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    AL Weekly: Week 8 of 2015: Life and Death Is In the Power of Your Tongue!!

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    Hello and welcome to 'AL Weekly', a spin off of PWR2BLV Radio.


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    This week we will discuss: THE CREATION POWER IN YOUR WORDS 2.0




    Is it true that life and death are in the power of the tongue?

    Question: "Is it true that life and death are in the power of the tongue?"
    Answer:“The tongue” is used throughout Scripture in both literal and metaphorical ways, especially in Psalms, Proverbs, and James. The tongue is a “small part of the body”.


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    How to Adjust when Things Don't Go to Plan

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    Step aside and take a moment to recollect yourself. This can be literal, if it was a short-term plan (such as where you're going to eat that evening), or metaphorical if it was a long-term plan (such as what path you're following in life). Either way, it can be upsetting when things aren't going as you planned, so call time-out in order to calm down and regain your sense of direction.

    Consider why things didn't go according to plan. The best way to formulate a better plan is to figure out why the first one didn't work out in the first place. Compare how things went with how things were expected to go, and ask yourself how that happened and how you can prevent that from happening in the future.

    Assemble a new plan with these things in mind. Okay, so things didn't go according to plan. Now it's time to take the information you've gathered and formulate a new plan. Where can you go from here, how can you get to where you're going? Make sure you account for things that went wrong with the former plan, so you can be better prepared to deal with road bumps in the future.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0003 New Legislative Season & Immigration

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    LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America.  On today's show, I discuss the new legislative season and how the politics of the election season and the legislative season greatly differ both in Austin, Texas and Washington DC. It is my opinion and I have articles to support my position that now that the elections have past that the real fighting begins here in Texas and Washington. The real fighting, my opinion is, the Tea party radicals who are anti-Latino at their very core, will struggle to overtake the Republican leadership and the re-write the Republican Party platform in their own pseudo-libertarian platform. I worked for many years to expose that but what I didn't realize was that Republicans who were previously so interested in the Latino vote under the leadership of the Bush family are now and have been since then willing to sacrifice the Latino vote in favor of obtaining the Tea party vote in an effort to placate those same radicals. Unfortunately, it seems that the Tea party radicals cannot be so easily placated either in Washington or Austin and it seems to me that Immigration issues are the very crux or fulcrum upon which these struggles balance. In Washington, Boehner who favors immigration reform continues to pander to the very few radicals in his party from the anti-immigration camp while they continue to have a metaphorical knife aimed at his back. While in Austin, the Tea party types again fostered an effort to oust Joe Straus as Speaker of the House but failed...miserably. In other words, during the legislative session, Republicans behave like Republicans but during the election season Republicans, like Dan Patrick in Texas, try very hard to sound like Tea party radicals. Dan Patrick has been elected to the Lt. Governor seat in Texas and I am VERY worried about what he will do to Latinos along the border and elsewhere in Texas with his plan to address immigration at the state level. 

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    The Parenting Sessions : Ascension Energies of the Holiday Season

    in Spirituality

    During this holiday season, come play with us and make a joyful noise! Join the Fab Five on December 17th, 2104 at 11:00 AM Mountain Time for an astonishing episode about the magic of you, the extraordinary gift of art and sound, and how these creative playthings can be used to accelerate your ascension. We are planning to share an incredible message from Master Morya about the alchemy of sound and your opportunity to engage with this high art to further your expansion into the multidimensional reality of you. We will be discussing the unseen spiritual results of consciously applied sound, sound-play, music, spontaneity, free expression and the profound, ecstatic release of the joyful nature of soul.

    Additionally, we will share a beautiful, metaphorical angelic message about why art & creativity make such a deep impact, personally and globally, for adults and children alike. The story and the message are simply timeless.

    Finally, to majestically close our final episode with the Awakening Zone, and as our parting gift, we will share a very special holiday message specifically for you, the Collective Voice for Sacred Parenting and Teaching. 

    For more information, visit www.ParentingSessions.com, www.Lilystruth.com and www.PeaceOutProject.com.

  • Kiss My Poetry

    in Poetry

    Tune in as Poets who entered the Kiss My Poetry contest slam the poems that they wrote! The winner will be announced on the air! Listen to these dope poets, comment and be thoroughly inspired.

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    The Alchemy of Self-Healing w/Jeannine Wiest

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    Jeannine specializes in working with highly stressed, overwhelmed women, helping them transform the energy trapped in their body so they can reconnect with their creative power and release pain.  She works with three levels, physical, metaphysical and metaphorical to best facilitate your ability to turn what you may now find blah or ordinary, into the version of you which perceives the extraordinary.A long-time Teaching Assistant for the Upledger Institute, she’s dissected a human cadaver, travelled with a group of therapists to Bali to give cranial treatments to chronically ill children (in the water), and developed her 4-part Cranial Alchemy system. She’s worked with creatives of all kinds from billionaires and executives to Oscar and Tony winners, writers, moms, business owners and corporate escapees!  

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0030 Latino influence in this and upcoming elections

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    LatinoTalk Texas is America's ONLY daily independent political analysis for the Latino Perspective! On today's show, I read some articles concerning the potential for Jeb Bush, a favorite among many Latinos, to run for the Republican Presidential nomination.  However, I continue to remind how the very qualities that make me and other Latinos like Jeb Bush are also the same things that make Tea party types hate him.  I discuss the dynamics of the Tea party grip on the Republican Party's metaphorical throat and how that will control the next set of presidential elections.  Following on that I discuss the New Mexico Governor race involving Susana Martinez who is the nation's first elected Latina Governor.  A loft accomplishment, no doubt but she has done some anti-Latino things in her state to satisfy the Tea party's anti-Latino agenda.  She could be nominated for Vice President if either Jeb Bush or even a Tea Party type like Rand Paul wins the nomination for President.  I'm not sure if the latter would actually be good for Latinos.  Later, I discuss some case studies of the actual sorrow and suffering imposed by Obama's harsh deportation policies which he could have changed years ago but he lied, lied and lied about it all much to the detriment of Latinos in America.  Finally, I discuss a commentary by Pope Francis about the attack on the sacrament and institution of marriage.  I couch that discussion in the larger context of the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death which benefits from destruction of marriage, the very foundation of the Culture of Life.  

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    What's YOUR Story? - Storytelling for Healing, Change, and Growth

    in Women

    What's YOUR Story? 

    Certified Transformational Life Coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson share an interactive mini-class about one of our favorite things:  Storytelling.

    Goal:  Engage with storytelling from the perspective that it's useful for healing, change, and growth. 

    From Narrative Therapy to Healing stories to storytelling to increase the bonds between ourselves and other human beings, our podcast tonight is a follow-up opportunity to share stories and talk about how stories make up who we are after this week's popular Meetup.   

    We'll talk about some key factors like the effect of stories on our perceptions and perspectives, stories as creative force, understanding our strengths and admired qualities in others, narrating the past and our connections to it, learning, and the "magic" of stories to reveal our metaphorical insides... and how stories can even act as crystal balls that show us or even create our futures.  

    You can learn more about our story at http://www.completelifecoaching.com/. 

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    The Seth Glossary - The L's and M's

    in Spirituality

    Seth will discuss the definitions for concepts in The Seth Glossary covering the L’s and M’s. This will be a lecture style program. We will not take calls from the audience.

    The  L’s and the M’s   - Lessons, Light Body, Love, Magical Child, Metaphorical Tool, Moment Point, Multitasking and Mystery Civilizations,

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    CHI FOR YOURSELF guest: Matthew Fox

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    Though he lived in the thirteenth century, Meister Eckhart’s deeply ecumenical teachings were in many ways modern. He taught about what we call ecology, championed artistic creativity, and advocated for social, economic, and gender justice. All these elements have inspired our Chi For Yourself guest, spiritual maverick Matthew Fox, and influenced his Creation Spirituality. In his latest book, Fox creates metaphorical meetings between Eckhart and Teilhard de Chardin, Thich Nhat Hanh, Carl Jung, Black Elk, Rumi, Adrienne Rich, and other radical thinkers. Matthew Fox is the author of "Meister Eckhart, A Mystic-Warrior for Our Times."

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