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  • Children of a lost Society

    in Current Events

    Where and When did things go wrong? Why does it seem like alot of today's youth rushing to violence as their only resolution? Or is this just Media hype? Join us as we really get in depth with the direction of youth in the current state of society. Jail and self destruction should not be the first option for them. Social media should not be the vehical for which to post all the agnst and violence. Do you think they are trying to tell us something or are they just having what they call "fun". Mika, Nikki and Brother B This Wednesday at 8 p.m. On "The Menu"

  • Mother's vs Baby mama's/Child Abuse

    in Current Events

    Tonight we will be delving into the differences between a mother and a baby mama. Some people to get it confused and think a mother represents all facets of parenting sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't but we will definitely touch upon the differences. We will also briefly discuss child abuse and Jennifer Berry the woman suspected of throwing her infant out of the window. What drives a person to do such a deed?

    So join us as we take it there tonight on The Menu.

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    Father vs playing Daddie

    in Current Events

    Does monitary assistance alone make you a father? What is the role of a father and what constitutes being a one. Let's chop it up tonight in The Menu

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    Charlie Sheen : HIV and Hollywood

    in Current Events

    Indeed to all of us who have grown up watching him on the big screen and TV, Charlie Sheen coming forward to the public about his HIV status makes you wonder is Hollywood really that vain or is being blackmailed just a tactic to gain sympathy from the public? And if you were his wife or partner what would you do?

    Your guess is as good as mine let's chop it up tonight at 8 p.m.

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    Author Sharon Lucas - Blue Print for Planning Events

    in Lifestyle

    If it is Monday Night....Sweet Tea With A Chaser is on - 9:00 p.m. est. This Monday night we welcome Literary Event Planner and Author Sharon Lucas at 9:15 p.m. Her newly released book is a blue print for planning events. Her more of her story at 9:15 p.m. Monday, November 23, 2015 call in number is 646-478-3527.

    On Monday night at 10:00 p.m. "Black Money Matters", open discussion about how we can collaboratively make a difference in our neighborhoods, towns, cities, if we... pool our resources and use them.

    10:30 - Open Mic - Would You Marry Again...and How Would It Be Different the Second Time Around.

    Sweet Tea With A Chaser - Bryan Mac, Sweet Pea and Gemini... join us...646-478-3527.

    Featuring Music by George Benson

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    What's on your Mind Wednesday!

    in Current Events

    What's on your mind people?? The Menu wants to know. Wednesday's show is strictly dedicated to all the BS we endure and don't get to talk about because some may think it's too frivolous or they're just too busy with their own pile of trash. From Donald "the ass" Trump to why do people pick their nose while driving, the floor is yours to get it off your chest!!

    So Please join Mika, Nikki, and myself, Brother B as we let it fly!! lol

    Guest call in 347-324-3395

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    The Art of Intimacy

    in Current Events

    Is foreplay played out?
    Is Intimacy more than sex?
    What makes sex ...sexy!

    Let us indulge in delicious lip licking convo, on The Menu.

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    The Business of Travel Concierge and Event Planning With Cynika Drake

    in Lifestyle

    Cynika Drake, of Lavish Lifestyles Concierge will be on today's show chatting up, "What exactly is a Travel Concierge Services and Who is it for and how does it tie into events planning?"

    Here's a few deets on our guest today: Cynika Drake, is based in NYC, but provides event planning/travel services all over the country. She has over 14 years of event planning and hospitality experience.

    Despite graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science,  and briefly attending Harvard Law School, she ultimately decided becoming a lawyer was not for her. She packed her bags shortly after tragedy struck NYC, and in 2003 moved to Los Angeles. While in LA she tried her hand at acting, and also worked in sales and marketing for two four-star hotels. Over the years she was the go-to person among colleagues, family, and friends for everything from where to take clients to dinner to the newest boutique hotel to open in Capri, to tips on throwing fabulous dinner parties.

    In 2007 after much positive feedback and encouragement from others she decided to turn her hobby of travel and event planning into a business. Cynika and her team have had the pleasure to provide services for: Time Warner Inc.,FreshDirect Online Grocery and Delivery, Good Day LA News Anchor Jillian Barberie, Danny Devito, Billy Bob Thornton, Actor Alimi Ballard, Victory Education Partners,The Make A Film Foundation, Dr. Clarence Coleman/Starlight Children's Foundation, The Lisa Raye Show, and many others.

    Cynika is also a lifestyle contributor for the Harlem Times newspaper.


    Also on today's broadcast, we'll bring you the latest events and fashion industry news and events and of course our Designer Feature of the day.

    DESIGNER FEATURE: KC's everyday wear: The Taber Cuff by Brave Leather. It is made of soft Italian tanned leather with solid metal accents.

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    Flavor & The Menu lands in California

    in Food

    Welcome to Flavor Living Radio as we head to the West Coast..Newport Beach Calif to be exact and speak with Cathy Nash Holley/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at Flavor & The Menu magazine. All I can say is she knows food trends from the past to the future....Quoted "Many of today's culinary trends are based on flavor explorations rooted in comfort, but also by a yearning for more social settings."

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    Planning for Your New Beginning

    in Motivation

    Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz will discuss "Planning for New Beginnings" on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. There is a great feeling that comes with a new beginning. A fresh start is always in season and we will discuss how we plan for a new beginning. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 11/22 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/11/23/planning-for-your-new-beginning

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    When did the Music become Noise?

    in Current Events

    Is creativity still apart of music nowadays? On the outside it looks like everybody is going platinum. With all the promotion and so called sales from iTunes to other music outlets is music really selling as it should or as it used to years ago? Or is the industry fakin the funk and resorted to making up numbers because copycat and non creative one time hit wonders are not making the cut. And when did the music become out of control?

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