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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    A Message of Hope with host Christina Lockett. Tuesday, February 24, @ 9 PM CST

    The theme is Hope for Health and Wellness with special guests Monica Jones Taylor and Chandalyn Williams. Monica will share information on Sisters Network Inc...A National African-American Breast Cancer Survivorship organization....Chandalyn Williams will share how she started The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation..A Foundation that seeks to raise awareness, provide support to patients and families with Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) cancer. Expect to laugh with old friends. Expect to discuss hope for those battling cancer.

    Tune in 347-237-4648 or www.christinalockettamessageofhope.info

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    Are you a leader in your home, job, work place, business, church, and/or in your community? I know the road gets tough sometimes but God will bless us with Hope on Tuesday. Special guests are Min. Gail Black and Pastor Kermit Child. Min. Black is a leader in her church and in her home. She will discuss the challenges she faced being a female leader in the church. Min. Black will also discuss her leadership role in the home and offer encouragement for women who have to do it all. Pastor Kermit Childs is a leader in his family, church, and business. He will discuss the difficulties men face when raising a family, building a church, and business empire simultaneously.

    Hope for leaders is the theme. Tune in 3/3/15 @ 9PM CST. Dial 347-237-4648 or www.christinalockettamessageofhope.info.

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    Hope through Grace is our theme on Feb 10 @ 9pm CST.... God's grace is sufficient. We are going to discuss drug addiction with Minister Arleen Josey and Deacon Jerry Black. A male and female perspective of God’s healing and delivering power. Deacon Jerry Black is a military veteran.

    He will discuss his former addiction, recovery, relapse, and sobriety. Minister Arleen Josey is a certified drug rehabilitation counselor. She will discuss how she overcame her battle with drugs and started ministering deliverance. You or someone you know may have experienced drug addiction and felt hopeless. This show will remind you that we have hope and grace in God.

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    February 3, 2015 @ 9PM CST…Hope after the unexpected. We will discuss life’s unexpected challenges and how you can move forward. Our guests are Betty McGee and Victoria Essien. Ms. Betty McGee is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. She relocated from New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX. She was homeless for a short season with 7 children. She will discuss her journey and her current successes. Ms. Victoria is a retired educator, world traveler, and entrepreneur. Life happened and Ms. Victoria experienced every mother’s worst nightmare. She will discuss an unexpected car accident that rendered one son dead and the other son fighting for his life. Two different perspectives on the unexpected but two women declaring that there is still hope.

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    Hope for relationships, marriages, and parenting. Attorney at Law, Dr. Bernadette Thomas will be one of my guests. Dr. Bern and her husband Michael have been married over 32 years. She is also the author of a parenting book, Terrorist in your home? Parent Empowerment. Pastor Conrell Lockett, Jr. will be featured on the Message of Hope along with Dr. Bern. Pastor Lockett and his wife Beatrice Lockett have been married for fifty years. Pastor Lockett will share some of the mistakes he made in his past as it relates to marriage and parenting. He has a special word of encouragement for fathers. Singles, married couples, and parents be sure to tune in. You can expect encouragement, hope, and inspiration to continue to move forward in a positive direction.

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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

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    Hope for your purpose and destiny in life. We will talk with Pastor Conrell Lockett, III about how he graduated from pharmacy school and realized that was not his purpose in life.  (Pharmacy to Pulpit)  Life Coach, Rev. Roderick Russell will discuss his personal testimony. Rev. Russell will also share tips on how to walk in your God given purpose and destiny.

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    Community Investor - A Message of Hope for a World Gone Mad

    in Women

    Michelle Patterson, CEO of Women Network and President of California Women's Conference joins host Larry Muck on this episode of Community Investor. Patterson brings us an inspiring message of hope in a world gone mad. Her passion for life and for positively impacting others spills out into our cups so that we can consume and be changed by her dedication to service.

    To reach the host for information or to ask a question send an email to: Larry@LarryMuck.com


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    Christina Lockett: a Message of Hope

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    Christina Lockett is the youngest and only girl of four children, born to two loving parents Conrell and Beatrice Lockett. She is a native Houstonian and a licensed cosmetologist since 1996. This single mother of two teenage sons ages 15 and 13 years old is also a licensed and ordained minister, choir director, and Sunday School Teacher of Holy Trinity Church.

    Christina is a recent college graduate of Texas Southern University with a Bachelors of Science in Curriculum and Instruction Interdisciplinary Studies. Ms. Lockett is a certified school teacher currently teaching fifth grade Science. 

    Today we will be discussing her new book, Love Lost, My Story: a Message of Hope. 

    For More Info:




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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    "Letting God Lead"

    Join host Erica DiCarlo as she discusses the importance of giving God control of all aspects of ourselves and our lives.

    So often we get ahead of the Lord and think we are making the best decisions possible, but without God in the forefront that simply is not possible.

    Erica reads her post The Art of Letting Go and Letting God from her blog, My Message , and shares her recent mess which God has again turned into this message!


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    A Message Of Hope For A World In Crisis

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatkos will explore the necessity of the biblical message.  The world is in deep crisis.  Wisdom has vanished and empty banal rhetoric has replaced truth.  Manipulated viewpoint dominates the world, and the only one who offers sanity and wholeness is Theos.  The world has played the game of Faust and sold its soul to the one who shatters souls.  Biblical hope is founded upon the character of God.

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    Margo Rey returns with a message of Hope and Darelicous!

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    Margo Rey joined us earlier this year to share her incredible music and charitable work with Brides Against Breast Cancer, as well as her own journey through the disease as a two time "cancer warrior." Margo Rey's music has captured audiences worldwide with unforgettable melodies and connection to life's greatest struggles. Her biggest hit, "Let the Rain" — co-written with the legendary John Oates — remained on the charts for 21 weeks. She then generated more than 2 million dollars with the song to benefit the non-profit Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC).

    Margo Rey began performing at just 11 years of age. A native of Mexico, she's fluent in English and Spanish, and possesses conversational skills in French and Italian. It's no wonder she's been able to deliver her alternative pop songs in eight languages! Now, Margo isn't only promoting the "I Do!" campaign for BABC, she's also teamed up with her husband Ron White on a Darelicious challenge to raise $10K!

    Margo says, "education and personal support are just as critical as prompt medical treatment." She volunteered her time to be the national ambassador for "Brides Against Breast Cancer" while undergoing chemotherapy and planning her own wedding to the famous comedian and actor Ron "Tater Salad" White. Margo is also about to re-release her holiday EP, This Holiday Night just in time for the holiday season featuring the original title track, “Silent Night,” and “Toyland” and just recorded  a Spanish version of “This Holiday Night.” We'll share some of Margo Rey's latest music and hear about Ron White's hilarious dare campaign in support of BABC, as well as get his take on being a caregiver.


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