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    Two Men And A Sports Show EP44

    in Sports

    These two men crazy and smart, listen in on live analysis of boxing, MMA, NBA, NFL and MLB!!

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    Where Are the Men

    in Social Networking

    This Week on Real Men Speak, we are asking the question, Where Are the Men.

    Our conversation will take place in the Man Cave and we want to know about the status, situations and needs that produce a man.

     Do you think the male population is losing ground in the area of knowing what their role is?

    This is a discussion this Week On Real Men Speak

    I need help from all our listeners both male and female to resolve this issue, so please call it at 718-664-6891. Wednesday night at 7 PM

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    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30

    in Automotive

    AuToPoD - The Wheel Men Show In 30 

    Cars, Trucks, Reviews, News, Motorsports, Commentary, and Comedy...  Delivered hot and fresh in 30 minutes or less, and always free! 

    Ford Focus RS, Lexus F, MazdaSpeed6, Performance Tech Racing Part 2, Rally Your Heart - for the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




    Thank you for downloading, and enjoy the show!  

  • Innovative Black Men

    in Relationships

    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    Two Men And A Sports Show EP45

    in Sports

    Special John Bear Report on Basketball and Hockey Fantasy Picks!!

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    P&P Talk to the Twins live with R&B Artist Dave Tolliver of Men at Large

    in Music

    P&P Talk to the Twins live with R&B Artist Dave Tolliver of Men at Large

    Jan 8th 6:30p.m. "Dave Tolliver". Former member of Men at Large Live on P&P Talk to the Twins Show!!!! Be sure to tune in we are bringing back real R&B!!!

    Billiboard #$ Hit Single "Home" is blazing on the Charts!

    1. Home
    2. Somethinlikethegreatest
    3. I Gotta Know feat. Trapp Banks
    4. I Need It
    5. Let's Talk About It
    6. So Alone

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    Issues: Christian Men Talk

    in Dads and Family

    10 am Eastern, "Issues: Christian Men Talk," host Deacon Thomas Farr

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    Mighty Men of Valor

    in Religion


    Rev. Cleveland Howell III teaches young men how to live a better life using sound biblical teachings and personal life experiences.



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    Men Weave

    in Training

    Welcome to Beauty Chat Radio 

    Men Wearing Weaves

    This evening we will discuss ""Men wearing weave" with Michael A. Wray. As you guys know I love serfing Social Network for talents. Well when I saw the creation of Men wearing weave by, Michael it instantly gave me a feeling of passion for hairstyling again, I having done hair in almost 2 years. Please join us to learn about this exciting opportunity for hair professional.


    About Michael A. Wray:

    Michael A. Wray II realized early in life his artistic talent. Being the grandson of two beautician grandmothers, Michael Wray, as people affectionately call him by both his first and last names, seemingly has it in his genetic composition to be a hairstylist. Practicing his raw talent throughout his youth, after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Michael Wray finally decided to professionally follow his passion and received training for cosmetology through Paul Mitchell the School.  His artistic ability has provided great opportunities for him such as working with L’Oreal, lending his unique ethnic hair care and styling expertise to the brand of Softsheen Carson, as a Style Squad member, educator, and presenter.  Wray’s skill to style hair to reflect his client’s persona, ideal, or imagination has made him sought after and appreciated by celebrities and notorieties. Michael A. Wray II gives new unique definition to his exquisite hair artistry; it’s called “Wraydiant.”



  • Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large, free Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Spiritual Whispers Radio a safe place to help you find the light within you and reconnect with your essence as One with the Creator, face the illusion of physical world fear and shift into a higher expression of yourself bringing Heaven to Mother Earth. I’m your guide, Kate Large and I invite you to join me as the angels and I hold the light to assist you in illuminating your spiritual life path. In this 60 minute program I will share with you tools of enlightenment and insight to reconnect with the divinity within and help you understand the transformational shift of energy we are all experiencing as the collective consciousness of our planet seeks to ascend. At the end of the show callers will receive free angel readings of what your angels want you to know today. ***I am a teacher of hope and infinite possibility, author, medium, Power of Two Spiritual Life Coach and spiritual webmaster. I work with Jesus, my angels, guides, teachers and my dad, Big Jim, who road into the light of God on a new Harley while his physical body was in open heart surgery. Most of my work is shared through the SoulKisses.com website that was created in 2000 as an online resource for those seeking information on their spiritual path. Since January of 2003 the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter has been connecting the grid around Mother Earth by illuminating the path of seekers of the light in over fifty countries. By direction of Jesus and my guides, my work has expanded to validating that the spirit lives on after the physical body dies through my book “Waiting in the Other Room” co-written with my dad, Big Jim, connecting with the higher self of those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and sharing the light messages of the spirit orbs that show up in our photographs. Another branch of my work has been with Florence Scovel Shinn bringing her teachings from 1926 into the 21st century. Visit www.SoulKisses.com.

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