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    Joy at the Metropolitan Room & Road Recovery w/ Teresa Eggertsen Cooke

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    Joy at the Metropolitan Room & Road Recovery with Teresa Eggertsen Cooke, Singer/Pianist

    “Joy!” Teresa Eggertsen Cooke returns to Metropolitan Room for a special Holiday program, Saturday, December 13th, 4:00 PM.  The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 W 22nd Street, New York City, NY 10010. Telephone Your RSVP at (212) 206-0440

    As she deftly proved in her show "Decades of Song" at the Metropolitan Room back in September, contemporary jazz singer-pianist Teresa Eggertsen Cooke can capably blend songs old and new alike and make them her own.

    This holiday season will prove to be extra special for Teresa's audience. The vocalist is teaming up with the charity "Road Recovery" (www.roadrecovery.org)* Now in its 16th year, “Road Recovery” works with underprivileged and abused youth, so they will avoid the pitfalls of addiction and grow up to lead meaningful lives, using the power of music.” Teresa explains.  The charity has touched Teresa's heart.

    Listen to Teresa's music at: 

    FEVER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpi0LfOJU6w

    DON'T CRY OUT LOUD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-o-rglHPV4

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    Soap Opera Sitdown w/ Alicia Minshew

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    Welcome to Soap Opera Sitdown w/ Shady Sykes & Heather! Tune in this week as we talk with the actress who played the daughter of legendary soap character Erica Kane, Kendall Hart Slater, as well as stars in Beacon Hill & the highly anticipated Tainted Dreams which I can NOT wait to see! She is also slated to star in another one hour dramady Surviving Sam. Join us this week as we sit down with Alicia & talk with her about her role on All My Children as well as Beacon Hills, Tainted Dreams, Surviving Sam & much much more! Get ready for a great time w/ a great woman!

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    Can you imagine, this young man has gone from being seen my millions on "Full House" and the Movie " The Little Rascals" is now shaking and singing and " Screaming@ The Opera"! Well let me explain really what this all means! In June of 2014 Blake Mc Iver released his new album The Time Manipulator at the on Monday June 2nd at the Lyric Theatre in LA.

    The Time Manipulator encompasses 9 songs in all, including heartfelt hit Wish I Didn’t Need You, the powerful Screaming @ The Opera, and the rousing Stand and Fight. So really, he is not technically Screaming @ The Opera..but you will be when you hear the song! And just for the record, its no where near Operatic tones!!

    On his  release which is described as “a musical journey through Blake’s own “space time continuum.” It has flavors of decades gone by (classic rock, gospel, bossa nova) as well as futuristic yearnings (dance, electropop). The through-line of the album is empowerment. Blake implores the listener to overcome their past to make way for the future.

    Blake McIver is a self-proclaimed “reformed” child star, known for his roles on such TV series as Full House and Home Improvement and in films like The Little Rascals and Anastasia. His comeback as a musician has been chronicled by such media outlets as Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, International Business Times, E! Online, Buzzfeed, Examiner.com, The L.A Times, WROM and the World Entertainment News Network.

    Please welcome to " Live From The Bay With Joey"..Blake Mc Iver!!

    http://www.blakemciver.com/Blake_McIver/Home.html     https://www.facebook.com/blakemciverofficial

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    Soap Opera Sitdown w/ Terri Ivens

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    Welcome to Soap Opera Sitdown w/ Shady Sykes & Heather! Tune in this week as we talk with the host of Going to Bed w/ Terri Ivens, a newly published author of her book The Buzz, Simone Torres on All My Children & Kassandra Bently on Tainted Dreams, the woman who loves the 49ers as much as the Clippers, the one & only beautiful Terri Ivens! Join us this week as we sit down with Terri & talk with her about her new book The Buzz as well as Tainted Dreams & much much more! Get ready for a great time w/ a great woman!

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    Arts Talk with Wayne S. Brown, President and CEO Michigan Opera Theatre

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    Culminating the 2014 Community Symposium Series of The Colour of Music Festival in Charleston, SC (October 22-26) was a timely keynote address by Wayne S. Brown, former Director of Opera and Music at the NEA and now President and CEO of Michigan Opera Theatre.  In his address, Brown shares his trajectory in the arena of arts management, its important and passing the torch to the future of the field.  Brown has had considerable experience in the arts, himself first playing cello and singing as a tenor.  his talk comes from a place of sound perspective and in Part 2, his talk culminates in a panel moderated by host and Washington Life Magazine performing arts columnist, Patrick D. McCoy.  Joining the panel is Dr. Karen Chandler of College of Charleston, Jennifer Bowman of the Washington based Folger Consort and Festival Founder, Lee Pringle.  The Colour of Music Festival is one that celebrates the contributions and performance of blacks in the arena of classical music.

  • "FRIDAY TRAFFIC JAMS" "Opera" with Bocelli", at 5pm PST, 646-727-2914

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    Welcome to the Essence of Success Radio Network.  Friday Traffic Jams this week will be a special edition of Opera with Andre Bocelli.  If you have never heard of him or listen to Opera, you surely will enjoy a treat.  His voice is magnificent, and amazing to say the least.  Showtime is at 5pm PST, phone number 646-727-2914.  CHAT ROOM IS OPEN.  Thank you for joining us in something new.

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    Metropolitan Hockey Talk

    in Hockey

    The New York Rangers haven't picked up a victory in three games and look to get back on track against the rival Philadelphia Flyers. We'll react to the game and discuss the Rangers inconsistent play as of late.

    Leaving the Burroughs, the Islanders have been rolling as of late winning six of their last seven. We knew the offense was going to be lethal, but what are some other elements that have led to their success?

    all that and maybe a little extra as we tear this half hour cram session into an oblivion

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    DIY Series: Tips for Organizing Your Recital

    in Classical Music

    New DIY Series for Operaluscous Radio: How to Organize Your Own Recital

    Being an indie classical artist is awesome, but it can get a bit nerve-wracking when you find yourself trying to do it all. This show features some great tips to build off of to help get you started. Opera singer, recitalist, recording artist and actress, Bri Cooper, shares some amazing strategies that will keep you focused and on track when planning your next amazing recital! Continue the discussion by following her on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube! 

    Buy Bri's latest EP: Oh Mio Fernando

    Buy Bri's CD: Heavenly Grass: Great American Art Songs

    Facebook: Bridgette Cooper, Mezzo Soprano

    Twitter: @Bridgettcooper



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    Meet Actress Angell Conwell From Soap Opera The Young & The Restless

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    Hello everyone! Meet actress Angell Conwell she's form the hit soap opera The Young & The Restless.  We'll discuss her career, Hollywood and more...

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    DIY SERIES: De-Stress your Holidays with Relationship Expert Randie Shane

    in Family

    Randie Shane Tollefson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

    Randie has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from CACREP- and COAMFTE-accredited Capella University, has completed her externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelors of Science in Theater.

    In her approach to counseling, Randie trusts that there are real, adaptive reasons for what we do in our relationships to everything, whether with a partner, parent, child, friend, or career. She believes it is only when we become trapped by those reasons in a way that robs us of choice and flexibility that what started as right starts to feel wrong. Randie creates a safe and judgment-free space to stretch, experiment and try on parts of ourselves we may have lost contact with along the way.

    Randie is also the creator and star of the show HIS HEART, an exploration of gender and relationship through the songs of today’s male singer-songwriters. The show tells the story of one man’s journey in and out (and in again) of love, while considering the impact of the Hero narrative on his experience. Randie is giving our listeners a free 45 minute conslutation. Email her randi@lotustreetherapy.com Check out Randie's website www.lotustreetherapy.com

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    Total Lacrosse with Jonny Vegas!

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      Kyle Miller began playing lacrosse in the 7th grade! Kyle attended camps and then joined a team in the Fall of 7th grade. Kyle decided to start playing lacrosse after 2 things happened; 1) He saw a kid with a lacrosse stick and he thought it looked cool so he bought one, and, 2) Kyle attended a Denver Outlaws game, which at the time set the record for the hghest scoring game in the MLL! Kyle played attack until his senior year of High School when he switched to a Middy. He switched to a Middy because he was big, fast, and good at defense, offense, ground balls, and clearing. Kyle has worn the #16 since his Junior year of High School. Kyle is 19 and a Sophmore in College now. Ever since Kyle began playing lacrosse, he has always played it year round and focused solely on lacrosse and lifting. Kyle plays lacrosse for The Metropolitan State University of Denver! Kyle says, "Metro State's team is family, we're all brothers and have each brother's back.". Kyle started a fecebook page called, "Lacrosse Is Awesome", when he was a Freshman in High School. It was originally created for his teammates and him to post on. Since, that time, Kyle's Mom, Di Miller has kept it going with pictures from Kyle's High School team, College Team, and now his Mom is covering the MLL, and NLL teams too! Kyle's Mom, Di Miller, was a guest on this show on December 8th, 2014! Click here to Listen to that episode! Di Miller will be a guest again on December 22nd, 2014! "Lacrosse Is Awesome" started out with about 50 people and it's now over 800! 

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