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    Methodology - How It Works

    in Spirituality

    During this show we discuss our methodology and our beliefs about the nature of true healing.

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    Dr. Janet Graham's Exploring Underachievement of African-Caribbean Boys

    in Youth

    The alarming underachievement of African Caribbean boys in British schools and abroad in comparison to other groups is highlighted in Dr. Janet Graham's book. The author adopts an historical perspective to compare West Indian children who arrived in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s (many labelled as ESN) (Coard 1971) to problems faced by black boys in today's classrooms.

    Dr. Graham also explores the impact of globalisation, population movement, government policies and diversity on black boys’ education provision in inner city schools in Britain. She investigates masculinity, subcultures, peer group pressures and exclusion from school and their impact on black boys education. The Institutional Focus Study sets the context for the empirical study and provides a perspective from voices of black boys in one inner London school to find out what they think about school, learning, subcultures, peer group pressures and teachers.

    As a contrast teachers’ views of the boys are also provided. This book will be of interest to educationalists, teachers, students; parents, school management and government bodies interested in race, diversity, achievement and want to bring about change to improve life chances.

    Visit Dr. Graham's Blog at: https://EducatingAfricanCaribbeanChildren.WordPress.com/

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    Episode 933: X-Trication Radio

    in Training

    Tools, Technology & Methodology:  The Rescuer's Roadside Stop to Weigh-In On Everything Extrication.  A new "crunching" topic every session on the world of vehicle rescue.

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    Technology Tuesday with BlackMenRun

    in Technology

    BMR has taken fitness, social media and the country by storm! Their message  is about Community, Family, Fitness, Fun. Their method is running and has taken hold across the globe. The app BMR is downloaded in unprecedented numbers. Join us as we delve into their mission and methodology to unify people, bridge gaps, and empower the individual mind and body for positive results. Below are the links to dowload the app BMR, also configurable for women, and their website. 


    App via Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/AppStore?refid=17

    itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id879979855

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    Street Preaching ~ Confronting the Unbeliever and Spreading the Gospel

    in Religion

    Today on EBC†RADIO Richard will be talking about the topic of street preaching.  Richard will have special guest Edward Hacker joining him today on the show. Edward is  a street preacher from the land of a thousand lakes (MN). He has his own YouTube channel called Fishing Following, make sure to check out his videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsAcrcUfEzOzuyeduIXXBbA.

    Richard and Edward will be discussing various aspects of street preaching including the basic 101 of street preaching, some personal stories about Edwards missions on the streets. We will also be talking about whether or not street preaching is effective in reaching people with the Gospel. Many Christians question this methodology of confronting the unbeliever and spreading the Gospel.

    As always we will be taking calls about this topic, so get your questions and comments ready. We also will have a chat room open so you can listen and ask questions there as well.

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    The Daily Deposit

    in Entrepreneur

    Our Founder Cheri Tree talked about the importance attending the upcoming PHD and brought out callers that shared stories using the BANK methodology

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    Observer created reality - There is no such thing as the REAL World

    in Health

    Dr. Love interviews Dianne Collins author of Do you Quantum Think.  The world is changing at a dizzying pace. We're all looking for new ways of thinking that can bring about real solutions to modern problems, from the pursuit of inner serenity to solving world conflicts. In Do You QuantumThink? author Dianne Collins shares her ingenious discovery that reveals a critical missing link to make sense of our changing times. Her discovery provides us with the understanding and methodology to rise above problems of today by laying the foundation for an entirely new way to think. WE all think we know what reality is but our 5 senses are severely limited.  Birds can see better than humans.  Dogs can hear better than humans.  Cats can smell better than humans.  Snakes can taste better than humans and we have the same attention span as a fish.  Humans keep making the same mistakes over and over and as a species we haven't overcome violence in 35,000 years.  According to Time magazine there are only 4% less violent conflicts than there were 100 years ago.  Although we think we know what human nature is there seems to some birds and primates who have more intimacy and feelings for other species than we do.  

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    Music for the Holidays

    in Radio

    Our mission is to first be obedient to Christ. He has commanded us to go into all nations and teach and preach the gospel.

     As we proclaim Jesus, the Christ, as the Head of the church and the manifested Word of God, our goal is to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied to our everyday lives in a practical and effective manner.

    To empower past, present, and future generations using biblical principles that will be supportive to the progress of Kingdom Building. Bringing Hope, Faith, and Peace back to our communities to restore Families, Men, Women Youth, and All who are looking for change. To help transform and renew the minds of the people through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

    Times have changed and cultures are being more defined daily. The church of God must be progressive in its ministries toward the current social age in which we minister. We understand that God hasn’t changed, His Word hasn’t changed, however, methods and methodology must change in order to effectively witness and minister to all generations.

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    Life Business Systems - Business Coach - Featuring Andre Smith

    in Business

    The Life Business System show is designed to assist socially conscious entrepreneurs with starting and managing their life as if it was a business.   On the show we will discuss the following:

    Book Title “The Seven Steps to Freedom - Life Business Systems”

    Establish a Life Plan
    Giving Back Plan
    Build Social Capital
    Build a network of their Stakeholders
    Become a Conscious Leader
    6- Month Action Plan - A Revenue plan for leveraging $5000 into $50,000 in 6-months.
    Discover their purpose in Life/Higher Purpose for their business.

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Meet today's Coach:

    Andre P. Smith is the founder and current president of Emerge Business Coaching  (EBC) a full service coaching, training and professional development organization.   Andre has a unique ability to understand client’s situations, serve as a sounding board, strategic advisor and an accountability partner, while empowering them to  achieve at a breakthrough level of success and performance that they could not achieved alone.  Andre is a ‘success architect’ whose coaching methodology produces results in his client’s communication, accountability, relationships, leadership, goal setting, marketing, strategic planning and management. 

    Andre brings over 17 years of experience as a  small business owner, manager, trainer, consultant, key note speaker and author.  

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    SpotLight on Sunjay Nath - Engineer Turned Entrepreneur

    in Business

    Sunjay Nath travels globally sharing insights on leadership and performance. He is best known for his trademark, “The 10-80-10 Principle” which is a framework that helps individuals and teams improve performance. This methodology combines best practices with small wins to help people empower themselves.

    Sunjay was a founding Vice President of an e-learning company based in Toronto that has gone on to become a multimillion-dollar company. Prior to that position he worked as an engineer for a distribution company in New York. 
    He started an international speaking business when he was 19; he wasn’t even old enough to rent a car. This was particularly problematic when he would travel. As a speaker, Sunjay has travelled extensively and addressed in person well over 1,000,000 people around the world since 1995. Learn More

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    Q & A with Rod Colon on Managing Your Career as a Business

    in Jobs

    Rod Colon answers your career management questions in this episode of Own Your Career. 

    7 Step Job Search Methodology
    Personal Branding
    Leveraging Your Employer as a Client
    Targeting a Resume
    The "T" Cover-Letter
    Mastering the Interview
    Income Equality

    Rod Colón has a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in today's global economy.  Rod shares his 25 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider, outside agency recruiter, professional networker and career coach through an unusual yet common sense approach to networking and career management.  His in-depth knowledge of international staffing, recruiting and networking gives Rod a unique ability to both coach and consult today’s professionals and executives around the world.

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