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    Working Together For Change: A Path to Happiness

    in Relationships

    Working Together For Change: A Path to Happiness

    Welcome to Happiness Index.  Alone we can build sand hills, together we can build mountains.  Join us on a Happiness Index today and share your views on what it means to work together.  The change you want to see in the world is as easy as reaching out to another.  Join the conversation and share your wisdom Working Together For Change by calling (347) 539-5818.

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    Welcome to Spirit Path

    in Spirituality

    Host Carii Bee, Reiki Master & Spirit Medium welcomes you to Spirit Path blogtalk radio.

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    The path of life and joy.

    in The Bible

    We ask that you find a quiet spot for just 15 minutes. Treat yourself! This simple, but much needed message will cause you to ponder two questions: "Do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? " And, "Do you know what a single day may bring forth?" Please do not fret and think that you should have it all figured out. You see, what happens today or tomorrow is not based on our ability to guess, plan, speculate, predict, or deduce.

    The real question is "Are we ready for anything?" Our trust, faith, and confidence in the Lord should sustain us with certainty when we encounter the unseen and unknown. We can thank the Lord, because it is His love that arranges our journey for today and tomorrow; we may be certain that whatever it brings, His love sent it our way.

    No matter what we face in life, there can be peace and contentment because of what's known as fellowship with the Lord. We can be in His arms, awaiting His glorious return! Jesus is the only reason for our hope today, tomorrow, and years to come.

    Join our podcast as we talk about King David and how he praised the Lord, in all kinds of circumstances, for His guidance, preservation, safety and blessings.


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    Gratitude: A Path to Happiness

    in Relationships

    Welcome to Happiness Index.  We are just 4 days from the United States of American annual Thanksgiving Holiday. For some it is their most favorite Holiday, for the Native America it is a reminder of loss.  However, our goal is to remind our listeners that everyday is a day of gratitude.  Gratitude is a state or quality of being thankful, an expression of appreciation and kindness.  When large numbers of people practice and integrate gratitude in their life, the world can be a blessing for all.  Gratitude is happiness.  Thank you for joining us in this very important conversation on gratitude.  Call (347) 539-5818 and share your wisdom on this topic.   

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    A deeper path for followers of Jesus Christ

    in Christianity

    The rebelliousness of nations against God is discussed, along with some of the reasons for it and events behind it. Psalms 2 and 94 lay the foundation for presentation of the topic. God's alternative is to learn to love, live, give, pray, serve, bear fruit and be blessed for obedience to the Holy Spirit of God, The Lord Jesus Christ. 

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    Couple relationships as a path to wholeness

    in Lifestyle

    Soul Tuesday , Oct 20th, /15. www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful, 3-4p.m. 347-205 9957 & chat room

    Title: Couples Relationships as a Path to Wholenes

    There’s a soul-level dynamic that plays out in your couples relationship. Understanding this dynamic allows you to see your relationship from a higher perspective. The day-to-day challenges facing you and your mate are important opportunities to be the healing catalyst for each other. Join my guest Liz Tobin and learn how you can turn your love relationship into a path to wholeness.


    Liz Tobin helps you overcome relationship challenges and experience more joy, connection and intimacy with your partner.  She has the uncanny ability to identify and transform the hidden energy patterns you bring to your couples' relationship that trigger arguments, create distance, and kill that emotional connection. By clearing these patterns, you can keep your relationship growing so that it supports both you and your partner over the long-term.

    In addition to being a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, Liz has been married for 24 years - so she knows what it takes to sustain a fulfilling, long-term committed relationship. She has helped hundreds of people grow a deeper connection with their partner, and feel more loved, cherished and nurtured in their relationship.  

    Thanks for Joining . Love Vanda 


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    A new path for silent sports guru and a discussion of the Interurban Bike Trail

    in Sports

    Like most people, life sometimes gets in our way and we lose focus on what we are doing and the past year saw our main business which is a design/build garden construciton business, simply continue to be very busy.  And to help us be more centered we chose to be more committed to our other outdoor activities like biking, paddling and this winter snowshoeing and cross county skiing.

    This broadcast will talk about our vision for silentsportsguru moving forward and a review of our great local rail to trails path The Interurban Bike Trail.

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    Meteor/Astroid Strike and Technology on Tech Preps

    in Education

    Meteor/Astroid Strike and Technology
    Host: Highlander "Tech Prep"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 10:00pm/Est 9:00pm/Ct 8:00pm/Mt 7:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    In space, a large rocky body in orbit about the Sun is referred to as an asteroid or minor planet whereas much smaller particles in orbit about the Sun are referred to as meteoroids. Once a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere and vaporizes, it becomes a meteor. If we happen to find a meteor that is within bounds of hitting earth then we have to gather our thoughts together to try to defend earth against an ELE (extinction level event). There have been tons of ideas that have been thought of to stop a potential threat, we will talk about a few in tonight’s show.

    Read More→ HERE!

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    Indigenous Voices on NOWTIME Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join Indigenous Voices host, Audri Scott Williams, Jean Fleury, Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee, and Grandmother Flodemayo, Follow the Golden Path and the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, on this pre-recorded interview, which should be more appropriately referred to as a 45 minute sacred ceremony, as both Grandmother Flordemayo and Jean Fleury prepare the sacred space for the reading of the Letter of Invitation. By preparing our hearts to receive through prayers and sharing, the passionate calling in of all Indigeous around the world resonates at its highest and best frequency for manifestation. 

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    Robert Clancy - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Soul

    in Self Help

    Robert Chancy is the author of an inspiring book: 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul'  a collection of inspirational stories that will enlighten your soul and bring deeper meaning to your life and career.

    Robert Clancy is a soul hitchhiker. But then so are you!  

    Clancy says that 'soul hitches' occur every day in interactions with others; any interaction— large or small—that changes how one views oneself, an event or the world. A chance run-in with a stranger or an intimate conversation with a family member creates an indelible imprint on our soul. You hitch a ride on someone else’s soul and you are changed forever. Consider it hitching a ride on a big beautiful cosmic highway!  

    And how does one experience more of these incredible life-altering experiences? One amazing way is by volunteering—by putting yourself out in the world to help others, says Clancy. The more you reach out and help others, the more you’ll be guided on your highway naturally.

    Robert's second book: Daily Downloads and Fortune Cookies From the Universe ... Delivering Nuggets of inspiration every day.


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    O-Naje with Conversation on Music,his path thur being a rapper and life goals

    in Pop Culture

    O-naje, which means “the sensitive one” in Swahili, is a Hip Hop artist from the Bay Area, California. While always staying true to the core values of Hip Hop (love, peace and having fun), his music is also infused with elements from Soul, R&B and Jazz. An alleged distant cousin of Blues legend, Muddy Waters and member of a family where everyone plays instruments or sings - you could say music runs through his blood.

    O-naje | CD Baby Music Store