:15 - 9:00: Instructress Kareema Medina Bilal - "The CONSCIOUS Pregnancy"

    4. 9:00 - 10:00:  Instructor Benjamin Bilal - "THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD: Up Close and Personal" Pt.2

    Call in at: 213-816-0356 (press #1 for Qs & As)

    Announcer - Abdul-Kariem Akbar

    Producer - William Kareem

    Our condolences to the family of Thomas Abdus-Salaam who transitioned on March 3, 2015. May Allah be pleased with his efforts to establish a true Muslim voice on internet radio. BrotherThomas made the initial sacrifices necessary in order that we might enjoy this freedom of communication today. "Surely we belong to Allah and it is to Him we are constantly returning".

    Thank you for making TRUE HUMAN RADIO! one of the most listened to Muslim-hosted programs on Blog Talk Radio. Please continue to help TRUE HUMAN RADIO! put the "neighbor" back in the "hood"! Tune in, listen, learn and enjoy!


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    Syndicated Media Personality & Author Al Cole on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Al Cole to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss not just the journey to walking in his purpose, but what it's been like to see the hard work pay off and use the platform to elevate others.Al also hosts an awards program that strives to elevate others and shines a spotlight on what they are doing to make the world a better place.

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    A NEW DAY FOR AL ISLAM IN AMERICA with Imam Yusuf Ramadan

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    A NEW DAY FOR AL ISLAM IN AMERICA is presented by Imam Yusuf Ramadan.  This is the 5am program that aired on 03-07-15

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    Al Gore 2016

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    Democrats need a debate about where their party goes next. Obamacare's passage marked the rough completion of the social safety net that liberals began constructing during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency. The end of the Iraq War drained Democrats of their foreign policy fervor. The rapid acceptance of gay marriage has robbed them of the next civil rights fight. There is work left to be done in all these arenas, but over time, the party will need to discover new dreams, much as Republicans have found the Ryan budget
    Al Gore offers a genuinely different view of what the Democratic Party Populism(Populism is a political doctrine that appeals to the interests and conceptions (such as hopes and fears) of the general people, especially contrasting those interests with the interests of the elite. Wikipedia) — and, by extension, American politics — should be about. vOX

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    A NEW DAY FOR AL ISLAM IN AMERICA with Imam Yusuf Ramadan

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    Imam Yusuf Ramadan is the host of the radio program that plays on New York Radio Station WPAT 930 on the AM Dial every Saturday Morning from 5am - 6am.  Call 212 -219-9695 to join the conversation. 

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    Reviving The Qur'an & Sunnah / Adam Voice Of The People

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    1st HOUR: IMAM SHAKUR ABDUL-RAHIM IBN COUSER - addresses the proper annuniciation of Qur'anic Arabic reading and presents the relevance of the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    Radio Host Bro. KARIM ABDUL RAHIM ,Bro. YAQUB ISLAM and SISTER SALEEMAHHADI discuss topics of concern from a Al-Islamic prospect regarding education, nature community life and other issues from the Bronx, Manhattan, Binghamton NY

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    Al Diaz, Rebecca Davison Rewrite Your Story With Increasing Your Vibration

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    Al Diaz and co-host Rebecca Davison share their insights on Rewrite Your Story With Increasing Your Vibration.

    Thursday, March 26th  11am PST

    Rebecca Davison assists people to transcend their limits of what they believe is possible by guiding them how to develop, trust and take action on their intuition.

    Rebecca has worked with hundreds of clients, spoken at many events in New Zealand, been published in Holistic Fashionista, trained by one of the industry's finest, Christie Marie Sheldon, and founder of the Intuitive Life Academy, a community of people who are interested to learn how intuition can change your life and how to shift your energetic vibration so you can live your dreams.

    Rebecca is passionate about helping people break free of their paradigms by three main steps:

    Identifying blocks in your energetic field such as limiting beliefs and cross purposes and then clearing them

    Trusting and knowing what intuitive guidance is and how to use it for amazing results

    Living in the energetic frequency of what it is you want.

    From the changes she has seen her clients go through and for herself personally she knows what is possible for you. 


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    Bro Al-Gog and Magog

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    Bible Prophecy Revivals with Evangelist Al Gist  

    Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries

    Preaching God’s Prophetic Word

    Bro Al will be teaching on Gog and Magog.  Historical speaking, Magod was a grandson of Noah

    Is it possible to know WHEN the Lord will return?

    "What is a “Bible Prophecy Revival”

    Evangelist Al Gist
    Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries
    224 Al Gist Rd.
    Longville, LA  70652
    337-725-6209 or 1-800-293-6209

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    Al- Iman Prayer Group always receive lecture on different topics, a guest speaker will talk on one important topic about Islam and the religion.

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    Al Diaz, Tracee Gluhaich Rewrite Your Story With Passion and Purpose

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    Al Diaz and co-host Tracee Gluhaich share their insights on Rewrite Your Story With Passion and Purpose.

    Wednesday, March 25th  10am PST

    Tracee Gluhaich is a Health Coach and Personal Trainer. She and her hubby of 25 years, live on a certified organic farm in California, with her 3 sons (when they aren't off at college). She enjoys boot camp, mountain biking, hiking, and yoga! Based on her experiences with health coaching, she wrote a book called No Fricken Weigh! 21 days to ditch the diet, crowd out the crap, and love yourself to health.

    With the current state of health in our country and the continuous rise in obesity, everyone is looking for that quick fix of diet or surgery. Since there are over 100,000 books on dieting, it’s obvious that they simply don’t work. People are looking for that quick fix, temporary solution to a life long problem. They will only work when a commitment is made to a lifestyle change. A marathon versus a sprint.

    Ditch the Diet – no more deprivation and wanting to chew your arm off. Stop thinking short term, watching the scale, and dreading your daily exercise.
    Crowd Out the Crap – Fill your body with lots of delicious foods that will give you energy and make you feel great.
    Love Yourself to Health – Focus on nourishing self care, then food will not be such a crutch.

    Tracee's services,for individuals or groups, include:

    health counseling
    personal training

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