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  • 01:18

    New Paradigm Eroticism with Muse Magdalene

    in Spirituality

    This month on New Paradigm Eroticism!!!!

    As we continue to embark on this incredible journey of what it is to create a New Paradigm we must ask ourselves…

    Who is this incredibly valuable and in depth New Paradigm Wombyn?  

    This show we dedicate to unearthing who these wombyn are....

    How do we know her?

    How do we honor her?

    How do we engage, respect, and value her as we build this new world?

     What is her love, sex, and gifts received and contributed to?

     How is intimacy for this New Paradigm Lady?


    No matter the paradigm, 

    there is nothing on Earth like a wombyn. 

    I’m stoked to be offering this platform dedicated to ushering the inspired conversations of wombyn, men, and any gender as a beckon of what is possibile in our blooming reality today. And even more excited to offer a conversation dedicated to this wombyn!!!

    Let us call forward and support the extraordinary Divinity that are these female bodied individuals.

    Let us explore the possibilities so that there may be understanding and welcome for them in the world...

    You can call in at 6pm on the 3rd Sensual Sunday March 20th @ (516) 387-1874 to join the conversation! Looking forward to dreaming up reality with you then!


    Muse Magdalene

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    New Paradigm Eroticism with Muse Magdalene :: Muses or Courtesan?

    in Spirituality

    Muse or Courtesan?
    How to in*body your Erotic Archetype

    This month on New Paradigm Eroticism join me, Muse Magdalene, as we dive into the world of Muses and Courtesans… 

    What are the differences? 
    How do you know which archetype you channel? 
    How does that inter play with your core erotic nature? 

    There are many facets told and untold about Wombyn in these worlds. Their secrets kept close and their mysteries veiled while projecting out into the world a taste of the old ways...

    These Wombyn are now owning their lives for themselves, drenching in the decadence and sultry goodness of all life has to offer. 

    This Sensual Sunday we unveil how to step up and STEP INTO what truly calls you from the depths of your personal sensual well. 

    We will speak to tools and techniques to not only to discover more of your sexy self but also how you can claim being the Ultimate Madam of YOUR life.

    Looking forward to questions and call ins!
    Join the conversation call in at 516-387-1874

  • 01:03

    :: New Paradigm Eroticism w/ MUSE MAGDALENE Round Table Sex Talk::

    in Spirituality

    In Honor of the emergence of Eroticism as an art, something to master, to be well educated in, and even a way to commune with the Divine, New Paradigm Eroticism has been birthed. It serves as a safe and devoted space where wisdoms, stories, and deepening about this crucial topic can be held.

    Let’s Talk About Sex!!!

    This month on New Paradigm Eroticism we are having special guests! Ryan Orrock; Sex and Revolutionary Guy, Philippe Lewis; Love Coach, will be joining Muse Magdalene to have a round table about Sex, Sensuality, Consent, Intimacy, Technique, whatever arises organically!!!

    Follow along or join in! The more voices the more fun and sexiness we will have! You’ll get to interact with our lovely Producer Heather Muse and be given all the info you need before taking your seat with us at the table!

    Call in number: 516-387-1874

    *** *** ***

    Muse Broadcast is enthusiastically expanding our bridges to include new voices and new topics while we continue to inspire, inform, and empower. It is our great honor to bring you inspired hosts every Sunday and Monday, in addition to the regular full moon and new moon shows.


  • 01:10

    SOLSTICE SPECIAL :: Muse of the 21st Century :: Realizing New Earth

    in Spirituality

    As we come to the Darkest day in the north reaching winter Solstice, Muse Broadcast feels the call to hold space for a special conversation about what it means to be a Muse in todays time and era.  In alignment with speaking about the role of the muse we will share more deeply about the realization of New Earth.  We will also be sharing more deeply into the concept of New Earth, ways we are realizing the dream and insight into opening awareness to New Earth and the inner muse inside waiting to be creatively expressed.

    Phone Lines are always open during Muse Broadcast and we welcome insight from you, our friends.  As you listen if you feel inspired to share in poetry or personal musings, we would love to hear from you.

    Call in number: 516-387-1874

    *** *** ***

    Muse Broadcast is enthusiastically expanding our bridges to include new voices and new topics while we continue to inspire, inform, and empower. It is our great honor to bring you inspired hosts every Sunday and Monday, in addition to the regular full moon and new moon shows.

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    New Paradigm Eroticism with Muse Magdalene:: New Paradigm Man

    in Spirituality

    This month on New Paradigm Eroticism!


    We continue to embark on the cultivation and curation of what it is to create a New Paradigm... 

    The question now being...


    Who are we, outside of ourselves, attracted to?

    Who is the New Paradigm Man?


    This show we dedicate to unearthing who this new species of these men are....


    How do we know him?

    How do we honor him?

    How do we engage this next form of men?


    No matter the paradigm, 


    there is nothing like the essence of men. 


    Let us continue to navigate this brand spanking new terrain of the next paradigm of love, sex, and intimacy...


    Join me to start manifesting and naming the unnamable man thus far.

    Let us call forward the and support the extraordinary Divinity that is male bodied individuals.

    Let us explore the possibilities so that there maybe understanding and welcome for them...


    Call in at :(516) 387-1874 

  • 01:05

    New Moon .:Enhancing Life with Math:.

    in Spirituality

    In honor of the Aries New Moon, Muse Broadcast is proud to share in conversation with Danne Stayskal. Danne's background is in software engineering, most notably in web and mobile applications and data systems. Her passions center around artificial intelligence, scalable architecture, systems automation, mathematical modeling, and security analysis.  Danne also expresses beauty through music, (electronic and acoustic) high tech art creation (for the playa and off the playa), she's an author as well as loving activist, helping to keep protestors informed and protected,

    Like many of us Danne has faced herself in extreme darkness, near death darkness. In her process of rising up and over coming she has developed mathematical equations that calculate healing potential and ethical course of action to make most healthy decision.  These mathematical equations help to averaging high and lows for when intuition may feel muddled.  Equations may be used for addictions, new life changes, and romantic relationships.

    We will also be blessed with a Metatronic Numerology report from Essence Ka tha'ras

  • 01:01

    ღ Activating Inspiration and Embodying the Muse ღ

    in Dreams

    Muse Broadcasat is excited to share with Pepper Proud in honor of the Capricorn Full Moon.  Pepper Proud was raised in the small Appalachian valley town of Lewisburg, West Virginia where the magik begins.

        Pepper moved to Santiago, Chile during high school. (Where it seems Pepper began understanding muse-ing from music). Peppers passion for how music can influence perspective, led her to Radford University studying Music Therapy & Performance Arts. 

     In 07 Pepper ventured to Seattle serendipitously finding "Round" sessions; at the Fremont Abbey bringing together artists in the Folk/Indie scene.

        That same year began playing with local Seattle band Citta Flow; where Pepper met Masaru Higasa and Jeff Kimes- after a few performances together they teamed up with visual artist - Kaizen and performance artist/arealist Kirra Lien and formed - The Yaima Msic Project. 

      Yaima released it's first album "Pellucidity" in Oct 2014 through Jumpsuit Records- an record label and artist collective committed to social change through educational workshops and gatherings that foster building and nurturing regenerative and sustainable communities. Alongside the release of Yaima's "Pellucidity"(2014), Proud released her second solo album "The Water Chapter"(2014). A folk music album devoted to the essential elemental companion- Water. 

    Peppers Message is simple- it's time to share the love. love. love

    Muses here are truly grateful for the opportunity to hear upon tips and techniques we can apply to life, so that we are able to keep our frequency of inspiration active and charged.  Inspiration is actively a part of what it is to be a muse.  Through staying inspired we are able to be a muse for ourselves as well as others.  Fully Embodying  Musedom. 

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    Focus With Deep Listening

    in Spirituality

    Many Virgo Full Moon Blessings.  In honor, the Muse team is honored to share in an hour long conversation with Mikol Soriano, Seattle local Reiki Master and artist.  Heather Muse Rouge and Katsura Balanza will be hosting conversation.  Lisa MoonCat will be offering a muse-astrology update. We hope you may join us! Phone lines will be open.

  • 00:30

    HR Examiner Radio: Kathryn Minshew, CEO, Muse

    in Business

    Kathryn is the Muse's CEO. She was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media and Inc.’s 15 Women to Watch in Tech. Before founding The Muse, Kathryn worked on vaccines in Rwanda and Malawi with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and was previously at McKinsey. Follow her on Twitter @KMin.

  • 00:59

    .:Full Moon:. Rising Up and Stepping Into Creative Power

    in Spirituality

    In honor of the Full Moon in Scorpio Kriyanna Feyalove will be sharing inspiring conversation into how we can collectively reclaim our power and step into the creative beings we are.  Kriyanna Feyalove is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition. She is a powerful channel of the Red Left Hand Path of Tantra. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She combines these techniques to create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. She is the founder and director of Temple I AM.

    We will be joined by Lisa MoonCat and be blessed with an astrological forecast of energies we are working with this Scorpio full moon. 

    Phone lines will be open, we hope you will join us!

  • 01:04

    Full Moon :: Liberating Oppression and Restoring Humanity

    in Environment

    Many Libra Lunar Eclipse Blessings.  In honor Muse Broadcast hosts Katsura Balanza and Lisa MoonCat joined by activist and community organizer, Sam Smith will be speaking upon the topics of oppression and how we can break free to restore planet Earth and revive soul essence within humanity.  This is a deep topic with many angles to venture into.  In our live broadcast  we will share upon engaging in positive and generative social situations.  Ideas and ways to become involved in radical activism through non-violent expression. Taking liberating action in life, resolving relationships so we may forward together.  We will also  share upon permaculture and technologies that bring us closer to earth, and help us to harmonize more deeply with Earth's natural rhythm.

    Full Moon Muse Broadcast will be begin with an astrology update from Lisa MoonCat and phone lines will be open towards the end of show for questions and further insight.