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    :: New Paradigm Eroticism w/ MUSE MAGDALENE Round Table Sex Talk::

    in Spirituality

    In Honor of the emergence of Eroticism as an art, something to master, to be well educated in, and even a way to commune with the Divine, New Paradigm Eroticism has been birthed. It serves as a safe and devoted space where wisdoms, stories, and deepening about this crucial topic can be held.

    Let’s Talk About Sex!!!

    This month on New Paradigm Eroticism we are having special guests! Ryan Orrock; Sex and Revolutionary Guy, Philippe Lewis; Love Coach, will be joining Muse Magdalene to have a round table about Sex, Sensuality, Consent, Intimacy, Technique, whatever arises organically!!!

    Follow along or join in! The more voices the more fun and sexiness we will have! You’ll get to interact with our lovely Producer Heather Muse and be given all the info you need before taking your seat with us at the table!

    Call in number: 516-387-1874

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    Muse Broadcast is enthusiastically expanding our bridges to include new voices and new topics while we continue to inspire, inform, and empower. It is our great honor to bring you inspired hosts every Sunday and Monday, in addition to the regular full moon and new moon shows.


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    SOLSTICE SPECIAL :: Muse of the 21st Century :: Realizing New Earth

    in Spirituality

    As we come to the Darkest day in the north reaching winter Solstice, Muse Broadcast feels the call to hold space for a special conversation about what it means to be a Muse in todays time and era.  In alignment with speaking about the role of the muse we will share more deeply about the realization of New Earth.  We will also be sharing more deeply into the concept of New Earth, ways we are realizing the dream and insight into opening awareness to New Earth and the inner muse inside waiting to be creatively expressed.

    Phone Lines are always open during Muse Broadcast and we welcome insight from you, our friends.  As you listen if you feel inspired to share in poetry or personal musings, we would love to hear from you.

    Call in number: 516-387-1874

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    Muse Broadcast is enthusiastically expanding our bridges to include new voices and new topics while we continue to inspire, inform, and empower. It is our great honor to bring you inspired hosts every Sunday and Monday, in addition to the regular full moon and new moon shows.

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    ღ Activating Inspiration and Embodying the Muse ღ

    in Dreams

    Muse Broadcasat is excited to share with Pepper Proud in honor of the Capricorn Full Moon.  Pepper Proud was raised in the small Appalachian valley town of Lewisburg, West Virginia where the magik begins.

        Pepper moved to Santiago, Chile during high school. (Where it seems Pepper began understanding muse-ing from music). Peppers passion for how music can influence perspective, led her to Radford University studying Music Therapy & Performance Arts. 

     In 07 Pepper ventured to Seattle serendipitously finding "Round" sessions; at the Fremont Abbey bringing together artists in the Folk/Indie scene.

        That same year began playing with local Seattle band Citta Flow; where Pepper met Masaru Higasa and Jeff Kimes- after a few performances together they teamed up with visual artist - Kaizen and performance artist/arealist Kirra Lien and formed - The Yaima Msic Project. 

      Yaima released it's first album "Pellucidity" in Oct 2014 through Jumpsuit Records- an record label and artist collective committed to social change through educational workshops and gatherings that foster building and nurturing regenerative and sustainable communities. Alongside the release of Yaima's "Pellucidity"(2014), Proud released her second solo album "The Water Chapter"(2014). A folk music album devoted to the essential elemental companion- Water. 

    Peppers Message is simple- it's time to share the love. love. love

    Muses here are truly grateful for the opportunity to hear upon tips and techniques we can apply to life, so that we are able to keep our frequency of inspiration active and charged.  Inspiration is actively a part of what it is to be a muse.  Through staying inspired we are able to be a muse for ourselves as well as others.  Fully Embodying  Musedom. 

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    Full Moon :: Trusting Tribal Structure

    in Non-Profit

    "Muses Heather Muse Rouge and Katsura Balanza will be hosting in honor of the Leo Full Moon. Joining the broadcast for this conversation will be Tim Anderson who has been a guide within community through living nonviolence and mass movement activism. Tim was an inspiration to the Muse Broadcast through his online talk show The What about using circles and networks to make consensual community decisions. Tim is a therapist and minister who brings people together through dance, founding and helping with Dance Collective Northwest. He holds space for authentic sharing from the heart and volunteers for Bernie Sanders. We will converse about how we can use tribal structure for the organic growth of a world run using the rules we used for millennia living in small forager bands. "We will also be hearing a Muse Astrology update from Lisa MoonCat."

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    Living By the Moon :: Imbolc, Losar & The Fire Monkey

    in Energy

    Mystic Moondays series on the Muse Broadcast is joyfful to share on Imbolc, as well as about Imbolc for the Living By The Moon show. Featuring Lisa MoonCat as well as Katsura Balanza.  This coming moonth we have Losar, chinese new year.  Transitioning from the earthy goat-sheep into the fire monkey.   Lisa MoonCat will share an astrological update and a mini tarot reading.

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    Shawn and Chris Talk NYR - I've Had Enough

    in Hockey

    Join Shawn and Chris as they spend 120 minutes to talk about the team from the Manhattan boro, the real New York Team, the New York Rangers!

    Joining them at 9:30, is Anthony Scultore of the Fulltilt Hockey Network (http://www.fulltilthockeynetwork.com) and Fulltilt Rangers (http://www.fulltiltnyr.com)

    Topics to include:

    Yesterday's ugly, but 'a win is a win' victory over the Hurricanes
    The teams struggles as of late
    Much more!

    Plus, Chris will take the time out to read the dumbest tweets in #TwitterBlueshirts land, and make sure you listen in as both Shawn and Chris just like to hear themselves talk.

    Live starting at 8, miss the show? Don't worry, archives are kept daily on http://www.metropolitanice.com, as well as Blog Talk Radio. 

    Follow Metropolitan Ice on twitter: @metropolitanice

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    NEW MOON :: Recovering Ancient and Intergalactic Languages

    in Spirituality

    In this episode Tobias Beharrell II brings information about the many alien and ancient languages he knows. We will discuss tips for recognizing sacred information that's already inside you.(hint: the magnetic field inside your brain).

    Call in number: 516-387-1874

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    Muse Broadcast is enthusiastically expanding our bridges to include new voices and new topics while we continue to inspire, inform, and empower. It is our great honor to bring you inspired hosts every Sunday and Monday, in addition to the regular full moon and new moon shows.

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    The Method & The Muse featuring Bren McClain

    in Books

    Writers, are you stuck or blocked-- or inspired, on a roll and tearin' it up? Is your latest accomplishment publicizing your most recent bestseller, finishing the 265th revision of your first poem, or just making the commitment to writing? Whatever your state of mind, The Method & The Muse is the show for you.

    This month's episode features Bren McClain.

    She is a 27-year-overnight-success. That’s how long it took for her to publish a novel. She wrote one and got an agent but failed to find a publisher. She wrote a second, which failed – her mom died and Bren was a mess and so was the book. But that was a novel that celebrated motherhood, something she really wanted to hold up to the light, so she found a way to make it work. ONE GOOD MAMA BONE was born. Its home? Pat Conroy’s new fiction imprint, Story River Books. Publication is set for early 2017.

    Her social media presence (website http://www.brenmcclain.com, Monday Moo-ings blog, Facebook, Twitter) is centered on animals and has garnered her connections all over the world, including several farm sanctuaries.  

    Join Author Sherry Wilds as she hosts this energetic exchange based about books and what goes on behind the scenes of them.

    The Method & The Muse is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at http://www.writersonlinenetwork.com/ They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet


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    FLOWING WITH SPIRIT :: New Moon :: Chinese Lunar New Year

    in Spirituality

    Kyra Merna, Essence Ka Tha'ras and Katsura Balanza host conversation in honor of New Moon, Flowing With Spirit and the current celabratory activity taking place with the Chinese New Year.

    We are elated that this moonths Flwoing With Spirit Show so beautifully coincides with Chinese New Year and the New Moon! In honor this show is completely dedicated to sharing information and insight regarding the energies associated with this New Moon, New Year as wecome into energies associated with the Red Fire Monkey!

    We will be having a round table style on conversation welcoming friends, thats YOU, to conversation .

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    Invoking the Muse Interview Series Part VIII - with Kylie Slavik

    in Motivation

    What is a muse and why would you ever want to invoke one?  A muse can be EVERYTHING and the best writers, artists, musicians, performers, dancers, even entrepreneurs swear by them.  A muse can spur your creativity and take your work to whole new levels you've never even dreamed of!  

    Host, Jessica, has experienced using the muse in her creative applications and performances as well as in her businesses and with her clients!  This led her to create a series so you can invoke the muse and start building out that relationship - so you can take your passion, your work, your creativity to the next level.  BOOM!

    In part eight, the final episode, of this series, Jessica welcomes into the studio the gifted, dynamic, inspirational entrepreneur, launch guru and master storyteller, Kylie Slavik for a live one-on-one interview to understand her creative process and how she not only invokes the muse, but trusts the process in her work. 

    And it wouldn't be a true Divine It Girl show without plenty of fun, magic and playfulness, so expect that too! 

    As always, if you want to hang out with us after the show or just say hi during the week, holla on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/divineitgirlradio

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    New Moon :: Evolving Beliefs and Surrendering

    in Spirituality

    In honor of the Capricorn New Moon, Muse Broadcast is honored to share in uplifting conversation with Jenny Schiltz author ofChanneling the Masters, hosting by Katsura Balanza.  Collectively muses have recently seen opportunity to challenge belief systems, and conditioned training, as we experience energetic shifts.  Through these shifts we are gifted the opportunity to grow and expand, evolving our belief system.     As channeled by Jenny Schiltz, "as we move through current energies we are being asked to shed more layers, and release our masks."  An opportunity to surrender to Divine Love, as we tweak our ways of be'ing, to become whole.