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    Red Fez Radio #44 Quahog themes in poetry

    in Entertainment

    Brown crayon, ice pick, The hot and melty moment you deserve.

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    Probably Uncalled For #285

    in Podcasting

    TALK RADIO GENIUS RIDES AGAIN!!! Join Thomas Keister along with Darrell Mays for an all-new episode of Probably Uncalled For! That award-winning secret blend of smart guy and smarta## that puts the Ump in your Humpday and gives you the Get up & get it the @$%# done you need for the rest of the week you're amazed you've only made it halfway through!
    11pm East/8pm West
    This week, we'll be discussing the inauguration, whether or not candidates are already lining up for 2016, Atari filing for bankruptcy protection and a sad bit of gaming news, the rich, melty disaster that was the great Norweigen cheese fire of 2013,, and other fascinating points of Internet interest along the way, time willing...Phones open 646-478-5145 and chat room open the duration of the broadcast! Come find out what kicks off late night, LIVE as always on Blog Talk Radio!

  • 01:00

    The Soft Sonic Mint Controversy! Chris Gets Answers!

    in Entertainment

    Not too long ago, Sonic Drive-In restaurants switched from the classic hard Starlight mints they give to customers as an after-meal treat to soft, "melty" mints. While some disturbed inviduals, who live under bridges and eat children, might also like these mints, probably a lot of other people don't. Tonight, join Chris as he calls as many Sonic managers as it takes to get answers. Chris won't be calling these managers beforehand! It's human drama at its minty best!

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    sexy sex talk

    in Comedy