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    This is an episode about the meaning of peace,and what it means to be lead by peace.

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    From BEGINNING the MOST HIGH made this WORLD to be a REWARD for them who walk in HIS WAYS.  HE foreordained a SURE PLAN for PEACE!   Yet due to SELFISHLY AMBITIOUS AGENDAS of IRREVERENT MEN who REFUSED the GOSPEL of PEACE, this WORLD TODAY has been at continual WARFARE under  REBELLION of INT'L FALSE RELIGION, against the ONLY SURE LAW of TRUTH!   After MANY PARTIAL STANDARDS, MEN have been TREACHEROUS against TRUE AUTHORITY ordained from ON HIGH!   Calling upon the NAME OF THE MOST HIGH, ALL have DENIED the FULLNESS of TRUTH YAH has COMMANDED! (Psalms 2, 14, 53, Isaiah 59:8-<19-20>-60:12)  The ANCIENT PLAN MUST be REMEMBERED; lest every soul remains a LIAR!

    Mat.28:18  and Yeoshua .. spoke with them, .., ALL the PRINCIPLES of HEAVEN'S PEACE unto this EARTH are given to Me.  So just as My Father has sent Me, to teach HIS WAY of HIS PEACE .. so I am sending you.  19  Go, therefore, and CONVERT ALL THE NATIONS. BAPTIZE them in the NAME of the FATHER, the SON and the ONE HOLY SPIRIT .. the ONE Law of Peace .. that ALL should HONOR YAH in TRUTH ... (Isa.44:20-45:6, 65:7-<9>-25);   20  TEACH the NATIONS to OBEY EVERYTHING I have commanded you; that I may be with you always, to the END of this AGE of warring deceits.  So MUST it be.

    Psa 2:1  Why are the nations at war, and the people imagining vain things?  2  It is because the kings of the earth and rulers take counsel together against the Most High, and against His AnointedPrince of Peace, saying,  3  Let us break their LAW asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

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    Metta Mindfulness Music with Dr. Richard Gold and Yuval Ron

    in Self Help

    When pioneering integrative health practitioner Dr. Richard Gold, had a chance encounter while teaching at the iconic retreat center Esalen Institute with world-renowned composer and performer Yuval Ron, they had no idea it would turn into the formation of a leading, sound healing music company Metta Mindfulness Music. Their fortuitous meeting has resulted in profound collaborations for healing body, mind and soul via the power of music, sound and sacred chants. 

    Dr. Richard Gold is the Metta Mindfulness Music President and Executive Producer. In recent years, he has studied neuroscience and the evolving understanding of the effects of sound and meditation on the brain. Dr. Gold is a published author and lectures internationally.

    Yuval Ron is the Metta Mindfulness Music Artistic Director, composer and record producer. Yuval is a world-renowned musician, composer, educator, peace activist, and record producer. Among his many honors, he composed the music for the Oscar-winning film, West Bank Story. Yuval has been on the faculty of Esalen Institute. Visit www.mettamindfulnessmusic.com.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating, Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android  


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    The hebrew word for HEAVEN is SHAMAYIM!    There is a REASON why the scriptures speak of a FIRST, SECOND and THIRD HEAVEN .. ALL of which were created by the MOST HIGH that ALL as BELONGING unto HIM, should in HIS NAME be ONE!   ALL things made and set in ORDER true to the utmost command of HARMONY, FAITHFULNESS and LOVE that is the SHEMA!   Let ALL THINGS be made TRUE to the GLORY and HONOR of the HOLY NAME!  WHO or WHAT is MAN or any other THING to even begin to PRESUME he was made to be OUTSIDE that ORDER?   They who will HUMBLY, DILIGENTLY and ZEALOUSLY with LOVE be made true to the manifestation and DEFENSE of ALL that is DIVINE ETERNAL ORDER again REVEALED unto MEN that being made WORTHY to be called by the NAME OF THE MOST HIGH YAH .. shall inherit a HARMONIOUS and PEACEFUL WORLD!

    YAH has PROMISED HEAVEN on EARTH!     HE has PROMISED to REPAIR the DAMAGE that in this EARTH its UNSCRUPULOUS RULERS have wrought.    HE sends HIS Son in these last days to reveal unto ALL MANKIND the TERMS by which not only shall HE RESTORE the EARTH, but shall PRESERVE IT!


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    When Love Takes Over the World will achieve Peace

    in Lifestyle

    If the people of the world live in a place of pure love can the world achieve peace and balance? Although most of us seek love on a daily basis, why is the idea of love so difficult to attain?

    Join us Tuesday Dec 15, 2015 at 7:00pm Est Usa as Miss Raina discusses the idea of bringing peace and balance to the world through the idea of Love. Miss Raina will share a few tricks on how to shift our consciousness on a daily basis to so that we can learn to come from a place of light. This idea of love has nothing to do with our romantic relationships, but focuses on a higher universal vibration.

    Speak Live with Miss Raina: 310-861-2341

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    The Quest for Peace

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Anseloni and guests shares true stories on the human quest for peace and happiness. Prepare yourself for the New Year with this inspirational LIVE program. Call in at 858-769-4705 to talk to the host and guests

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    Goldie Brangman And Evan Koch Talk Dr. King In Harlem On Harlem World Radio

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    Listen to 94 year old Harlem nurse Goldie Brangman and writer Evan Koch as they talk Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in Harlem. Ms. Brangman gives her first hand account of the lifesaving surgery on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., after he was stabbed by a mentally unstable woman  Izola Ware Curry in Harlem, as he autographed copies of his first book in September 1958 in conversation today with Danny Tisdale on The Danny Tisdale Show on Harlem World Radio Podcast.

    Any questions or comments send them to harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com


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    Feldman World Review February 7, 2016

    in Politics Conservative

    A "Free Speech Zone" 

    Our New Daily Magazine: https://paper.li/FeldmanWorldGrp/1414459375 

    Our NEW WEB SITE: http://www.feldmanworldgroup.com/ 

    I'm only asking for 2 hours a week, every Sunday 11:30 AM EST and every Wednesday 10:00 PM EST!!!! FEATURING: The Jewboy Journal. Current Events, Political Discussion and Opinion. 

    Call us and Talk!! 347-202-0433 Or forever hold your piece! 

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    What exactly is the Spiritual stance of the Black Panther Party? THE SON OF MAN TEMPLE was created by Huey P. Newton which had a purpose in the spiritual  lives of the Panthers through the acceptance of all, but mandated no religious preference. It is stated as follows by Huey in the “STATEMENT OF PURPOSE”

    “We have always hoped that we could establish a place in our community where hundreds of ideas could grow and flourish, where people could feel free to say and do the things that seemed most natural to them.  The Son of Man Temple was created for that purpose, to serve in humankind’s development.

    However, the place in which we come together to espresso our humanity is not a church in the most traditional sense.  We do not practice a religion; we are not Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or Moslem. We do not honor one God or one reverend.  This does not mean that we negate any religion; we all have differing philosophies and jews of our world.  We are all part of everything and it is a part of each of us.

    Our belief is that every human being has the right to be free.  We can all agree that we are not.  Therefore, we come together to express our agreement on the belief every Sunday at the Son of Man Temple.  It is a place where we can come to discover and learn.  If we begin the week with this kind of unity and understanding, we can carry through each day our concern and an enthusiastic felling about our survival and our freedom.   

     The ways in which we express this agreement about our desire to break away from our common problems—oppression—may differ.  Some of us might sing or dance about it, some of us might play music about it, or some of us might speak about various aspects of our problem. It does not matter what we do if it is done with sincerity and in our people’s interest." Huey P. Newton

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    Cafecito Break - Creating Moments of Peace

    in Spirituality

    Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give - pleasure, possessions, power - but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy. -Dada Vaswani

    How can we add more peace into our life and to others?  Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten invite you for a live conversation about the small things we can do every day to add more of "peace" into our lives.

    Click below to listen to music that soothes and nurtures the soul. 

    http://www.eraofpeace.org/musical-rapture-mp3 -

    Learn more | www.cafecitobreak.com

    Rosangel's Website: www.rosangelperez.com

    Ruthie's Website: http://www.ruthieguten.com/