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    Messages of Light

    in Spirituality

     Join Amanda every Monday at 11 am Central for an hour of psychic chat and spiritual trending topics.  Call in for your free one question reading from Amanda and her special guests on Messeges of Light with top names in the gifted and talented metaphysical arena

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    We're happy to present our show featuring special guests Tony Sanchelli (Reverend Fate) and Akasha Amber. Both of these gifted individuals have extensive backgrounds in Astrological Zodiac Signs, astrology signs and charts, and interpretation.

    Tony is an empath and highly intuitive with a background in Western and Chinese Astrology, and Amber has experience with Astrology and Tarot. Patt Rivers, Spiritual & Medical Intuitive and Energy Reader, of Rivers Spirit Messages hosts the show with co-host, Emilia Palombit.

    This show promises to be interesting, exciting and brief astrological readings will be conducted. Please call into the show with your question (845) 241-9933.

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    MBSFood: Stories & Messages of Hope with Rev. Jane Batt

    in Spirituality

    When Pandora's box was opened, all sorts of chaos was let loose into the word. Many view our current world circumstances in just that way. However, what remained in the box was...Hope. Rev. Jane Batt has become an expert at ferreting out stories of hope, and she will share some with listeners. We will also open up the phone lines for her to tap into her powerful connection to Spirit to share messages of hope to callers.

    Rev. Jane Batt graduated from All Faiths Seminary in 2001 and serves as an Associate Minister at Takoma Metaphysical Chapel in Silver Spring, MD, where she is serves in ministries such as Platform Healing and All-Message Service. She is a Reiki Master, a Humane Society Volunteer, and a gatherer of hopeful news for over 40 years.


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    Welcome to Rivers Spirit Messages! Patt Rivers has been helping people for over 25 years to improve their lives and find one's Life's purpose. Her gifts/abilities include Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, Akashic Reader, Animal Intuitive, Energy Reader, Healing Work, Chakra Balancing and Clearing. Certified in Reiki and Pranic Healing modalities. This show is hosted by Patt Rivers with co-host, Emilia Palombit.

    Patt is of American Indian Descent and was taught from age 2 to heal animals and people by her Grandmother, who was of the Pearl Rivers Tribe of the Choctaw Nation. She passed her knowledge and proud heritage to Patt, teaching her to respect the connection of every living being from the Animal, Plant or Mineral Kingdoms. With Clients worldwide, Patt has helped thousands of people awaken to their Truth by finding blocks impeding one's success in Life. She assists people to heal on the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional levels.

    Private Phone Readings for her clients. FaceBook page is Rivers Spirit Messages. You can contact her for more details via her E-Mail pattrivers33@gmail.com or call her @ 918-623-0064. Website information will be linked soon.

    Patt Rivers will be discussing everything Spiritual! She will help you figure out the Truth on topics from Angels to Intuition, Spirits, Energy Vibrations, Healing and much, much more! Patt may do a mini Reading by answering 1 question per Caller. Invite your friends and get ready to explore the Magical, Mystical, Extraordinary World of Spirit!

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    Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies cards & God's Messages

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    Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies cards & God's Messages with Frances Munro

    The Frances Munro Organisation helps people to realise that there are ways to help themselves get through life, other than ‘just surviving’. We cannot offer financial help, but we try and let people understand that there are ways they can help themselves move on from where they are.

    These are tried and tested ways which work if you embrace them; each person will not necessarily need the same things as someone else.

    We have helped thousands of people to become aware of another way of looking at life, and have helped them to move on successfully, not necessarily in wealth, but in life - and that’s important above all else.

    For more information visit: http://francesmunro.com/index.html

    No matter what your resources, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. Even if you don’t get all of the way there, life will be better for you than if you hadn’t tried at all and at least taken some of the steps.

    Life is meant to be enjoyable, make it so!

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    Final Show - With Love and Gratitude

    in Spirituality

    Air date: October 3, 2015

    Description: Join Lisa for her last broadcast of Messages From The Other Side. To keep in contact with her, please visit: http://messagesfromtheotherside.net or follow her on Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/lablady. Thank you for listening!

  • Archangel Messages, Life Coaching & Psychics & FREE Psychic Readings

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    Let's see what messages the Archangels are sending us today!  I will add any vision/visions that I get.  As a Psychic I also do life coaching.  I will explain what life coaching is and why it's important with your psychic reading.  As a psychic I am clairvoyant which means, seer, and I see visions when I read for people.  Sometimes it is the present or it hasn't happened yet.  So, that means I am seeing your future.  Is your future set in stone?  No.  Most times it is not set in stone unless it is a health issue and even with those with the proper health care it can be prevented or taken care of before something detrimental would happen.  I receive a lot of Love relationship psychic questions.  I do see the future and it often appears to be happy and beautiful for many, however, your free will can change this outcome. This is why life coaching is so necessary.

    I might get someone who is so frustrated and angry at someone they are seeing because their partner may have children and their partner has to communicate with their ex over custody for example.  As I won't sugarcoat a reading I will tell them the truth this will continue for the rest of their child's life.  Life Coaching comes in to explain this and that they are seeing things wrong.  They are being jealous and they are competing with a child's love. There's a choice. One is the door. However, they will more than likely find someone else who also has a child and will have to deal with the same issues. Life Coaching can seem tough but it's meant to open one's eyes. It will motivate someone. It will stop one from sabotaging a relationship based on insecurities from past ones. It will get  you to move on.

    I will take your psychic questions and use Archangel cards if you like. Private readings contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


  • Messages from past lives and dead people

    in Spirituality

    Answers to make life easier, more enjoyable and achieve happiness.

    The reason for this show is to inspire you to have an easier and more joyful life.
    With my gifts and training as an intuitive and empath I life coach you to get your answers.

    I am guided by spirit to present you the answers you need to achieve happiness and manifest what you want. Let’s explore the: When’s, What’s, why’s, and how’s concerning your questions.
    Perhaps it is an event from a past life or current childhood, we need explore to help you move forward. There can advice from a loved one or another personage who has passed that will give you needed insights.
    My mission is to promote love: love of self, love in families, love in communities and love of the planet.
    I will also present articles from various sources that, give advice, inspire and entertain.  Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a channel and medical intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics.

  • ***SPIRIT MESSAGES*** Good Ghosts

    in Paranormal

    Messages are given for you by The SPIRIT.

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    Lyric's Lounge Presents: Messages from God w/ Evangelist Roxie Dixon

    in Spirituality

    Some of you have called in to receive your messages from God and have been so blessed and motivated to go forth to live on purpose. For those of you who have missed out, this is definitely your chance to hear a word from God, so you too can be encouraged to go forth with your desires and passions, unless told otherwise by God Himself. 

    He steers no one wrong and He won't start now. 

    Call in @ 516-666-9805

    or log in @ http://tobtr.com/s/7926267

  • ***SPIRIT MESSAGES*** Ghosts

    in Paranormal

    Messages are given by The SPIRIT to you Personally! Ghosts are just us.