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  • Connecting With Your Angels And Pathways

    in Spirituality

    Rebecca is a seer and sees beyond the realm of the ordinary. She is here to lift others, and to help them get in touch with their Spiritual self. Opening the door to a new world of possibalities. Letting them share the Heavely Light of Spiritual Growth. By opening the Pathways of the body, mind and Spirit.

    Rebecca J. is the Author of three books. She is also an Angelic Channeler, Master Reiki and Healer. She is here to help lead you forward on your Life Path, through the Angels. She Will be channeling live during her show.


  • Now and more

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    Living Truth

    in Spirituality

    Truth is seemingly always staring right at us. But in truth we seemingly do not necessarily choose to see it nor experience it for what it is, simply the truth? In life we can agree with truth or not either way does not matter for truth is simply just that. If we agree or disagree with it then we cannot see it for what it shows us. Truth is always showing us what we have become but we look at the what not the who for that is the truth. The truth I am speaking of is not ones personal truth for that is the ego. The truth I am speaking of is universal truth. We are meant to be divine creatures and that is the simple universal truth of us humans. When we are not seeing truth we will experience conflict. This and so much join Liara and Steven for a wonderful conversation. 718-664-9735

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    Connecting With Your Angels And Pathways

    in Spirituality

    Rebecca is a seer and sees beyond the realm of the ordinary. She is here to lift others, and to help them get in touch with their Spiritual Self. Opening the door to a new world of possibalities. Letting others share the Heavenly light of Spiritual growth. Opening the pathways of the body, mind, and Spirit.

    Rebecca is an Author, of three books. She also has the natural gift, of Angelic Channeler, Master Reiki, and Healer. She will lead you forward on your life path through the Angels. She will be channeling during her show.

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    Prophecy and the idea of Ascension

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    Is the idea of Ascension real? What is this about? Religion is not the only place that speaks to this subject. Did you know that there are three known civilizations that one day they were here and the next they were gone. What happened to them and who were they? Are there signs of this going on? What can we do to prepare? Is this what we are seeing in our world today? The signs are everywhere form human behavior, to mother nature and the natural world. Always look at what does not fit as these are usually the signs of this process. Do you feel light headed at times? Suck or in limbo? Do you sense tme speeding up and slowing down? These are all symtoms of the process. There are 51 symptoms that we are seeing. These will be shared on the show. Liara Covert and Steven Hairfield for this and so much more. Call 718-664-9735 join the conversation, live. Shanti

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    Join Me Issachar Bey and my special guest Astrologer Gary Christen.  

    Gary is President and CEO of Astrolabe, Inc, a world-renowned astrological think-tank and software publisher based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Astrolabe is the publisher of Solar Fire, Astrolabe Report System and many other outstanding works in the field of astrology. Gary has spent most of his career working towards moving the entire field of astrology into a commanding position in the new technological age. He is currently finishing "Nova Chartwheels" along with Ray White as programmer based on his methods and technique.

    He specializes in the Symmetrical Astrology, which is composed of various schools of thought comprising the Uranian System, Cosmobiology, Cosmobiosophical and others based on the ideas compiled by Alfred Witte and incorporates many of the mundane ideas introduced by A. H. Blackwell. This modern approach also utilizes other new-wave forms of astrology as I long ago passed through the more orthodox and traditional forms. I try to teach people new ways of looking and thinking about astrology without limiting myself to the confines of any specific school of thought.

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    Connecting with Your Angels and Pathways

    in Spirituality

    Rebecca J. Steiger will help others clear their paths, and broaden their lives, helping them find trust, faith, joy, through the Angels. Rebecca J. is a natural born Angelic Channeler. She will be channeling during her show as the Angels guide her in a unique and Heavenly way.


  • Are we losing our Humanity?

    in Spirituality

    Are we actually losing our humanity? Have we become so desensitized in our lives? Are we treating each other poorly along with ourselves? It seems to have become to easy to not care about others and the animal kingdom. I was taught as a monk that all things in life hae value or they would not be here. Is it necessary to be unkind to life? What has value to us any more? Is life only about how much money one can make and no matter how they do it? Has humanity become simply self centered and only care about the outer world, our bodies? Have we forgotten that we all have the ability to achieve our natural divine state. God and Jesus both stated that we were just like it. If this is so why do we ot live in this manner? What have we become? These Ideas and so much more on this broadcast. Joijn Liara and Steven for a wonder conversation on life and living as a divine creature. Shanti 718-664-9735


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    Join Me Issachar Bey with my speacial guest Astrologer Alphee Lavoie

    In the early 1950’s Alphee began studying astrology.

    His voracious appetite for astrology pushed him to serious study and by 1965 he opened his full time Astro consultation practice. He also began to earn his reputation as an excellent horary astrologer.

    His next step was to open the first and only full blown astrological center in Connecticut, offering classes, counseling, workshops and a fully stocked bookstore, which he did in 1977. This was the Astrological Institute of Research in Hartford, CT.

    Alphee’s client base grew to thousands and the media coverage was constant. In 1979 Carol became part of Alphee’s life and the Astrological Institute. As busy as he was as a professional astrological counselor, he needed to have more in software than the current programs could offer at that time.

    So in 1980 Alphee began to write his own software that would do what he needed to meet his clients’ needs. He began working on the artificial intelligence for his Father Time Electional program and Nostradamus Horary program.

    The seeds were planted and in 1982 AIR Software was birthed. It is an acronym of the Astrological Institute of Research and what better name for the software company, as Alphee has 5 planets in air!

    Air Software launched their first software program called Astrological Research Package (ARP for short).

    By 1984 Matrix Software asked to distribute Alphee’s Father Time, Nostradamus, and Astrological Research Package (ARP for short) under the name

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    Accessing Your Masculine & Feminine Energies with authors Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

    in Spirituality

    Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are authors, relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships has helped thousands of people around the world create relationships that are deeply connected on all levels. The sequel, The Soulmate Lover: A Guide to Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy, won the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for Sexuality and the 2015 International Book Award for Relationships. From turning expectations into invitations, to transforming jealousy into passion and desire, to using sexual healing for heart-opening erotic pleasure, Mali and Joe share truly revolutionary ideas for creating relationships that are deeply loving, intensely passionate, and profoundly connected.www.TheSoulmateExperience.com


    The Awakenings Radio Show is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningsradio@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

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    Join me Issachar Bey and My Speacial Guest Astrologer Debra Silverman. 

    When Debra Silverman was just 20 years old, she met an astrologer who blew her mind and changed her world forever. She had officially been introduced to the world of Astrology. It was then that she realized the stars in her own world had aligned just right, and she had found her life’s purpose.

    Debra went on to deeply study the mind and body, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Dance from York University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University.

    Over the past 37 years of professional experience and private practice, she has specialized in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air earth, and fire. Her work with families, individuals, and couples has her standing out in a sea of therapists and coaches.

    Check out her Website https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/