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    Long Road to Ruin: The Matrix Trilogy

    in Movies

    Robert Winfree joins Mark Radulich to talk the good, the bad and the downright silly of the Matrix Trilogy.

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    Live Night show - Christian Music,Padre Marcelo, audio on The Merovingian family

    in Christianity

    1.Christian Music.

    2. The Merovingian bloodline.

    God bless us.

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    State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson

    in Self Help

    State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson will take place in New York  this year in July! 

    Education,Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodlin

    Part II 'Booking with Multiples' Notoya Green from NY (Triplets in Tribeca), Carl Tone Jones from Philly & The Sovereign Education Corp from Chicago (Fleming Family)

    "When a human being lives a life in which he or she enjoys freedom, justice and equality, awareness arises and one can focus on selfless giving - you qualify to be a parent because you are capable of the unconditional love that a parent has for a child. 
    But it is extremely difficult for Black people to get on and remain on this level, because we do not have freedom, justice and equality. We must give too much energy to the survival issues, which pull us down. This is why we cannot ignore our condition. Our freedom - or lack of - directly affects our ability to experience love and happiness in our community." Truth has come to you~

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    Yeshua & Miriam the Priestess/Isis w/Isidora Forrest

    in Spirituality

    Wencke Johanne Braathen, author of Rituals in Sacred Stone, A Historical Novel About Mary Magdalene, discusses the life and times of Jesus and Mary, including her belief Mary was a priestess of the old mystery schools well versed in working as spiritual technicians using the unseen forces using their expertise of physics that governs the spiritual worlds.  We'll discuss the sexual act as a fertility rite, and how Christianity kept the masses at a low level of development while those in power became wealthy.  And what conversation about Mary Magdalene would be complete without a chat about the Cathars and the Merovingian kings.
    In the second half of the show, it's All Things Isis with Isidora Forrest, Priestess of Isis as I have a chat about our favorite goddess and Isian spirituality. Including:  Ancient and contemporary manifestations of Isis, Isis the Lady of Magic, Isis in Nature, Her Mysteries and the Golden Dawn. 

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    The End Within - Tonight the Merovingian Bloodlines

    in News

    - Tonight, 8/24 10:00PM - The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, or the Merovingian Bloodlines. 

  • 01:32

    The Virgin Birth - Differentiating Christ

    in Religion

    I recently had a conversation on Facebook with a few Christians that to my surprise did not believe in the virgin birth of Christ.  They cited that it was a Roman-Catholic conspiracy and that Yahushuah had been born like any other man.  Of course I contested their postulations by bringing forth many scriptures from the Old and New Testament as well as extra biblical books to support my claim that Christ was not just another man.  I will share this information with you and then open the phone lines to get your points of view on the subject.  For those that think Christ sired the Merovingian kings, its my opinion that His mission and role had nothing to do with the flesh except to show us that we are not of this world.

  • 02:01

    Thur. 08/25 - The End Within - More Merovingian Bloodlines

    in News

    - Tonight, we will be discussing in more detail the Merovingian Bloodlines of the elite and power brokers of the world.  Who exactly are they?  Where did they come from? And, where might they be taking us?

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    Interview with Rapper IBEX

    in Music

    This show will feature the West Coast Rapper OmegaRed IBEX and a few of his tracks  
    Facebook: RyJean Merovingian Listen to his tracks on Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/redibextherapper My Name:
    RyJean OmegaRed Ibex TheMerovingian CopperTop RyJean: This is from "Raijin" the Japanese Shinto god of thunder. This is also why I use Copper Top, or probably because I have dark red hair. Jean is a variation of my real name. Someone once asked me "Does the Ry in RyJean stand for rhyming?" Not not really... but what the hell, I'll go with that. I like that, it's like "Rhyming Gene" like it's in my genetics or something lol!
    “Nothing can survive higher than the IBEX” Hip Hop’s virtuosic loadstar. If the bane of incoherent lyrical content has induced disdain among the masses, then VOILA! Remedy has unearthed a jewel to nurture the emaciated. Within criterion parameters, IBEX is venerable and ever headstrong to covey veritably. The norm of sordid verisimilitude presents no avail to the burgeoning behest of true Hip Hop partisans. A gift of catharsis, IBEX is a paradigm of the Golden Era (mid 90’s rap) in attempt to supplant. Listeners will evoke the gratification of germane rap music once attainable. Each track propagates efficaciously. This sanguine music is conducive to peers and audience. A collection of lucid song themes, IBEX is universally rapport. Make a feasible commute to amicable reception. Listen and enjoy.

  • 01:51

    The Gifts of Fire with Tracy Twyman

    in Paranormal

    The show may cover some recurring themes on Star Theory, such as:
    The hidden history of Satan, Cain, Lucifer, Enki; Language, Mathematics, Alchemy, Money, and The Tree of Knowledge; The fall of the Tower of Babel and the dispersion of humanity; Different interpretations of the Holy Grail story; The role of the Merovingian Kings throughout the past and into the present; Dagobert, Dagon, Cthulhu, and the magical beasts of the deep; How these various lines of thinking relate to current worldwide conspiracies; Note: There were technical difficulties at the beginning of the show that were edited out.

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    in Spirituality

    When your energy is risen from the duality of the netherworlds which corresponds to the legs and then is released from the pen of the Root Chakra your Vessel is now prepared for the true advent of the Soul Sovereign.
      Join us this Sunday for the continuation of our show on raising Kundalini as we map out the whole process and how to make it manifest Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically. We will discuss how Draconian, Martian Maritime, and Merovingian Law plays a role in walling up our energy and how to emancipate on levels beyond the court to cause change on all subsequent fractal levels.   Topics Discussed: Transcending the Muladhara Chakra The Stone and the Cone Why no Yoga/Yoda than no Jedi How you are a Vessel/Ship and traded as such by the Controllers "Willing" yourself Independent Occupying oneself versus everywhere else

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    Tracy R. Twyman esoteric researcher; Alchemy, money, royalty

    in Paranormal

    I am very pleased to have Tracy Twyman who is a respected researcher in the field of esoterica. She has done magazine work, written numerous books, and radio. Her latest work is "Money grows on the Tree of Knowledge" on the occult and alchemical nature of money and the banking system. She has researched the Merovingian bloodline, Mary Magdalene, King Soloman, magic, mind controlled sex slaves (it's gotta be a good show if it has mind controlled sex slaves in the description) and so much more. She encapsulates the whole oeuvre of the esoteric. Catch her at this website: http://quintessentialpublications.com/twyman/ There you can buy her books, read select material and get a feel for a truly unique voice in the field. She put out a magazine called Dagobert's Revenge and has hosted 2 different podcasts: Plus Ultra, and The Hidden Hand. Join us for a fun discussion of the esoteric, mind control and occult.