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    Podcast 353 – Sunny Lohmann

    in News

    Live From Napa California. The road trip continues through California, stopping in Napa to do a podcast with Sunny Lohmann. A breathless romp through pop culture and current events. A road rage incident in the sun drenched wine drinking paradise, provokes a question about rage. What is the difference between Meme and Mime? As the […]

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    Facebook: Digital Bull$hit or Truth Serum?

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    It's getting more and more prevelant that Facebook has made people claim to be tht which they are not. But with some, it shows exactly who they are. When it comes to Worldly matters, people seem to have more of a "Sheep" mentality. Following the flock or a silly Meme. Whereas something more tame, such as Sex, everyone is all of a sudden a Sex Specialists and has done EVERYTHING. But don't call them a "Whore"! Plus our take on South Carolina and Walter Scott. Join us.

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    Easter: Do we honestly understand the Correct Viewpoint?

    in Spirituality

    "Warning this show may be controversial, but that is no reason to shy away from the TRUTH is it? This viewpoint must be told so its wisdom can be shared and our Spirits set free, thus TRULY redeemed and resurrected into ownership of our Divine-Heavenly Heritage..".

    The teachings of the Passover are very deeply tied to our emotions as a powerful meme. Is there a side to this event that every embodied person needs to grok that has been covertly and expertly hidden from our consciousness?

    Does the idea of celebration fit for this event in time and space that idolizes a story about a teacher of sacred wisdom and its knowldege?

    How could a Creator Whose very Essence is a Consciousness of Light, exposing TRUTH, and Love, caring deeply for Its creation, ever plan on an inhuman act of unfathomable primitive cruelty and murder to be its venue for teaching us about the Greater TRUTH of our Being as being peaceful and loving one another? 

    Does this line of thinking make sense? Or does this thinking counter all reasoning with a doubt that is meant to be explored for something wonderful to reveal?

    Open your awareness and ponder some of the most profound questions you could possibly ask yourself.

    This are paradigm shifting questions of great magnitude and consciousness evolution. What other thought or belief has tied the human psyche and its heart to so much guilt and shame with a gloss of it being a victory benefitting our redemption? 

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Call me meme

    in Technology

    meme today

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    The Promise

    in Spirituality

    Host: Pastor Reginald & Alisha Cole
    Guest Speaker: Dr. Eric L. Brown

    Dr. Eric L. Brown serves as the Senior Pastor of The Exodus Church along his wife Dr. MeMe Brown. Since establishing The Exodus, Dr. Brown has become a spiritual father to many; as a result, he is referred to as a modern day Apostle Paul.  Pastor Brown is coined a “Preacher’s Preacher” within the Houston area and abroad.

    Many have been saved and set free under the anointed teachings and inspired writings of Dr. Brown; Plague E-People and Spirits That Attack Women.

    Dr. Brown prides himself in teaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, he is a man after God’s own heart.  The message he conveys to the body of Christ is that they only follow him as he follows Christ.  Seeking more revelatory knowledge he only moves when the spirit of the Lord says so.

    The Exodus Church

    22742 Cypresswood Dr.

    Spring, TX 77373

    e-mail: EXchurch@gmail.com



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    Sergey Kovalev vs Jean Pascal Recap

    in Sports

    Sergey Kovalev, man. He's a fighter who doesn't give opponents whole lot of options. For instance, when he's about to knock you out, he either thrusts his pelvis in your direction or laughs at you. And after he knocks you out, he makes an internet meme out of you. Make no mistake. Kovalev is an assassin, and he proved it by stopping a ballsy Jean Pascal in the latter's backyard. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor welcome Brent Brookhouse of MMAjunkie to the show to talk Kovalev-Pascal, Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, and much more. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Herby Whyne; NotiFight;

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    The Legal Show : The Newest Facebook Battle

    in Legal

    Attorney Sarah Avraham and writer/critic  Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day.
    The audience should know that although Ms. Avraham is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.
    This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.
    Every so often, Facebook makes changes to its privacy policies or practices and sends out notices accordingly.  Predictably, there is a public “outcry” and then comes the inevitable memes that tell people to post XYZ paragraph to their statuses in order to protect their alleged “rights”.  What is Facebook up to as of their last changes?  Do you have any “rights” as a Facebook user, and, if so, how would a user protect those rights?  Tune in to hear the hosts discuss this wildly popular meme and how Facebook’s changes affect you.

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    Episode 07 - MCFL Tha Huddle - 2016 Season

    in Video Games

    Surprise Teams 


    Strongest Division

    Meme of the Week

    Bottom 10

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    Black FaceBook : The Curious Case of the "Morality Meme"

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    the revolution of the mind continues...

    Let's have some fun this week MadMen, shall we? As we have come to realize, there is a distinct difference between twitter and BLACK twitter... the same holds true for Facebook.

    This week, we take what we call "morality memes" and present them to the MadMen to answer. These memes present you with a situation and then ask "WHAT WOULD YOU DO? ANSWER HONESTLY" 

    Funny on the surface, the answers to these memes can very revealing. On the education tip, they also give insight to the social ills we face as a nation...

    Join us and ask yourself... what would you do?

    tuesday at 10pm 

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    Animal Sacrifice - Taboo to Satanists?

    in Blogs

    Tune in Saturday as I discuss Animal Sacrifice with Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.  Do some Satanists actually commit sacrifice or is this a pop-culture meme?  The Temples of Satan is a Theistic Satanic Temple and maintains charters and lodges under its covenant drafted in 2011.  While members appear to be scarce, those that claim it also find shelter under religious freedom in America; which happens to include animal sacrifice!

    Keep an eye on this topic as a follow-up show will be conducted with Melissa Colton - Goodwin who will present a dissenting view as an animal trainer and animal rights advocate.

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    "SEDUCTION TUESDAYZ" w/V-Starr & First Ladii MeMe Ladies Edition

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     HOSTED BY YA BOY Carl Tha Starr WalkerB.K.A.( V-Starr ) AND MY LOVELY COST HOST FirstLadii Pretti RealMeme 


    Shotz Magazine Radio LIVE We Play & Say What The Radio Scared To Play & Say Tune in By Phone Or Online 

    #1 Radio Show In www.land 646.716.6175 PRESS 1 RIP ZEEK!